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This is a really nice looking theme – one of the better admin themes I’ve seen on here. Does it include less files, or would you consider adding those on a future update?

hye jdiver, thanks for the compliment :). This template LESS file currently in cleaning process and will be available in the next update ;)


Thanks for the reply, that’s great to hear about LESS being included in the next update! I just purchased the template and look forward to using it.

hye jdiver, thanks for the purchase. :)

Great job! All the best :)

thanks daveeeo :)

Very good admin template, congrats! :)

thanks matchthemes :)

Nice one!Best of luck :)

thanks mate ;)

Very nice man, the color you have choosed is clean and nice to eyes. In the future I will purchase .Good luck with sales !

thanks… good luck to to :)

Very nice theme! :) Good job. When are you planning to release the LESS file? On other note, does this template have any way to “shrink” the sidebar, to show only icons? Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

yepp… you are absolutely right sir :grin:

Humm, sorry to bother again, but could you make groups on the contact list (right side)? :P

Noted….sorry for the late reply

Nice job. I will probable grab once I see the components and pages you release in your update. But nice clean design and nice creation of widgets.

thanks jeffmace :)

I just bought this.. I gave you 5 stars because this is one of the best designed and easy to develop admin templates on envato.. I’m just making the comment here as it takes a few people to give you the Buyer Rating stars.. I have purchased many admin templates here and not all keep their promises but so far this one is great to work with.. well done and thanks!

Hye davmac… Thank for the purchase and the compliment.. Appreciate it… :)

Hi there!

Really great looking theme. One thing missing to me: there’s no drag and drop feature for widgets?

Thanks for your answer.


Thanks JuJ.. It is in the future release.. :)

Hey, great to hear! :) I’ll wait to buy. Thanks for your answer! :)

Really great job! One of the best theme I’ve ever seen. Do you plan on create a timeline page? Thank you

Hello kenyo88… Yes i have :)...

Really nice admin theme, well done! Will be purchasing later.

How easy is it to color scheme?

Thanks arkinEx…. It’s super easy after i include the LESS file in the next update

Cheers :)

Great theme, I would love to see more example pages.

Especially e-commerce related ones: - Orders list - Handle order - Products list - Add/Edit product

General additions: - The Display Metrics/Duration picker could be much better, Londinium theme nailed it! - More statistics widgets - Also love Bracket theme information summary graphs they have in the left menu, and their tabbed right menu.

If this theme contained all that, this theme would kill its competition. It definitely one of the best looking ones, and only at version 1.0.0.

hye zico.. this template(v1.0.0) have a simple todo list widget.. a full page / standalone todo list will take some time for me to develope.. so i’ll add to future release list :)


I actually didn’t mean to implement a TODO list on the theme. Just or you to write what you are working on right now, so we know what too look forward too and when it might be released. Something you could write in the theme description page.

ahhh…sorry… i’ll update the description page once the version 1.1.0 is ready… also will update upcoming release list…

cheers :)

do u plan on making more social features

yes and no… i have planned on releasing the front-end version(blog, news, portfolio, etc).. dont know if it suits your social features need or not..

thanks :)

cool either way i guess i can play around with the css until it has somewhat of the look im going for, i cant wait til u create the footer

thanks for the purchase vallowens :)... if you need any help, don’t hesitate to email me.

Hi, I would like to purchase this, but, could you fix the invoice page, and make it print-friendly ?

Hye… Yahh sure… I’ll push the update this week.. :)

Hi pampersdry,

There is a bug on sidebar-left that’s not reset the position.

Reproduced by: 1. Resize the page to Mobile screen 2. Click top-left icon to show left navigation 3. Resize the page back to Desktop screen 4. The page try to load left nav but it’s been already loaded so the space at left show up instead.

You may refer to the screenshot here:

Note that the bug occurred on both latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

I like your theme in the way of minimal and very smooth on my iPad. I’m making the decision to buy it soon but one thing looks missing is a landing page layout. I just need a very simple like the current one but removing the left navigation and moving notification icons to the right and placing the logo instead. Below section will be capable for both full-width (image/background color) and fixed-width (text/wording) content.

It would be highly appreciated if you could help.

Noted… Thanks ;)

Hi John,

I found that your core less file (uielement/global.less) imports font from external resources e.g. iconfont and google web font. I think font should be different according to the project, i.e project may not use Open Sans or replaces iconfont with Font Awesome (I’m loving your iconfont actually, just in case). Can you separate it to another core file i.e. font.less?

noted ;)

Hello There !

I spend some time to test your demo and it looks great ! Just three quick question though :

- Do you intend to implement the chozen library (for selects) ? It would be great.

- Does the implemented version of Datatables allows to search by column ?

- How difficult is it to change the colors of the template since it seems the less files are not available to download in the V1.0 ?

Thanks and keep up the good work !

hello fourmizen…

1) this template use selectize plugin and i think it’s the same as chosen..

2) I’ll include datatable columns search demo in version 1.1.0

3) you will have a proper LESS file in version 1.1.0(ET 1 day from now) and it will be super easy to modify this template color variable :)

Thanks and have a nice day :)

Great ! Thanks for the info. I will check the 1.1.0 tomorrow then :)

Beautiful admin theme. Just a quick note that the right ‘contacts’ sidebar is not displaying correctly in Safari (OSX Mavericks). The top gets cut off. – works fine in Chrome.

thanks shorn for the info :)

Hello, in My case ‘Menu sidebar’ don’t show left menu. I need to add additional library ? or specific configuration?


hello shamanmd.. glad you solve it ;)

some note: in version 1.1.0, there’s a lot of improvement and update inside core.js file..

Will be better if you will have some constants like : libPath = ‘path’. and load library base on this path, no need to change lib path every time and everywhere

in version 1.1.0 the library script is not asynchronously loaded and it is embed directly to core.js file. So no need the path anymore. Project structure friendly :)

the file is missing in update


noted :) thanks davmac

can you provide this page to download somewhere possibly? :)

hye davmac… i’ll push the update today :)

i was eyeing on this template yesterday, which i wished have the mini sidebar on small screen, especially on ipad in portrait mode, and today i see some updates, and its there! yayy!

but one lack here, the mini sidebar is currently activated on mouseover on desktop.. this hover trigger doesnt work on touch screen devices.. perhaps you can make it onclick instead? and i love the previous idea where we have fixed sidebar and content area, means both are scrollable on its own..

other than that, im ready to purchase, but i really wish the sidebar work on tablet in portrait mode..

Hye faizalheesyam, the update for sidebar menu(tablet view) will be fix within this week alongside with other bug fix

Thanks ;)

awesome man… great job!