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I am seeing some overlapping issues and the menu should ideally push the form down, no?

I am enclosing screenshots.

Hi jduarte,

Everything looks ok from your screenshot. Not sure what you mean. The menu is not related with any form.

Could you please try clarify the issue? Thank you.


I just purchased this theme and its lovely!

There are few problems.

some images are missing (images linked in CSS file)


1. .nav-pills > .active > a:hover { ... ../images/pattern-granite.png ... }

2. body.choose #choose-preview { .. ../images/choose-preview.jpg ... }

Some buttons are getting messed up on Chrome. (Check out the edit button on the right side) Screen shot :

Hi abixalmon,

Thank you for purchasing and for reporting the issue. Some of these were already on our todo list – the icons within buttons issue poped up with the latest chrome update and will be fixed with our next update, as soon as possible.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

I know my way around bootstrap, but had a couple of pre-sale questions:

1. What would it take to convert the menubar into a single level list of items with scroll? 2. I noticed you’re using jquery.js 1.8.2, but jquery-ui 1.9.2 css – is there some part of this template that breaks with 1.9.1 jquery.js? 3. To set permanent colors, I’d pull themer, but what @ vars do I need to set?

thanks in advance

Hi bobwalsh47,

Thank you for purchasing.

I’m replying here so we may help others that need this kind of custom functionality.

Needed functionality: - have many menu items with nice scroll as in this demo

We would need to modify the following files: - header.php (add nice scroll wrapper within the sidebar) - footer.php (load jquery slim scroll) - theme/scripts/load.js (initialize jquery slim scroll)

1. Download latest jQuery SlimScroll ( and place it in the theme/scripts folder.

2. In footer.php, add a reference to jQuery slimScroll like this:
<!-- jQuery Slim Scroll Plugin -->
<script src="<?php echo getURL(); ?>theme/scripts/jquery-slimScroll/jquery.slimscroll.min.js"></script>
3. In header.php, add a wrapper for the scrollable area (put everything inside of div#menuInner in a new div with class slim-scroll like this):
<div id="menuInner">

    <!-- Scrollable menu wrapper with Maximum height -->
    <div class="slim-scroll" data-scroll-height="420px">

    <!-- the existing menu content here -->

    <!--// Scrollable menu wrapper with Max height END -->

<!--// menuInner END -->

As you see, you can modify the maximum height you need from the data-scroll-height HTML5 attribute.

4. In theme/scripts/load.js add anywhere inside the jquery onload function the jQuery slimScroll initialization:
    // slim scroll
            height: $(this).attr('data-scroll-height'),
            allowPageScroll : false

5. You should have a nice scrollable menu like in the demo we set up here: Demo AdminPlus slimscroll-menu

Sorry for the delay in responding – but I need to do this from the HTML files, not PHP…

Hi bobwalsh47,

The process in HTML is the same, except you need to locate the sections mentioned within the HTML files – instead of header.php / etc, and unfortunately, you’d need to do it manually for each HTML page. It’s not hard at all, but time consuming.

Thank you.


How can I manage the user color profile after loading the user preferences ? I mean: Every time the browser loads a page, for less than a second the browser renders the page in the default color (blue), then it applies the theme again in the user color preference saved. This effect is particularly evident on slow internet connections or on old pcs. How can I prevent this annoying effect ?

Thank you for your patience and kind assistance. Paolo

Hi Paolo,

The Themer is enabled mostly for preview purposes and not suited as much as a final solution. You would need to disable the Themer and configure the template to load the desired skin file as default, thus you will no longer have to see that theme change effect.

1. Disable themer - open index.php and find the following line of code and replace true with false:

defined('SKIN_JS') || define('SKIN_JS', true);

2. Make the skin file load as default - also in index.php, find the following line of code and replace false with the skin filename without extension (eg. “brown”) – see the available skins in theme/skins/css/ folder:

defined('SKIN_CUSTOM') || define('SKIN_CUSTOM', false);

3. (OPTIONAL) The changes so far would affect the main style, but it wont apply the colors to any of the charts. In order to change the charts colors as well with your skin color, in footer.php you need to find the following line(s) of code and replace the color with your skin primary color:

// (replace the first color here)
chartColors: [ "#37a6cd", "#444", "#777", "#999", "#DDD", "#EEE" ],

// and also replace this with your new color:
var themerPrimaryColor = '#DA4C4C';

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.


I purchased this theme a month ago and using it for an administration website. I recently noticed that the buttons are not working. I’m pasting the code bit here so that you can have a look.

<a href=”#fileModal” role=”button” class=”btn btn-primary btn-icon glyphicons circle_plus” data-toggle=”modal”> Upload File </a>

This issue is already mentioned by someone in previous comments but it is still not sorted. I’m guessing it is to do with recent chrome update. Could you please update us with the issue?

Hi sbalak,

Yes, the issue has been reported by others as well, and you’re right, it has to do with the latest chrome update. We’ll release an update with a fix as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi, Is there an update regarding this issue? I see you guys releasing new themes every month but no support provided to the old themes. Buttons really really looks messy

Hi sbalak,

Providing you referred to the button + icon issue, here’s a quick fix that you can do yourself, pretty easy.

Just add the following CSS code to the end of the main stylesheet.

.btn-icon i { float: left; }

That should fix the breaking button + icon issue.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.


I’m about to buy your theme (it’s really great) I’m just wondering if you can add more features like a user profile something similar to this:

if not are you available for freelance ? Thanks Rvp


rvp Purchased


Here i am again with the purchased item, would it be possible for you to add more features such as google maps and vector maps, profile pages … your admin template is great would be even greater if you could inspire from the features of metronic and include them in the theme. Thx Rvp

Hi rvp,

Thank you for all your suggestions, actually most of these features are already available in our latest product, AdminKIT, but we’re also working on AdminPlus and most likely we’ll release a couple of updates with new features in the next 2 weeks.

Thank you.


rvp Purchased

thank you for your reply, I checked the AdminKIT template it’s very rich in terms of content (really great & full option) the issue is that Adminplus offers a greater layout (with the left/right + fluid fixed option) which makes it ideal for an APP use + admin use, while the AdminKIT is more for an admin use only. I really wish you could integrate the list of AdminKIT features inside of Adminplus (if you won’t I’d like to ask for your freelance support) Thanks Rvp


Well, like we said before, we expect to release a couple of updates with new features for AdminPlus within the next weeks. Also, you may have missed it, but AdminKIT has the same layout options as AdminPlus, as you can have both fixed/fluid layouts and left/right sidebars in AdminKIT as well. It’s just not that visible like it’s in AdminPlus, check out the options in the sidebar at the bottom.

As for freelance work, we’re currently not accepting any projects.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.


For a fluid HTML version, do i have to remove
<div class="container-fluid fixed" />
on each HTML page? The Sticky Footer i have also removed.

It seems to work. Is this all or do i have to remove some more things for this?

All right, thank you!

I noticed something else: In fluide mode, when you have a large menu on the left, and a small page with content on the right, the menu is not visible after 800 pixels height. It looks like it gets cut off. When inspecting the menu element in Chrome it says div#wrapper has only 800 pixels height.

You can increase that very simple, here’s the CSS that applies it:

#content { min-height: 800px; }

Okay thanks :)


Thanks for this nice theme ! :) That’s help me a lot, I’m not a UI guys but a pure .NET/C#. Could you add the support of jqgrid ?



About jqgrid, unfortunately we can’t give you a straight answer. We’ll definitely think about including it in the next updates.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Do you have an idea when you can implement this ?

As we said few days ago, unfortunately, we can’t promise anything right now.


quick question: where can I find the matching set of flag icons?


Hi mbeccati,

Please send us a private message from our profile page and we’ll reply with a link to the icon set.

Thank you.

Hi, Your theme is very nice. Do you have sass or scss version of style files? Thanks.


Thank you for your interest and appreciation. We only have a LESS version of the styles.

Also, there’s an update due to next week, that will have a lot of the LESS & JavaScript code refactored and reorganized, after the Bootstrap model.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.


I have this code : I’d like add just under the 2 textbox (same size). A textbox for phone (with the icon) like on the “My Account” page in the demo. I tried several time but I can’t adjust

Could you help me ?


Thanks for your fast answer. Is it possible to have the same width.

Unfortunately that’s kinda complicated with the mixed inputs. You could add icons to the first two inputs as well, that way they’ll be on the same grid and size.


Is it possible to get more icons like : money, bill, invoice, product, purchase, order, ... I used some from the current pack but it’s not perfect.


We’ll consider adding more icon sets with the next updates. Thank you for your suggestion.


I clean the tables.html from the demo to get this: I see the data, possible to sort, change the row per page, filter, ... When I copy in my own page. I see the table as grid but no possible to sort, search and set the row per page.

I use the template in an ASP.NET MVC application. At this time everything is ok but not the table.


No answer ?

Hi Kris,

Extracted from theme/scripts/load.js, the code that initializes the data tables:

/* DataTables */
if ($('.dynamicTable').size() > 0)
        "sPaginationType": "bootstrap",
        "sDom": "<'row-fluid'<'span6'l><'span6'f>r>t<'row-fluid'<'span6'i><'span6'p>>",
        "oLanguage": {
        "sLengthMenu": "_MENU_ records per page" 

Now, because you modified the template to load it’s sections with AJAX, that code shouldn’t be executed on page load, BUT ONLY AFTER you loaded your content with AJAX.

Thanks that’s work.


I can’t make the Login page to fluid, it always fixed anf not responsive, I WANT TO MAKE ALL PAGE IS FLUID, wHAT SHOULD I DO?


For a fluid layout you only need to find the 1st div with class “container-fluid fixed” and remove the class “fixed” and also remove the reference to layout.js script from the footer.

Thank you.

How can I make the sidebar default to being visible in a fluid layout?

Hi rockwithrespect,

What do you mean? The sidebar it’s visible by default in both fixed & fluid layouts.

Hi man I am willing to buy this template, but it looks like you have used CS6 for the PSD, do I have to own CS6 to open your files ? Or can I open it with CS5 ?

Thanks a lot!

Hi arkgrafik,

The PSD included is compatible with CS5 (tested).

By how we structured and created the PSD it should be valid even with CS 3 or 4

Thank you for your interest in AdminPlus.

Thanks for the answer guys, my team will buy it from you soon then.


I use the code below, when I click on the checkbox nothing happen, the checkbox is still unchecked


Ok that’s work but the look is like a classic checkbox. I’d like the bottom right on the picture and not (your code) the top left. Take a look

No answer ?

Hi Kris,

Unfortunately there’s no out of the box functionality for that. You will have to make custom CSS for it, but we can’t help you with that.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi there, We just noticed that the Themer does not close itself when clicking on “Close” on lastest FF version under Win7.

Can you look into it and tell us how can we fix it ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi ste20n,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We actually fixed it with some of our products, following that during this week or the next, we can update AdminPlus as well.

Thank you for your time.

I have a basic question: very interested in purchasing this item, but I am wondering about the sources files we get. My application is written in servlets + JSP files (running on tomcat). I understand you provide PHP files. How hard is it to “port” those in JSP? Do you make use of any special feature of PHP to render your front end code (bootstrap, javascript etc?)

Thanks for your reply, and kuddos for this theme.


Hi Dimitri,

Thank you for your interest in AdminPlus and please accept our apologies for the late reply.

The template is released in two separate versions (thery’re both in the download package):

  • PHP version: offers a good base for PHP implementations
  • HTML version: for a clean start from scratch implementation or non-PHP implementations.

You can just grab the HTML version from the download package and use any server-side scripting language or framework you want.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.