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Just to let you know. Awesome job on the template and the new updates.

Thanks :)

thanks hanson.. just for your info, “form-ajax.html” is missing in current version.. will update ASAP

thanks again ;)

Hi! I bought your template but the form-ajax.html page is missing.

hye dannyds.. thanks for the purchase.. i’ve notice the issue and i’ll include the “form-ajax.html” in the next update ;)

Thanks Jhon. It’s a great template. Will I get that file in the next update?

Yup… You just need to redownload… No need to repurchase… Glad you like it :)

I am having problems with the sidebar in chrome. Summary appears as a bunch of text. Collapse does not work. Works fine in firefox.

Are you able to keep the sidebar closed?


In chrome press f12 and see what the error is… Demo working fine though :)

great thank you. Is it possible to just use the condensed sidebar instead of having it open?

The link to the ajax form on the demo is not correct i think.

Thank you!

just put the `sidebar-minimized` class at the html tag.
<html class="sidebar-minimized">

Great job on the updates and love the new compact sidebar functionality.

Bug: when you have the left sidebar minimized and then open the right sidebar the page gets pushed too far left (Chrome v.33).

For me, the ideal functionality would be to always show the minimized left menu when the right sidebar is opened (eg. if left = full size then minimize it; if left = minimized then leave it visible).

Hye kahlusha… Thanks for the purchase… This is the template default behavior… The page will be push to left or right depend on the sidebar width… Love your idea and i’ve already try it… The problem is, it will make the template a bit lag on some devices…

Thanks for the feedback… Really appreciate it ;)

Hi JohnPozy!

I was actually just casually browsing Themeforest at night time and run over your theme. Even though I currently don’t need a Admin Template, I just wantes to tell you, that I would instantly know which one to buy if I had to right now…

Your theme is amazingly respnsive, considering that I’ve been looking at your side from my Phone. I just quickly wanted to say how incredibly surprised I am how well you managed to make this theme adapt to any screensize. Simply looks like a native App for my phone ;)

Really good work dude, I hope you keep your themes as responsive as this one. Love it.

Hello GoliathDesign… thanks for the nice compliment :bashfulcute:

Hello, JohnPozy. Just purchased your template. It’s awesome. Great job! Thanks for less-files. Looking forward to tablet sidebar menu fix.

hello deman4ik… thanks for the purchase.. the tablet sidebar fix will be upload within this week along side with other update and fix

thanks ;)

Hi, congratulations for this awesome work! Just purchased it.

I have one questions: the chart-flot is not loading the charts. Am I missing any thing? How to make it work?

Thanks a lot!

hye stefanini…thanks for the purchase… the flot sample data is generated by PHP code… so you need to put the downloaded file inside the PHP server.. eg: xampp or wampp

Any thoughts of adding an introduction module that will guide the first time users and introduce the system? That might be a good add-on. Great work!

hye musdy… thanks for the suggestion.. i’ll put it in future release list ;)

I can`t write anything in seachbox when I using smartphone (touch screen)

Noted!... Thanks for the info

Super template! I want to buy but are you going to add chart?

Hello ozgurcosan… Thanks for your interest.. This template have flot chart in it… :)

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m sorry, I was wrong to ask. Are you going to add new chart?

Yeahh im planning to add d3.js chart in version 1.1.1 :)

Excellent job! The documentation is fantastic. Keep it coming. How do we download the updated theme?

Not to hassle, went to downloads for the update. Just a note: documentation index page shows ver 1.0.0 currently. Thanks again. Excellent theme. :)

hello pararecce… thanks for the purchase and info…

have a nice day ;)

styles for ‘sidebar-menu-fixed’ are NOT present in /html/stylesheet/layout.css and /html/stylesheet/layout.min.css.

They are in /docs/stylesheet/layout.css.

Not sure if I can just copy them over since I might miss something. fix?

Btw: excellent theme. Cheers!

hello gjbrits.. thanks for the purchase.. the sidebar-menu-fixed is no longer support in version 1.1.0 and up.. need to drop it in order to implement the tablet and minimized menu.

i’ll update the doc to reflect the change/updates ;)

Hi JohnPozy,

Looking at all the examples and it’s really clean, including the javascript. Nicely done!

One small thing: ‘form-ajax.html’ is missing while it’s referenced in sidebar > forms > ajax form

Thanks… Yepp i’ve notice it… I’ll upload the fix alongside with other update tomorrow(13/04) night..

Have a nice weekend ;)

Really clean and nice template John. I just dropped you a private message.

Waiting for your feedback. Thanks ! Keep up the good work !

Really clean and nice template John. I just dropped you a private message.

Waiting for your feedback. Thanks ! Keep up the good work !

Hello MistD… thanks for the purchase…errr could you resend the message?

thanks ;)

Sure, just dropped you another one on your gmail :)


I have hundred pages using same menu. is it possibele to include one menu on every page.

Following is the script I found, however I don’t know how to change the code:

$(function() { var pgurl = window.location.href.substr(window.location.href .lastIndexOf(”/”)+1); $(”#topmenu ul li a”).each(function(){ if($(this).attr(“href”) pgurl || $(this).attr("href") ’’ ) $(this).addClass(“active open”); }) });

Could you please provide a way to include the menu on everypage?


hello johnnytu72… what server script do you use? and where do you find those code snippet?. How to include the menu may vary, depending on your development environment.

But you can always use the jQuery load function to load your menu somewhere else.

thanks ;)

Hey, great work with this theme. I have a little problem with the mini charts located in the sidebar, when I resize the browser I get chart with only numbers and not get the correct chart graphic. I get a screenshot about that. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

hye jesusgy… thanks for the info… i’ll fix it ASAP

thanks again ;)

Hi John,

Thanks for sidebar bug fix in 1.1.1!

Can I request for some more pages, product grid and full detail page? Product gird may be applied from Media album page but it lacks of full detail page.

sure… just drop me an email detailing what you need ;)

Hello, JohnPozy. Found another one little bug in sidebarmenu tablet view. in desktop mode it’s ok

hello.. thanks for the info… ;) i’ll look into it ASAP

Hi JohnPozy.
Thanks for the update, very good template!
Can we have a changelog with more details ? (file modified, etc)
I have modified lot of thing on the library and CSS, I need to use WinMerge to know what are the changes

hello jdelire… yeah sure… i’ll update the changelog ;)