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But please it made a separate theme, making it more modular One thing that might be implemented to all is the animation and button material style is awesome :)

My suggestion, for the default theme that is separated from UIElement and Layout, and please not to use the variable @accent-base-color as the dominant/base color, the default color may be directed to @base-color only. and @accent-color as the color palette or library :D

Highly awaited for the next update ;p

Hello… Sadly john have involve in some minor accident.. It’s already 3 month he cannot move his hand.. He will update his work as soon as he recover.. BTW, i’m his partner

Thanks and sorry

Okay, thanks for this confirmation This is what I expected, at least there are answers to all of the buyers here, maybe when the 3 months earlier has been informed about the accident it would be more calming

I wait for update Get Well Soon John

Many thanks for last update, but isn’t update for font icon file, because throw Failed to decode downloaded font: in chrome, It is not too intrusive, but this is not a warning but failed, I believe this will reduce the speed though perhaps very very little, but it “failed”, my website if open with chrome generated many logs with this issue 50mb since release (only for this) :(

I think this rule is necessary.

fixed-sidebar.css :

.screen-sm :not(.sidebar-minimized) .sidebar.sidebar-menu {
    position: relative;


Is there a color picker on this template please ?


nicojmb Purchased


Any news for the new version?



nicojmb Purchased

it’s product die?

Sorry where is the documentation for this theme?

I dont understand how your demo works. I try to found add new product in shop, but there is no shop into your demo-admin.

hello I have a problem with css icons. In firefox not look good and the other browsers running smoothly

Any solution to the problem?



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IM having thie error:

Failed to decode downloaded font: http://localhost/admin/stylesheet/icons/iconfont/fonts/iconfont.woff

Hey, I’m sure you were still connected, on twitter @pampersdry was last week still can twittering, at least please answer who appreciate your theme by way of purchasing , please respect us by providing services that best !!!


default icons into template doesn’t work.We tried Glyphicons which are Bootstrap part and they works

How do i get the default icons?



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Hi, any news???

Question on the datatables checkbox select row feature… wondering where this function is located to add the class and if it’s possible to add the same for radio buttons?

What is the minimum required markup for a custom radio button?

try change this code, see if it work or not..

<label name="{!aList.Id}"></label>
<label for="{!aList.Id}"></label>


Ha, that was it… always good to have a second pair of eyes on things. Thanks so much

Your welcome.. glad it work :)


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HI! What is new in 1.3.5?


zrenie Purchased


ok so u took out angular?


nicojmb Purchased

Hi, Datatables plugin not work when click in number pagination.

In your demo not work, i tried de “Zero configuration” datatable.


Hi John, quick question

Can you help me out tweak the code below for Sidebar Minimize found in core.js file

            (function () {
                // define variable
                var minimizeHandler   = '[data-toggle~=minimize]';

                // core minimize function
                var toggleMinimize = function (e) {
                    // toggle class
                    if($(element).hasClass('sidebar-minimized')) {
                        isMinimize = false;

                        // publish event
                        $(element).trigger(settings.eventPrefix+'.sidebar.maximize', { 'element': $(element) });
                    } else {
                        isMinimize = true;

                        // publish event
                        $(element).trigger(settings.eventPrefix+'.sidebar.minimize', { 'element': $(element) });

                    // prevent default

                $(element).on('click', minimizeHandler, toggleMinimize);

What i want to obtain is to use sessionStorage to save the “state” of the sidebar on button toggle.

If i will “close” the sidebar using the upper toggle button and refresh the page i want the sidebar to be closed, same thing for opening the sidebar.

You can see some code example here

... but this uses localStorage (which is persistent) i want to use sessionStorage

Thanks a lot in advance !

Hello, the reason I bought this to appreciate what you are doing. Also with this purchase I look forward to the support of the themes that we buy, it seems inversely, those of you who do not appreciate us. We feel now I bought this is no different than downloading a theme nulled at various sites, support is minimal, and the development of a very slow version.

With the rapid development of technology, I hope this theme continues to be supported for the long term. Are you already thinking about developing for bootstrap v4 is now being entered in the alpha stage?

Best Regrads

When i use the default table that includes the action button, i am getting a vertical scroll with rows at the bottom of the table when i open the action drop down. In previous versions this was fine. I checked you demo and it also happens.

can you please advise how to fix this.



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Hey, can you help me with the frontend template slider version, when it’s shows on mobile, the images on slider are small. How I fix that? tnk u