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Hey Zoran: In our setup, I’m able to recreate the problem with the live sample. I believe the issue is the way IE7 performs when executing the IE8 .js script. I’ve removed IE8 .js and everything works fine. Just needed to tweak a few things.

If you use a tool like HttpWatch, you can see that after the page loads, the stylesheets are called again and reloaded. In the time delay between the page load and the css reload, IE7 would freeze for me (and a few users).

Did I mention I can’t stand IE? Why do people still use it as their primary browser? :)

And thanks again for the great template, I am now well aware of how much work goes into making stuff work across browsers.


IE8 .js is actually a fix for older IEs to make them act like all other (normal?) browsers. Now, it seems it makes even more damage… maybe we should leave everything as it is…

IE9 is coming – yet another browser to support :(

Just to let you know I’m buying the extended license in a couple of days! Being a straight forward developer and not a designer this helped me to create a CMS that really kickstarted my business!

The price for an extended license is definitly worth it!

Great job dude and thx! You earned the big cash reward ;)


Thank you matey!

I really appreciate your purchase and the selection you made.

Looking forward to seeing the upcoming products/sites that will use Administry as a template…

Good work!

Love the template. Trying to figure out in what project I can use it now!



Any project will do! :)

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Yeah, that’s what I figured. Just went ahead and bought it!

Will find a project later. :)

Grate template! There is 1 pix gap showing in Chrome/Safari browser under tabs list. Firefox doesn’t have this 1 pix space, not sure which is your intend.

Can’t figure out how to fix it. Can you take a look?

Thank you,


Hello, can you, please, tell me what version of Chrome/Safari you use? Win/MacOs?



1px gap Screenshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d21tem0a Chrome 6.0 both on Win/Mac. Doesn’t see gap in FF.

Form validation is not working well. Screenshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0441tea7c tested with firstname/lastname on your demo, 1. put name on firstname and lastname 2. delete both firstname and lastname 3. lastname shows validation error, but firstname shows “ok” icon

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Is there any possibility to make this template liquid?

Thank you for your response :)


Hello, it is possible but would require many CSS recodings/restyling since this version is strictly fixed layout…

I would also love to use a liquid version of it

I think the CSS of the CMS f*cks up the layout of tinymce which I’m trying to integrate?

Specifcally using the advanced theme:

When I try to insert an link the popup modal window layout is really not good..

Any solutions for this?

Awsome work man!


I have a multi-authors WordPress blog.

The default back-end is a bit too classic and technical for users.

I am wondering if this admin skin supports multi-authors? (Not multi -sites) My members (authors) should only be focusing on writing articles and read announcements and change profile etc… They should only be viewing their own posts, comments, media, profile whereas Admin (myself) can view all users’ posts, comments etc… Users should not be changing any settings, plugins etc…

Also, I am using Theme My Login, is this compatible with it?

This admin skin plugin will not cause any conflict with the theme (front end) that I am using right?

Btw, I am using the latest WordPress 3.1, does it support WordPress 3.1 Menu?

regards, Will

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Great theme!

I would like to prevent the content-box from closing when you click on the header. I think it would be a good idea if you made the resizing/minimizing feature of the content box optional. For example, so it only will minimize if you add an extra “resizable” class.

Thanks, Sam

It is very good theme, one of the best that I’ve ever used,

I have one question, how can I change the header background (the black one)? I try to find it in CSS but I couldn’t

Thanks man for the great job

Will the theme be supported resp. will there be updates in the future or is the developer letting this die? Just wondering because Zoran hasn’t replied to this discussion since two months.

It’s a great theme and it would be a pity to let this die!

I’m trying to have a width4 columns in a listingDetails section on a table. Any tips on how to do that elegantly? Thanks Zoran.

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Anyway, to adjust the forms show the field labels on the left side and the form fields on the right side (instead of the current top and down model) ?

Hello I’m thinking about buying your template for private use in a CMS that I sell web solutions for a company of my friend. But I wonder if I can do this using the price of $ 20.

Thanks for the clarification!



In case you want to use Administry in any commercial project like a custom made CMS or software package for sale, you need to obtain the extended license. Regular license is only for a use on a single site or (non-commercial) project.

More info at: http://themeforest.net/wiki/buying/licenses-buying/themeforest-regular-and-extended-license-usage-examples/

Thank you.

Hi Zoran,

A few questions about the tabbed content:

1) There is a 1 pix gap under tabs list (as mentioned by someone else here) but it seems to affect FF3 .6+, FF4 + and IE8 . Essentially all browsers I’ve tried it on. How can I fix it? Note: On your demo it seems to work fine on “Samples -> Files” but not on “Basic styles”. I tried to figure out what’s different about it but no luck.

2) When creating tabs I would like to be able to specify a different page when loading the tab. How can I do that? e.g. instead of:
<a href="#tabs-account" class="corner-tl">Account</a>
<a href="#tabs-profile" class="corner-tl">Profile</a>


<a href="http://myaccountpage#tabs-account" class="corner-tl">Account</a>
<a href="http://myprofilepage#tabs-profile" class="corner-tl">Profile</a>




1) This really seems strange. Will need some time to figure out why the gap disappeared in the “Files” sample page.

2) This should work since Tab API doc provides loading remote pages via ajax:


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Hi, great product. Quick question, I am having problems with this templates top menu on IE6 , the menu just goes into one big square with the buttons contained within it.

Do you know of any issues with IE6 and most important and quick fix.

Thanks Nick

The preview is broken. It errors when I click the login button.

the demo is still broken unfortunately

Just go directly to this page: http://zj.rs/templates/administry/dashboard.html

clicking login will throw an error.