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“hye oleku… the update is coming soon… sory fot the delay”

I am curious as to what the update will consist of.. seems to be a lot of talk and no actual follow through. Not trying to be rude.. only direct.


it’s ok… here is the update list (already finish)
1) Theme Layout – footer

1) Dropzone
2) Infinate Scroll
3) Drag & Drop Widget
4) Sortable widget – todo list
5) nvd3 Chart

1) Product Grid
2) Full Detail Product Page
3) Forgot Password

Thanks for your patience


Awesome, thanks for the update John. Patience is a virtue and I am sure these updates are every bit of worth the wait.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for a brilliant design. ;)

oleku Purchased

You forgot multiple Color Support eg. red.css, blue.css, purple.css etc This way you can easily change the color of the theme.

Great, ready to purchase once update is posted. Any idea on ETA? Sounded like a lot was done.

hey john for the update will it be as simple as just adding the new files, or will we have to edit existing pages?


hye vallowens… not much change in structure… accept for the footer :)

achalbi Purchased

Need some help on Less files. In our project we are using Sass, hence finding very difficult to convert these Less files to Sass or css. It would be of great help, if you can provide Sass files. Many will be looking forward for support of Sass files too. Thanks for the great design. :)

mbelkin Purchased


How do you open the right sidebar programmatically to the chat view? I’m trying to implement chat functionality and need the ability for a user to click a “chat” button on a page which should then open the right sidebar (if not already open) and show the chat panel.



Hye mbelkin… you need to specify the data-toggle="sidebar" and data-direction="rtl" to your button

Thanks :)

achalbi Purchased

hi JohnPozy,

i have a problem with images being displayed in widgets in my project. All i can see is spinner, i check for code change as per one of your comments, .thumbnail .media { position: relative; overflow: hidden; margin-top: 0px; } its all there but not able to figure out why images are not displayed. Images are being displayed for regular tag with src= image link. please help me on this. should i run some script to make it work?
achalbi Purchased

Ok, thanks for your support :)

achalbi Purchased
Hi JohnPozy, found a workaround. Need to add below javascript to the new partial, then it would work. $("[data-toggle~=unveil]").unveil(200, function () { $(this).load(function () { $(this).addClass("unveiled"); }); });

Nice :)

Any idea on when the next update is coming out? Says last update was almost 5 months ago.


it will be available by the end of this month… :)


YAY!!!! You da man!

Is there a way to have the notification alert blocks close after 5 seconds instead of having to click the check box for them to close?


Can this be integrated into a wordpress theme?

Thank you

hey i know your clients gonna hate me but i just found the most awesome comments script for u to implement that will set your theme apart from every theme on here and can be use without php asp and so on. all ajax

similar to same comments use by facebook and disqus:


example here: http://www.vallowens.com/usefulasppages/react-tutorial-master/public/index.html


Nice… i’ll add up to feature request list :)

achalbi Purchased

Hi, Bootstrap modal not working in Firefox, but works in Google Chrome. Need help on this, thanks

spnz Purchased

Great work first off!

Any update on when you hope to have the update live? It would also be great if the template used bower for all of the 3rd party components.



Hello spnz… frankly, one of the update is using bower to manage 3rd party plugins and should be live soon enough :)