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Nice work!

Is it possible to change the order in the datatable to another column?




Yes, just click on the table header in the column you want to sort.

But if I want another column set as standard without clicking? Is that possible?


Well, then you need a bit of programming. Detailed explanation is here:


All other samples and examples:


Hope this was helpful :)


I would like to change some items and then adjust the layout in html. The layout in PSD is not sent? In “File Types Included”, the PSD is included, but there are only 4 files and the details soon. Sorry for the English is not my native language.




No, the layout is not coded from photoshop but directly in HTML & CSS so there is not PSD of the layout. Instead of that I tried to make all elements using CSS and combine them.

What would you like to change?


if I include the menu in a tag

<form> </form>
the menu not work well because it becomes partially visible.

My site is in ASP .net tecnology and consequentially I’m forced to use the

<form />

For example my page is like this:

          <nav id="menu">
                        <a href="styles.html">Styles</a>
                            <li><a href="styles.html">Basic Styles</a> </li>
                            <li><a href="styles.html">Basic Styles</a> </li>
                            <li><a href="styles.html">Basic Styles</a> </li>
                            <li><a href="styles.html">Basic Styles</a> </li>
                            <li><a href="styles.html">Basic Styles</a> </li>
                            <li><a href="styles.html">Basic Styles</a> </li>

If you test the page the menu not work well!


Thanks in advance….



Please lets continue this discussion via email. Send some sample code to my email through the form on the profile page and we shall find a solution for your problem! :)


what icon pack does this use? there is nothing included for edit.


As stated in the library, Administry uses icons from http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/

Hi zoranjuric, your template is very cool! But I saw a little problem with the layout…..when I’m opening a Modal Window I can see that the TOP menu will stay ontop of the opened modal window.. So the TOP menu is still visible in the opened window.

Next, I’m dealing with datatables, and I found a plug-in to have fixedheader, I’m trying it but it’s not working maybe for some missing feature, can you check it?

I was also able to see you included a Date Picker for this new release, can you kindly include also an example?

Thank you! You are great, great theme!



Datetime input field is in the “forms.html” sample page (Date input field).

For other issues I shall investigate them and get back to you…

Thanks for the report!

I don’t see any input option for date fields, where I can select from a calendar and the date selected would automatically fill the input field.

If it’s already in the pack, can you point to me where can I find it in the live view?

This admin skin is awesome! covers almost everything i needed, with the exception of the above.




Datetime input field is in the “forms.html” sample page (Date input field). Try it out and get back to me if you have any other question/comment.

Svaka ti cast na template-u! Sjajan kvalitet, a u pravo vreme =) Posto verujem da tebi kao autoru to znaci, postovacu svoju upotrebu cim zavrsim sa modifikacijama.

Pozdrav i sve najbolje!


E hvala prijatelju! Prijatno koirscenje template-a! :)

pdaniel Purchased

Can this be used in an SaaS application?


Yes, it can be used. More about licensing here: http://themeforest.net/wiki/support/legal-terms/licensing-terms/

pdaniel Purchased

Thanks for the reply, my confustion is if SaaS is considered resale or not. I asked the Envato support and they told me to ask you :)


Here is what “Extended License” stands for:

The Extended License could be used for any of the following:

1. Template for a web service such as WPMU.
2. Part of a software package for sale.

In all other cases you will purchase a “Regular License”.

Hope this clears the issue just a bit more :))

Thank you much for the wonderful template.

Im not sure this is a problem or just me being an dork but ill explain it.

i have a form and a “column width6 first” (with an aside after it)

in this i have two “column width3” in it (the first having “first”)

in the second width three, i have a “column width1 first” and “column width2”. (both with input items in them set to “full”)

Now if i put the form outside of the width6, the aside ends up underneath the width6. if i put the form inside the width6 the width6 has a horizontal scroll bar (and the aside is in its proper place.) if i comment out form{ overflow: auto; } this resolves this issue, although im assuming this is breaking some other rule (extending over 990px?)

I didn’t really dig deep enough to see if this was really an issue with the embedded column’s (maybe im embedding too much? :x)

if you need this in an example i can surely give one feel free to ask. I have it resolved.. for now. Just thought i would bring this up.

Thanks again for the awesome template.



Thank you for your purchase matey!

Please, send me a sample page with this CSS issues so that I can make a solution without the ‘overflow’ rule.

Maybe there is just a minor error in the html structure… But before I jump into any conclusion I would like to examine your sample page :)

Thanx again!


SaaS i would say falls under the extended license (as with the wordpress and web service examples.) You are making money by others paying you to use this “service” (said template) directly.

Now using it for say an internal corporate administration site, you are not making money by external users directly interfacing with said template, and thus would fall under a regular license.

I do not work for Envato, or am a lawyer, but this is the jist of what i understood when i initially read the agreements (when you could find them, which i seem cannot now.)

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What do i click on to see the modal?


In the styles.html go to “Popup boxes” section…

Hi Zoran, I wrote you but I can see that there are no updates… The Menu on top of the page remain active when opening any modal window. The rest of the page is currently greyed, how to fix this? Is something related to the z-index of the menu? Can be easily fixed?

Next, I can see you are using nyromodal….do you think it’s possible to let the spinning circle to open while a page is loading and then disappear as soon as the page finish to be loaded?

Thank you so much! I can confirm this template is really great!


Hello there,

1) I believe this is due to z-index of the modal window. What browser do you use?

2) nyroModal can be set and modified in many ways. To change the preloader image you have to change the ‘showLoading’ option before opening the window. e.g.:

$.nyroModalSettings({ debug: false, contentLoading: ‘‘ });

Also there are event functions to be called before or upon content is loaded: showLoading, showContent, etc.

Refer to http://nyromodal.nyrodev.com/ for more info.

Hi Zoran, this problem affect IE8 . On Firefox there are no issue for z-index.

As soon as I open a modal window I can see that the header of the page is not grey, the content of the modal window is overlapped with the header. This can be seen also in the original template, even on the live preview. How can I fix this?

Thank you so much!

Hi Zoran!

Please, can you tell me how to fix the z-index problem that affect any modal popup I’m trying to open? The problem can be found in IE8 , because the top menu bar remain active, at least for images and menus.

What css part I need to change? I’m trying myself changing also nyromodal wrapper z-index from 100 (default) to 600 but menubar is still there.

Is there a solution? This problem can be found also in your Preview, and so it’s not related to any change I’ve done in custom.css.

Thank you so much!



The quickest solution (i hope not the dirtiest) is to add “zIndexStart: 99999” into nyroModal settings like this:

$.nyroModalSettings({ debug: false, zIndexStart: 99999, ... });

I still have to investigate the issue more deeply since I belive that the z-index might be connected with the menu (superfish) or the header itself.

Let me know if this quick nyroModal fix solves the problem!

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maybe a dumb question but i want to stay with the already included jquery libs (ui libs): can you make the login/register tabs in the login page somehow switchable like tabs? all the content register and login forms go into one page but it switches the divs back and forth… (+ color of the current tab)


Hi Zoran! A super Biggest Thank you for solving this problem! I got a big headache for this issue, I was about to go to the hospital :)

BTW , your solution solved this problem! You are great! Thank you


It’s great we solved the problem! Will patch the template with this fix…

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Love the theme. Works great. Just one question- why does the font look blocky on WinXP (any browser- FF, IE, and Chrome)? I’m sure it has to do with anti-aliasing. Looks fantastic on my Mac.

I’ve checked forums and they all say the same thing…enable ClearType. It is enabled. Fonts are still blocky.

There’s probably an easy fix, even if I have to switch to a similar, but smooth font choice. Any suggestions?


Unfortunately this is not due to fonts but to WinXP and its antialiasing techniques. Changing font typeface in CSS wont solve your visual problems. ClearType settings might help but that wont make the font look as antialiased as on Mac…

aaycock Purchased

Hello: Thanks for the response on fonts. While testing on IE, I’ve also uncovered an issue where IE appears to hang during page loads. I can recreate the problem on the live preview. Using Windows XP Pro SP3 , IE 7.0.

The page appears to load quickly, but the page locks for a few seconds while it is “thinking”. One of my users was complaining that our app was slow, but it only happens on IE. I’m not a fan of IE, but there will be quite a few users on IE7 and 8 (unfortunately). Any thoughts?



Is it possible to recreate the “issue” in a live application to be able to investigate it? Demo works fine so I need anyone who implemented the template into live application.