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If I want to use this on my SaaS application which license is required. Are you aware?


Hi seedprod,

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you charge end users for using the final product, you need an extended license.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you.

When I disable the “jquery.cookie.js” some functionality, such as the style of a button, lose his css. Why ? Is there a way to fix this ?


Hi erre2informatica,

Could you make a screeshot? Or it would help more if you could put it live somewhere so we can see the issue ourself.

Thank you.

Hello, The theme looks really great, but the icons are all messed up in Opera.

Hi costinu,

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll have a fix ready as soon as possible. What version of Opera you used?

Thank you.

Hello, I’m using the latest Opera , 12.14, x64 build. I hope this helps.

Great template!

But I need to know the way to let the theme preload with the fluid layout set. We find several problems switching between pages, because the theme first load the content in fixed mode, then suddendly change to fluid, making a bad visual feeling. This behavior continues with all pages. Consider I have changed anything in the js code you released I even tried to play a bit with load.js but I was unable to find the leading path to fix the issue by myself. We would like to have fluid layout as default.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi piernopaolo,

Thank you for purchasing and thank you for your feedback! You can disable the fixed layout, and you can disable the switch between fixed/fluid functionality from the browser altogether.

Find line 120 in pages/header.php and remove the “fixed” class:
// remove the "fixed" class
<div class="container-fluid fixed ..." />
Find and remove the sticky footer from pages/footer.php / or if you like the sticky footer then just remove the fixed/fluid toggle buttons:
<!-- Sticky Footer -->
<div id="footer">
    <div class="wrap">
        <ul> ... </ul>
And last, remove the JavaScript from load.js (everything between lines 41 and 70):
var layout = $.cookie('layout') ? $.cookie('layout') : 'fixed';

if (layout == 'fixed' && !$('.container-fluid:first').is('.fixed'))

if (layout == 'fluid' && $('.container-fluid:first').is('.fixed'))

$('#footer [data-toggle="layout"]').not('[data-layout="'+layout+'"]').parent().removeClass('active');
$('#footer [data-toggle="layout"][data-layout="'+layout+'"]').parent().addClass('active');

$('#footer [data-toggle="layout"]').click(function()
    if ($(this).parent().is('.active'))

    $('#footer [data-toggle="layout"]').not(this).parent().removeClass('active');

    if ($(this).attr('data-layout') == 'fixed')

    $.cookie('layout', $(this).attr('data-layout'));

    if (typeof masonryGallery != 'undefined') 


It works very well now! Thank you for tour support.


First: Great Design!

Now my question, if needed can you give me a help for use it on WHMCS? On my experience, I have alot of the times just one problem on bootstrap templates and whmcs. Is to put work Collpase Menus like the one you have one lateral menu “forms” and “online shop”.


Hi kanumtech,

Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you like our work. Unfortunately, we don’t have any experience with whmcs, so as much as we’d like to help, we can’t at this time. Sorry!

Thank you for your understanding.


Firstly I love your template and I will buy your template. But it has some error at IE8. sunsystems_2003 mentioned about it. Is there any progress?

Thank you for great template.

Hi EsPUnholy,

Thank you for your feedback. The fix is on it’s way, it’s just delayed for few more days.

Thank you.

Thank you. I bought template and I will wait bug/fixes :)

Hello, could you add support for a sticky left menu and header (non scrollable), form wizard, message / chat and TODO list / task list please ? This is what I miss for this template.

Hi frdave,

Noted your request… and we will most likely be incorporating some if not all your suggestions within the next update.


Hi there!

Loved ur theme, its kinda complete, but cant find one thing:

Select with search!!!!

Most people who use admin are have a large dropdown, we need search!!

Hi luanpersini,

We took note of your request, and we will try to deliver it with the next update.


I just purchased your theme and it looks awesome. I have quick inquiry. I dont know really the problem. I downloaded the themes and put it on my wwwroot for incorporating it in my programs, however every time I opened the login.html my Dreamweaver hanged. I tried to open other files and there is no problem at all. I dont know the reason. Please help me to resolve it.


Hi melrish,

First, thank you for purchasing! Wow, thats the wirdest thing ever. Unfortunately, we don’t use Dreamweaver, so we don’t have any ideea what could it be. Have you considered using another editor? Like notepad++ or eclipse?

Hi, i need a template for a site in finance, what template do you recommend? Maybe I have choose it, but I have question. Does AdminPlus are included the PSD files? Thank you

Q4 – Hi dear, I have another question. Example: I want change some elements in the charts or table, like rawn o coloumn. How can I do?

Hi Lamoka,

Q1: You have some javascript errors. Probably from the charts and it’s probably why your toggle button failes to work. If you have JS errors, the scripts loaded after the error occurres may not work correctly. You should remove what you’re not using, for example:

// init traffic sources pie

If you’re not using the pie chart on the dashboard, you should not initialize it. It’s all in the footer.php

Q2: I see you already managed to change the logo. Q3: Not sure what you’re asking. Everything is editable. It’s HTML. Q4: The charts as well as the google visualization table are all located in footer.php. Each chart has an init function that is called when you need a specific chart and each has example of how the data is assigned to it.

Thank you.

Thank you too

Does this template have any example 404 ofr 500 error pages?

Hi appdropletcreative,

Unfortunately it doesn’t as it is now, but we’ll definitely add error pages with the next update, as soon as possible.

Thank you.

I’m running into an issue with dreamweaver cs5.5 I unzipped and loaded all files into a new site, and whenever I try to load index.php or index.html, dreamweaver crashes. Any ideas what could be causing these constant crashes?

Hi jdlever,

Is this happening to other files as well or just index?

Thanks for the good work :)

Thank you!

Having one issue, why it is by default using a pre coded fixed layout Problems are
  1. If from drop down menu we select , fluid. Then it turns to full length but when ever we clicked on any link. Then the loading page 1st used FIXED layout then turns to FLUID. To over come this i used the above changed code. But gives a new issue stated below.
  2. Now new issue with changed code is; When ever i load the page it 1st takes fluid layout then moves to fixed if not selected fluid/fixed its by default.
Please help me out. As don’t want client can choose fluid/fixed from drop down and it should be fluid by default… I have used these changes in the code

your code for its lay out is (Just after body tag under PHP version)
<div class=”container-fluid fixed //to make it fluid, i used ‘container-fluid fluid’ ” />

Hi shivneetns,

1. The main “container-fluid” div doesn’t need class “fluid”. It only has an additional class “fixed” for the fixed layout. Just remove “fixed” class and you’ll have fluid layout.

2. You need to remove from pages/footer.php:
<!-- Layout Options -->
<script src="<?php echo getURL(); ?>theme/scripts/layout.js"></script>

3. You can also remove the HTML markup for the layout options dropdowns (footer menu) – from footer.php

That’s all. Thank you.


I’d like to install this on Freelance Cockpit ( Is it possible? If so, how?

Hi redlilydream,

Sure, it’s possible. From what I see, it’s Bootstrap based as well as AdminPlus. You’ll need the source for both items, get to know your way arround Bootstrap Framework, it’s grid system & components / HTML, CSS, JavaScript skills and you’ll probably need some free time. It might be a good ideea to first try ask the Freelance Cockpit developer if he would be available to do this for you as a side project.

Basically, you have a few options. 1. Give it a try yourself, assuming you have lots of free time. 2. Try hire the author of Freelance Cockpit. 3. Hire us and we’ll get it done for you in about 1-2 weeks.

If you’d like to go for 3, let us know what’s your budget for ~60 hours of work (give or take) with a private message from our profile page, and we’ll discuss any further details from there.

Thank you.

Thank you. I’ll try it myself first and if it’s too much to do, I’ll be in touch with you to contract it out to you. Thanks again.

Next Update – PSD Files

An update with a few PSD files for AdminPlus will be submitted in 1-2 days… so keep an eye ;) as more goodies will come.

P.S. As most of you know – everyone who bought AdminPlus have all future updates for free.

Could not use jquery dialog with model.error show: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. And after show model dialog,all dialog button can not clicked.

Hi aaronjang,

Unfortunately, without seeing the code and the exact context it’s being used, we can’t be of much help. It’s possible there may be some javascript conflict. We recommend using the integrated Bootstrap modals instead, as it’s part of the framework, tested and functional. Have a look at the documentation here on how to use modals:

Thank you.

its great template.. it has PHP mode. Can you please add in PHP source example how to collect data from Database for Chart and Data Table please..

Hi tahatobing,

Thank you for purchasing and for your feedback. Unfortunately, right now we only offer support for template related issues (HTML/CSS/JS) and it’s up to the buyer to implement other type of functionality, such as server-side scripting languages and database support.

Thank you.

It looks nice but unfortunatelly it seems to lack alot of bootstrap features. I hope there is a version two with the same look but more complete feature set next time.

Hi marcusjm,

Thank you for purchasing and for your feedback. What elements / features would you like to see?

Thank you.

Hard to pinpoint but basically the whole Bootstrap range. You have a clean and nice design but comparing for instance with Boo admin I see that many basic Bootstrap features are missing. I realise this might be better to do for your next theme but if you can get some more, all the better :). Modals and other basics would be nice.

It is not compatible with internet explorer 8. There are some javascript errors.

Hi hasanzeybek,

To sort the issue that you’re having please let us know what javascript errors you’re getting and more details of your operating system & browser.

Thank you.