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hi, i have the same issue as Kris-I had – the enhanced table isn’t showing the search, pagination etc – could you please send me the solution you gave ? (don’t have it on a server, it’s tested locally) thank you

Hi andreivisuals,

Thank you for purchasing. Please have a look at the demo page and make sure you include all the required files for your specific page. It may also be a JS error that is preventing other scripts loading correctly. You can verify this by opening firebug’s console in mozilla or the console in Chrome (press F12) and you should see if there’s any JS error on page.

hi can you help us?

Fatal error: Class 'RecursiveRegexIterator' not found in /var/www/html/ on line 249

thanks PD: please is urgent

Hi carloscastillop,

Never seen that error before. The easiest way (if you dont mind more files) is to download the complete zend framework and replace the Zend folder with the downloaded one, as we only included the minimum required files for translation from zend.

Let us know if that worked. Thank you.

When I create a Jquery UI dialog that is modal, it currently freezes the browser when the dialog is attempted to be closed. This is occurring in Firefox 20.0.1. You can recreate this by simply adding a Jquery UI dialog to any page (i.e. the buttons page). This problem does not occur when the dialog is NOT modal.

Hi, i have used checked your tables.php file having table with sorting, searching and pagination but when i copy pasted the whole table in my another file it is not working, please help asap as the product is delivered to the client need to update it asap….

Very nice theme.

There is an issue with the fluid layout. The screen will always originally render at fixed size, then switch to Fluid layout. This will become an annoying visual experience. Can this be fixed?

Its the only thing stopping me from purchasing your awesome theme. Good work.

Hi cre8ivity,

Thank you for your interest. Actually that’s not an issue. You see the layout change effect because we use javascript to change and persist your preferences made in the browser when you reload the page or change between pages, but it’s only for demo purposes.

The final download package is configurable, so you can set the layout options, menus, skins, etc. to load by default and not use javascript at all. That way you will no longer see the effect produced by javascript.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Great looking theme, but i have one issue: after clicking some menu, i see smth like that and after about 0.25sec everything shows up properly…

Hi mohicanin,

Not sure why you experience that. We can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue. It may be you had a slow internet connection at the time or some remote loading resources (like google fonts in the CSS) might of been slower than usual, for some reason. Can’t think of anything else that might result in that.


Before buying the them I would like to confirm if there is anything that would prevent or require more work from my team to use it on a JSP/Servlet applicatio ZackBRn.



when can we expect the mentioned update to this great theme?

Would it also be possible to fix the header and the menu in the fluid layout, so that only the main part becomes scrollable?

Thank you in advance, E:S

Hi seferovic,

The update should be available for download by the end of next week.

Thank you for your patience and suggestions.

I’m a little new to this great theme. In the examples of your sliders you show how to set them up, which works fine, but I need an example of how to get it to interact with Javascript.

Can you explain, or refer me to a tutorial that can?


Hi Pete,

Well, on the demo UI elements page, you can see there are examples of using sliders with html form elements, through javascript interaction. Isn’t that what you wanted or are you referring to something else? The sliders are JQuery’s UI, so you can check out the JQueryUI documentation on advanced examples of usage.

Also, check out theme/scripts/load.js for examples of initializing JQueryUI sliders and interaction with HTML through javascript.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know.

Thank you.


What’s the difference between “AdminPlus” and “AdminKit” ?



AdminKIT is A LOT more advanced than AdminPlus. It’s highly modular and includes over 41 pages, 41 plugins, 22 custom scripts, 31 well organized separate LESS files (scaffolding, layout, menus, buttons, alerts, notifications, modals, etc.), 18 component categories, light or dark sidebars, left/right/top menu layouts, etc.

We’re working to include some of AdminKIT’s features in AdminPlus as well, very soon.

Thank you.

Possible to switch easily from “AdminPlus” to “AdminKit” ?

There’s no simple answer to this. It really depends on your project, how far you’ve gone with customizing AdminPlus, etc.

However, you’ll find that the AdminKIT’s HTML markup and CSS structure are very familiar to AdminPlus, with the exception that AdminKIT has almost 100% of the markup well commented.

It’s also much better organized, starting with the CSS, that now it’s separated into many files (each for a component type) so it’s more easy to find things, the scripts are also organized into categories, the libraries are separated of the custom scripts used in the demo pages, all demo pages have it’s own separate JS script, apart from the libraries, etc.

AdminKIT also has more examples, more comprehensive, showcasing the usage of more components, like modals, carousels, etc.

Provided that now you have some experience with AdminPlus, it’s safe to say it should be much easier to modify AdminKIT than it was to start with AdminPlus, for sure.


There are not modal dialog in this template or I missed it ?


Hi Kris,

As the template is based on Bootstrap, it includes all the Bootstrap components, including modals. Some of them are simply not showcased and/or in the demo. However, you can use the modals exactly how you’d use them on AdminKIT, one of our newest templates. So, have a look in AdminKIT’s demo and/or check the Bootstrap documentation on using modals directly.

AdminKIT Modals:

Bootstrap Documentation:

Thank you.

Good morning,

first of all congrats for the template. I’d like to report there is an issue with pages that have few content. Please, note taht the layout of the template is: fluid layout

The pages are: - Forms – My Account - On Line Shop – Add Product The problem is the gray bar that appears at the bottom of the page with a bad result, it cuts the main left menu. I tested with IE10 and Chrome browsers. Please, hope you can fix it asap. Thanx a lot.

Hi interpeo,

Thank you for purchasing and for your appreciation. There’s a CSS “min-height” property applied to the #content div, that you can edit / overwrite in the main CSS stylesheet.

// make this a higher number
#content { min-height: 800px; }

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Hi, just a small pre-question, how would I make the (black) header sticky, so that it stays on top while the content scrolls (possibly on mobile too?)?


So. Update today or?

I only ask because I was asked to rate this today, I wanted to take a peek at the update before doing so.

Any update on this?

Hi marcusjm,

Just letting you know that tomorrow we’ll release Update 2.0 with over 18 major changes, new sections, features and fixes. The update will go through the review process on ThemeForest and should be available for Preview and Download in about 24-48 hours.

We’ll keep you posted with the update. Thank you.



I have this code : coming from “products” page in the demo.

How can I a text + a dropdownbox next to it (on a single line) ? I tried but the dropdown + text use in the 50% of the width. How can I have the same font than “Total products: 26” (demo) for the text and the dropdown content.


Ok, give us the code for that, the one you sent above doesn’t include the dropdowns you said you tried to add.

These image has been created with SnagIt not by code, it’s what I want. I tried this code :

No answer ?

In Chrome (version 26), the button on the right is not aligned well, please see the following image:

// edit: this has been fixed with Version 27 (I just updated), so apparently a mistake from Chrome. Sorry for the post.

Hi nssnl,

Thank you for purchasing and for reporting this. Yes, it was an issue for some versions of Chrome, but apparently fixed in the latest Chrome update. We also included a fix ourselves in our latest update, AdminPlus v2.0, just released.

Thank you.

Oh My God you make me crazy…. with these updates… i am fainting… i just closed a project with so many probs and you made all those pages now :(

is it possible for you to add a Messaging(Chat) and Mailer widget in it…

waiting for your reply…

Most of the existing HTML didn’t change (except in header and footer). All the major changes are in the styles and scripts. We also added new HTML pages.

Quick question. How would I go about setting the color on some class of text equal to the color of the “themer”? Thanks!

You can make any text in primary color by adding the class “text-primary”.

I guess MP mus be on vacation this week?

I can’t find the PSD file. Could you tell me where it is?

Hi businessadviser,

Just checked, looks like it’s missing. I think it was removed with the latest update, sorry about that. We’ll have it fixed within 24 hours. We’ll let you know as soon as you can download it.

Thank you.

Hi businessadviser,

Please accept our apologies for the small delay. The PSD package for AdminPlus can now be downloaded from our website.

Thank you.