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it looks very cool – but what is it for? Can I use it within my wordpress blog? How can I implement this?

Hi Divena,

Thank you for your interest in AdminPlus. We’re glad you like it. You can use this template as a starting point for a custom backend system. The use cases are up to your specific requirements, for example you could use it to build an online shop / financial application / event management / booking system / content management system / etc. Considering the template comes as a package with both PHP & HTML versions, one could implement it on any existing or custom backend system.

This is a boxed version, you should do a full width as well.

edit : and there is one.. :)


AdminPlus is available both as boxed AND fluid. To toggle between the two, just click the Fluid/Fixed Layout options in the sticky footer.

Thank you.

Very well done. Good luck with sales!

Thank you.

RTL support?

Hi vox2day,

RTL is not supported just yet, but we’re working on it and hopefully will be available within the next updates.

Thank you.

Excellent template! Can you or anyone provide advice to get the “container-fluid” div to use 100% height of the browser window? Thanks in advance!

Hi gallman,

Thanks for purchasing! The top/bottom margin is related to the first .container-fluid.fixed (the fluid version has no top/bottom margins) so to remove that in the fixed version just override in CSS like this:

.container-fluid.fixed { margin: 0 auto; }

Thank you.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Although fluid uses 100% height, from an aesthetic view, it’s the sidebar menu (id=”menu” class=”hidden-phone”) that does not size its border 100% height.

To illustrate, please navigate to the “bookings.html” demo page on a large monitor and scroll to the bottom (notice the right border does not extend to the bottom). I hope that clarifies my issue and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks again!

Just to clarify, could you make a screenshot illustrating the issue? Thank you

Thanks for the great work!

How to apply blue-gray skin to the template in HTML version? I have include the blue-gray css into it but no luck :(

Hi yateric,

Thanks for spoting this, it seems there’s a bug with the predefined skin files, will replace them with the next update. Until then, open the Themer, select the theme, and click on the Get CSS button. Copy the code and replace the skin CSS file’s content with the copied one from the themer. Ow, and make sure to include the skin CSS file AFTER the main style.css

Thank you.

Thanks! It worked.


Theme looks great and works fine in IE9 but in IE8 we spotted some issues. On bookings page filter pane and title are overlapping. Also Search Icon in Search box is not displayed correctly. Would you be able to provide us fix for it?


Hi sunsystems_2003,

We’ll be releasing an update soon addressing these issues. Should be available to download early next week. The updates are free for all existing buyers.

Thank you.

Thanks for the update. We will purchase the theme now. We will wait for the update next week before releasing our software. Some of our Customers are still using IE8 so we have to make sure they are covered,.

Hi, Theme looks nice, could you please clarify one thing. What is included in theme PHP Files ? Do you provide zend framework too ?

Hi mgrigori,

Thank you for your interest in AdminPlus.

The template is released in two separate versions (thery’re both in the download package):
  • PHP version: offers a good base for PHP implementations
  • HTML version: for a clean start from scratch implementation or non-PHP implementations.

Differences between PHP & HTML versions

Each version has it’s advantages and choosing one over the other depends of how you will want to implement it. For example, you may want to start a new project from scratch or use a framework like Zend or Cake, or maybe you don’t want to use PHP at all and use some other scripting language and you don’t want to spend precious time cleaning up PHP parts you don’t need, in this case you’ll want to use the clean HTML version.

However, if you don’t have much experience with scripting languages like PHP or never used a framework like Zend or Cake PHP, AdminPlus’s PHP version offers a good base, yet simple for starting your implementation, with examples of a minimal structure, file templating – header, pages, footer – reusable functions, etc.

Most of the features are available in both versions, with the following exceptions:

  • Translate System – only available in PHP version
  • Easy configurable theme & layout options – only available in PHP version / in HTML version you will have to modify the markup yourself as needed

Zend Framework is not included in the package, although we’re using one of it’s components for the translations, but mostly it’s pure PHP. Use of a framework such as Zend or CakePHP, it’s up to you.

If you have any other questions and/or suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you.

Good job, detailed explanation, thank you.

Super nice!!

The best i have seen so far. May get this one.

1) Is this in HTML or PHP ?

2) Is it possible to pick and choose what element(s) I want where?

For instance, I am creating my own admin interface with PhotoShop and then making it fluid in DreamWeaver, and would like to take certain elements from your theme and integrate it into my own.

Is this possible?

3) If not, then I would like to know if we can copy and paste certain elements and /or rearrange them into different places in your theme?

4) How exactly would we go about plugging in our dynamic (statistical) information so its data reflects in the animated graphs.

Hi turner2f,

Thank you for your interest in our products. To answer your questions:

1) AdminPlus is released in two separate versions (thery’re both in the download package):

  • PHP version: offers a good base for PHP implementations
  • HTML version: for a clean start from scratch implementation or non-PHP implementations.

2) Integrating parts of one template into another template, it’s technically possible, but it’s not a good way to go in our oppinion to mix different styles together + it’s too time consuming. You’d be better developing a template from start to end, in a single consistent style.

3) As to modifying the AdminPlus template, everything is editable, you can customize just about anything to your own preferences and specific requirements, with the proper knowledge of CSS & HTML.

4) The graphs data is currently hard-coded for demonstration purposes. To plug in dynamic information to the graphs, there are actually too many approaches you could take. It really depends on the specific use case and I guess prefference as well.

In theory, you would need a data source – such as a MySQL database, make use of a server-side scripting language – such as PHP – to output JSON encoded data from the database, getting the data with AJAX to the browser, parsing the data to a JavaScript JSON object & assign it to the graph the way it’s assigned in the hard-coded example.

In practice, you should probably hire a developer that knows it’s way to these things, or if you have the time & passion, there is plenty of information about this on the web. For example, just google for “flot charts php implementation”

If you have any other questions and/or suggestions, let us know. Thank you

When you think can add support for RTL ?

Hi aseder,

We’ll be releasing an update soon addressing RTL support & bug fixes. Should be available to download early next week. The updates are free for all existing buyers.

Thank you.

I think it’s one of the most complete management templates I’ve seen. Perfect. Buy it soon for my future project.

Thank you so much!

Hi, I just bought it. Thanks for the good design! Any plans in adding notifications, popups, modals, wizards, drag and drop functionality on the dashboard (portlets like), etc. ?

Hi torres10,

Thank you for purchasing. We may add notifications, definitely wizards & custom modals. However, considering it’s built on top of Bootstrap, all of it’s components are there, ready to be used, just may not be showcased – like modals. Have a look at Bootstrap’s documentation here.

Thank you.

I just purchased this but can’t get it working the PHP version, when i delete some elements on the Dashboard it looks bad on iphone…any sugestion?

Hi nikusdesign,

Thank you for purchasing! What elements did you remove? Could you give us more details of how it looks bad? What does it break? It could be useful to give us a link to your project so we can better see whats wrong, we may be able to help. You can send us the link by our profile’s private messages, if you would like to keep it private.

Thank you.

Hi, I want to buy this template now but I have a little question – does it support mobile using?

Hi hexyevg,

AdminPlus is fully responsive which means it adapts to any resolution including small ones like mobile devices.

Try the preview on a mobile device to see it yourself.

Hope it helps.

I am fan of your work, :) i own “Infotonics Media”, i found that many designer have concept of some work… but they can only design it well rest to take it to the final stage is never possible for them… and if you have anything… do reply at (write my name Shailender Ahuja, under subject) .. i’ll give you a proper business proposal along with your involvement :)... and yes

best of luck for your sale…

Thanks and Regards Shailender Ahuja

Hi Shailender,

Thank you for the kind words.

Email sent ;)

thanks, let me check that :)

Thanks for the email. I’ll soon send you a proposal including all the info and the full proposal :)...

This theme is really great. Nice work!

Quick q. Is there a PSD included. We noticed your other themes have one, but didn’t see it on this one.



Hi Chris,

Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you like it. PSD is not included just yet. We’ll try add it as soon as possible, maybe later this week.

Thank you.


Is there some image upload php/jquery/ajax code included? For example, for the ‘Add product’ in the online shop section? In the second tab ‘Photos’, i don’t see a button for uploading images.

Because in my current CMS, when i upload a photo (second tab in your ‘Add product’ template) the page refreshes and i loose my changes that i made in the normal product input fields (first tab in your ‘Add product’ template). I hope when i buy your template, this is fixed. Or do i have to rewrite my own code anyway? I hope you understand what i mean. :)

Hi, is see that you have included something in the update now. :)

One more question: if i put all AdminPlus HTML files and subdirs online in a subdir, the page seems to cannot find any CSS, js files and images. Offline it works okay. Do i need to change some paths?

Oops, something went wrong here with FTP. All is working now. Sorry :)

No problem. Glad it worked out! Thank you.

When checking a checkbox (the ones from the uniform.js file) its state doesn’t seem to change to ‘checked’ and the checkbox does nothing. The mark in the checkbox doesn’t show and the class of the span doesn’t change. What’s wrong?

Hi siegerhansma,

Is there a specific page where this happens? We just tried within the table of Products listing page and uniform’s checkbox seems to work just fine – see here.

Thank you.

No, it’s happening on all the pages. Thanks for the fast response.

Question: is it happening on your downloaded files or it also happens when you view our live demo? What browser are you using? It would help us figure out what’s going on if we could see your modified version live somewhere.

Hi, can you fix this issues: The graphics and some part of the theme did not works on IE 10. The strange thing is that they work on IE 9

Hi pavkatar,

Thank your for bringing this to our attention. We’ll run some test ourselfes and release an update as soon as possible if necessary. Would help us a screenshot with what you experienced.

Thank you.

Hi, this is what I see in IE 10: and this is in IE9, how I said the strange thing is that in the newer browser the graphics didn’t work

Ow, those are definitely chart errors. We’ll try have a fix ready as soon as possible.

Thank you.

I’m considering buying the regular license, but will I be able to have my ecommerce site built with this if the site can produce revenue?

Ohhh. Gotchya. Thanks for the reply and you just made a sale. ;-)

You’re welcome. Thank you for purchasing!

Unfortunately due to tab mixups I accidentally purchased the wrong template. Didn’t download; getting refund. Your template is worth it.