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Great theme and the one I’m going to use. One question. I want to take index.html and default it to fluid and get rid of the stuff at the bottom.

I set

<!- Start Content ->

but it keeps resetting to fixed and, even though I removed the HTML for the form settings it pops up the Notyfy message.

Can you give me the steps I need to get the forms to open fluid and how to get rid of the screen settings message.

Cheers Tony Benci

Don’t you just hate how you ask a question that you have spent a couple of hours on go and have lunch, come back and attack it from a different direction and find the answer in 5 minutes :).

OK, the steps one takes to make the template fluid is to set the start content

Delete the code that offers the menu selections on the footer and then find and comment out the javascript below

And there you go… Hope that helps others (and possibly others are thinking… yeah, we did that :)


    <!-- Start Content -->
    <div class="container-fluid fluid">


    <!-- Dashboard Custom Script -->
<!--    <script type="text/javascript" src="common/theme/scripts/demo/index.js"></script> -->

    <!-- Layout Options DEMO Script -->
<!--    <script src="common/theme/scripts/demo/layout.js"></script> -->


Hi tbenci,

Yes, It usually happens that way :) We’re glad you found the answer and thank you for posting it for others.

Hi, good job! I have a issue with the glyphicon. In chrome everything is ok, but in firefox I don’t see the icon, but a little square with number. In version html I can see the icon, but in php version not. Could you help me? Thanks.

Sorry for the preview post, I’ve understood the problem. Was in the .htacces file. But now I have problem with javascript. The notification and modal dosen’t work. Thanks in advance.

For the question of the issue with notification and modal I think to have understood.
To make it works I had to move this script:
<?php if ($page == 'notifications'): ?>
    <!-- Notifications Page Demo Script -->
    <script src="<?php echo getURL(); ?>theme/scripts/demo/notifications.js"></script>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($page == 'modals'): ?>
    <!-- Modals Page Demo Script -->
    <script src="<?php echo getURL(); ?>theme/scripts/demo/modals.js"></script>
<?php endif; ?>
from the footer to the header.
Could you explain me why did you put this code in the footer? For speed?
And it’s normal that I have had to move this code?
This solution is valid also for the script of masonry to make works the gallery..

Hi Alex,

It’s definitely not normal you had to move them. Yes, generally, it’s a good practice to place the scripts in the footer for speed, but its not a major issue if you use them in the header. Not sure you had to do that, as you can see in the live demo, it’s working just fine with all the scripts in the footer, so it must be something specific with the page you’re trying to use them on.

If we may be of any further assistance or if there’s anything you’d like to see added with the following updates, please let us know.

Thank you.


I’m about to purchase your theme, but I have a few small questions. I read a lot of the documentation and comments from other buyers (not all of them), but here goes: - is it possible to integrate it with an existing HTML5 BoilerPlate intranet app? Can I use their boilerplate? Will it brake your theme? - what kind of support is there built-in for importing/exporting to and from excel/csv/txt/pdf files? - is it possible to use SSO Authentication (with MS Active Directory)? - can you provide a little bit more support for implementing/updating graphs?

Thank a lot!

Tineti sus munca buna! ;)

Hi Iulian,

This template is built on Bootstrap framework which already has a normalize CSS, media queries (responsive CSS) and pretty much everything you need so there’s no point in using HTML5 boilerplate with it. We suggest a complete rewrite for the UI of your application. We’re not saying it’s not possible but an adaptation would rather complicate things from our perspective and experience.

Also, this is basically a HTML template, so it doesn’t include built in backend functionality such as import/export from/to various types of files or authentication. You’d have to built that yourself with the server side scripting language of your choosing (PHP, ASP, etc).

About the graphs, what would you like to know, more specifically? There are completely functional examples included, providing the initialization, the data used in the charts, etc. The only difference would be that in a real-world implementation, you would probably have to pass the data from a backend database, instead of hard-coding it like we did for demo purposes.

Thank you.

Thank you for the response. Gotcha on the H5BP, my thoughts exactly, just wanted to make sure :) About the importing part, I noticed you used TableTools for exporting, and thought maybe you had something for importing too… About the graphs, that’s what I meant, how can I pass data from a MySQL table instead of hard-coding it? And something else, is everything in AdminPlus also a part of AdminKit?


We’ll try to include a PHP sample for passing data to the charts with the next update. Can’t promise a timeframe but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available (in this product or another, maybe even a tutorial on our website) – our guess is that a lot of people would like such a sample, not just yourself.

While we would like to constantly update all our products with new concepts from our latest products, the fact is that we’re not always able to do that, at least not as fastest as we’d like, so the latest products tend to have a lot more features.

AdminKIT contains everything and more of AdminPlus. This is also available to our newer products, Quick Admin & FLAT KIT, so you might consider to have a look at the later if you will.

About TableTools, exporting is one thing, but importing requires read access to the file you’re trying to import from, and that kind of fits in to the backend functionality (eg. upload the file, read the file, parse the file, do something with the result).

Hi, nice template. You want to check the “invoice” pdf print layout, seems out of shape ;)

Hi Nicha,

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll have the section reviewed for the next update.


I have a theme that does not work from this part:

require_once ‘Zend/Translate.php’;

$locale = isset($_GET[‘lang’]) ? $_GET[‘lang’] : ‘en’; // default language $translate = new Zend_Translate( array( ‘adapter’ => ‘csv’, ‘content’ => APP_LANG, ‘scan’ => Zend_Translate::LOCALE_DIRECTORY ) ); $translate->setLocale($locale);

Sorry my english is bad :(

What error are you getting?

Sorry, I fixed the error. It was a story include

What is the difference with AdminKIT and AdminPlus?

Hi RollsRoyce,

Well, besides the design, AdminKIT has a lot more features and components than AdminPlus.

I see, I really needed the AdminKit v.s. The AdminPlus, can we work something out?


I buy this template and I translated

I can translate English to Chinese I hope release a Chinese version

Hi, I purchased the template and it’s really pretty but I find out that when I open the webpages, the Dreamweaver works really slow….due to specific jquery?? Is there any suggestion?

From our experience, you should either use the LATEST version of Dreamweaver or use a more robust editor, like Eclipse (Zend Edition).

Nice layout! but he doesn’t know my language :S i get a lot of errors:

Notice: The language ‘nl_NL’ has to be added before it can be used. in /home/deb58693n2/domains/XXX/public_html/beheer/beta/Zend/Translate/Adapter.php on line 443

Notice: No translation for the language ‘nl’ available. in /home/deb58693n2/domains/XXX/public_html/beheer/beta/Zend/Translate/Adapter.php on line 456

What to do?

Hi rkarsies,

You need to add the translations for NL. Just copy/duplicate the php/lang/en folder and rename it to php/lang/nl then open/edit the translations within all the CSV files in it. You also need to rename the main CSV: php/lang/nl/en.csv becomes php/lang/nl/nl.csv and that should be it.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

is it easy to customize and understand the code?

Is there a Bootstrap 3.0 compatible version of this theme in the works?

Hi mkjeld,

We have updated Admin Plus to BS 3.0

Regards, mosaicpro

Hello, I have one question about the theme. Is this theme going to be migrated to Bootstrap3? Or can it be used with Bootstrap 3? Thank you.

Hi adversayro,

As we speak we are creating a Bootstrap 3.x version for Admin Plus.

We will update Admin Plus early next week with BS 3.

Thank you for the fast reply. Looking forward to the release. Have a nice day.

Hi adversaryro,

We have updated Admin Plus to BS 3.0

Regards, mosaicpro

date, currency, phone number, vat number, time picker would be good if you add such outside input masks… :)

Dear Sir, Nice template. I don’t seem to be able to make my tables sort, filter or paginate like in the demo. What must i look out for? I have looked everywhere but no leads.


firebug gives me this error : uncaught exception: Invalid dimensions for plot, width = null, height = null

Fixed. Thanks

I have a problem with my dynamic datatables. I pull data for my table dynamically from a database but the script only searches, copy, print or sorts only 1 record. What am i doing wrong?

We are sorry for any inconvenience our delayed response has caused.

Currently our team is working in modularising and improving the item as well as having a Bootstrap 3 version.

Please bare with us, we will respond to everyone shortly.

mosaicpro team

It would be nice to add a frontend site, so would be a complete package with Admin, frontend and Landing Page. Grateful for the excellent template so far.

Translated by google

Hi eius_ras,

It’s on our to do list.

Will let you know when it’s added.

Regards, mosaicpro