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hey bro good luck on sales and i was curious does your admin elements like sales and how many users traffic there are. should they mimic exaclty the admin options or pages on the CMS. because some CMS like open cart has a different setup.

Hi, @JohnPozy, thanks for your great work. I purchased and really like it.

When customizing the template, I have this problem/questions. Could you give me any advice?

1. How to create a no-scroll page? I mean, the basic layout can not be scrolled but the content inside layout can be scrolled up/down separately. like this:

This example has only one column inside layout which can scroll up/down. I have two column and I wish to scroll separately.

2. How to set different width for left sidebar and right sidebar? now both of them is fixed as 220px. I want right sidebar to be more larger while left one keep the current 220px. I tried to set width of right sidebar and transition properties, but offcanvas goes to weird.

And at last, is there any new page/functions in 1.2.0? :D When will be released? and roadmap?? m(._.)m

hello finalage.. thanks for the purchase

1. The only option for now is to use the panel with scrollable content.. many thing i need to cater if implement the vertical scrollable box. In future i’ll try to implement back the fixed sidebar menu. Then you will able to have the “content only scroll” layout :)

2. Never thought about having different sidebar width.. For the moment both sidebar need to have the same width.. i’ll will provide the different width functionality in the future release.

3. for the 1.2.0 version you will have a proper frontend version. ET 2 week or more from now(18/4/2014)

Thanks and sorry for the late reply :)

Hi, JohnPozy, thanks for reply. I will try to tweek it to fit my requirement. And today I found a bug, share with you.

In right sidebar panel (chat panel), there is a dropdown menu for changing your status – online, away, or busy. It can be dropdowned when click the down arrow button, but It can not be pullbacked when you click anywhere – only click the arrow again works.

Thanks for the info… I’ll fix it ASAP… if you wanna tweak it.. make sure don’t tweak the layout.css.. make a new css file instead… ;)

Purchased this theme a couple of days back. Thank you for the good work and the less files.

Keep it up!

Hello TripleUp… thanks for the purchase and compliment… have a nice weekend ;)

Nice work! What Calendar/Scheduler are you using in this theme?

I’m interested in buy Adminre theme.

Thank you.

Hello muspix… For the calendar, i use jQuery fullcalendar ;)

Thank you JohnPozy.

Hello, fantastic template.

There are just a couple of issues with the timeline V2. Sometimes entries are displayed in the wrong order (ordered by stamp, desc). 18:03 should be displayed below 18:06.

Is there also any methods of preventing these from overlapping?

Thank you :)

Hye jacko… Thanks for the info… I think i know what cause the problem… I’ll fix it ASAP

Hi JohnPozy, Urgent! :D Any click event is not fired in right sidebar after updated to 1.1.1. :D

hye finalage… i’ll look into it… thanks for the info… ;)

will u add a fixed footer like facebook soon cause i would like to use it to make the right sidebar into a chat when u click on the name

Hye vallowen… Yup it’s in the todo list.. But i need to do some testing before release the footer component ;)


:) thanks… itll also be cool if u added in an mp3 and video html5 player so we wouldnt have to search for ones thats compatible with ur coding, also any plans on adding google maps or maplet.js?


Thankss ;)

Hey when is the update!? I mean I’m buying it regardless but I’m just wondering

Update will be release by the end of the week…


end of this week?

Hi John,

On iPad/iPhone search at top is impossible to type, it closes when touch it immediately.

Please kindly fix it. Thanks

Noted!... Thanks chakkit ;)

Quick fix is changing z-index from 2 to 991 as below:

#header.navbar > .navbar-toolbar > .navbar-form {
  z-index: 991;

I can’t see where uses z-index 990, if you found it please fix.


very nice template !

1 : How can I change the color theme? 2 : how can i fix sidebar ( want not scroll ) !??

thanks .

3 : this theme not include “Boxed Layout” ??

Hye mon6767

1. You can use the LESS file to change the color 2. Remove the slimscroll class from the aside tag 3. Nope… This template does not have the boxed layout

Thanks and have a nice day..

Hi John,

Just found another bug. Tested on iPhone 5s.

Page width not reset when open the page at landscape oriented, then toggle on a left side nav and switch back to portrait mode and toggle off a side nav.

I notice that when toggle on a left side nav at landscape oriented and switch back, the entire page looks smaller unlike the right side bar everything seems smooth.

Hye chakkit… Could you provide some screenshoot

Thanks for the info ;)

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Thanks chakkit… Will fix it ASAP :)

Please I need de version 1.0.0 – I lost this version. All my project is based on this version.

Hye tigdesigner… Could you message me throught my profile…

Thanks ;)

Hey, awesome theme!

What font did you use for the logo text?


Hello yanick64… Thanks for the purchase… Font for logo is lobster 1.3


Do you do any other updates? when ?


oooh !!!

I was so happy !!!! very thanks !!!

The new pages will be added?

in 1.1.2 version, there is no new page added.. but you will have a proper front end template in version 1.2.0 ;)

Very Good !

Thanks . Good Luck .

Update Soon!? We can’t wait

update is in review process ;)

Great 1.1.2 update. Supper nice beautiful work with the widgets and bug fixes. In the 1.2.0 update will this include the frontend pages? And when will we see the 1.2?

i try my best to speed up the v1.2.0 release ;)

how long do the review process usually last.. i was about to download the template should i wait..? and will it be showing by tonight

i know ur working on the frontend design.. to set the home page design aside from every other admin theme i would design it liek myspace, facebook,, that way youll guarantee no competition, because every frontend on here looks exactly the same one way or another… and i was also looking for ur endless scroll for ur timeline, it would be cool to add one that doesnt use php since not everyone designs in php, and i was looking for ur uploader… hmmm.. also i think i mentioned before adding a html5 mp3 and video player… and a fixed footer

hye vallowens… all yours and other buyers feature request is in my todo list… but i need to do the bug fix and top priority update first..

I’ll do my best to speed up other features request dev.. and thanks for your input about the front end template.. appreciate it ;)

Thanks John

no problem.. thanks for the bugfixes being priority, even tho we love to see the updates when u make them, the fact their bug free make it really worth-while.. appreciate the time u spend on this template.. thanks again

Hi John,

The new update 1.1.2 broke the style of media-album page:

Please kindly fix it.

Noted… thanks chakkit ;)

Hello, thx for updates. Found little bug on page-blog-grid, masonry.js plugin doesn’t run after sidebar is minimized and articles floating away)

Noted… thanks deman4ik :)

do you have the psd template for this admin skin?

Hello mbianchi27… there is no PSD template for now…

Thanks John

when will 1.2 be released… there are many bugs in media and widgets. hard to work with it a bit. -thanks tayler

Hyee tayler… i’ll release the fix within this week… thanks :)

WHAT!! thats awesome!