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I am looking to purchase this, but am looking for the latest release 1.2, do you have a firm date this will be available?

Hello… i’ll look into it… thanks for the purchase :)

I also noticed that the parsley.js validation doesn’t work 100% with selectize fields? Validation works, but error bordering does not. Is there a fix for this?

hello… thanks for the info… i think there is a fix for that.. :) i’ll release a fix on 13/05/2014…

I really like this theme very much I can pay for the psd. may i?

hello… thanks for the purchase… i’ve planned on release the PSD .. So stay tuned ;)

how long JohnPozy??

after finishing the version 1.2.0.. ET not know


Hi, I’ve Just purchased this template and have noticed in a previous comment that the 1.1.2 update broke the style of media album page. Do you know when there will be a fix available for this?

hye.. thanks for the purchase… a fix will be release on 13/05/2014 :)

Hi, is a fix still due for this?

hello… sorry for the delay… i’ll push the fix ASAP… thanks

Hi, I’ve noticed that selectize doesn’t work with flot js. Is there any work around?

hye indexto… try this

$.plot('#placeholder', data, {
    series: {
        pie: {
            show: true

and the data

var data = [
    { label: "Series1",  data: 10},
    { label: "Series2",  data: 30},
    { label: "Series3",  data: 90},
    { label: "Series4",  data: 70},
    { label: "Series5",  data: 80},
    { label: "Series6",  data: 110}

or you can refer this link

Thanks John, great support, high quality written code, easy to work with it. 5/5

Your welcome ;)

Is there a way to mix some of the features from the different table layouts?

I would like to use the default showcase table, but with the search and column head sort. Is this possible?


Hye mbianchi27… you can use datatable plugin… email me if you need further help ;)

Thanks, John

this infinite scroll for the time line kicking my butt, any word in adding a non-php in an update… i program in php and im new to this :(

Is it anyway that u can send me a link to it thru comment or email.. I jus need a point to a location or something thanks

And is 1.2 still being released today :)

the 1.2.0 version still under development and will be release this month (May)... no actual date yet… working hard on it…

Thanks :)


ghst Purchased

5/5. Thanks for in very high quality written code.

Thanks for the purchase and compliment :)

Can you help me with the tooltip? in your demo it is wide as the text, but with mine it is only as wide as the button?

Also with the responsive table, I used the showcase default table and the data table plugin for sorting. All works great, but when it goes to mobile display, the top and bottom borders disappear?

Thanks for the info :)... for the tooltip inside ’.btn-group’, there is a way to solve it… you’ll have to specify the option container: 'body'

refer here

great got tool tip working!

After I have purchased, can I access any updates you have fairly easily? Thanks.

Hye janlyn… after you purchase this template, you’ve entitle for free update.. all you need to do is redownload this template file and then update your application.

Thanks, John

That’s simple. Thanks!

quick note… when using the tooltip feature and jquery-ui.min.js, changes the look of the tooltip? Any help would be appreciated. I am using a modal popup form with datepicker along with the form/tooltip

Hello mbianchi27… you need to load the jquery-ui stylesheet just after bootstrap stylesheet

Thanks, John

FYI, it worked only after moving jquery-ui.min.js before bootstrap.min.js in the footer. Thanks

ahhh my bad… thank for the info ;)

Hello :) Do you have an ETA for 1.2? I would like to buy this theme but I’d rather wait until the next version :)

Cheers, really good looking theme man!

Hye… thanks for your interest… you can expect the v1.2.0 will be release by the end of this month(May)... no fix date.

Thanks ;)

Hi John, quick question: How can i activate the slimscroll on left main menu sidebar ?

I have the left sidebar fixed and i want to activate the slimscroll if the sidebar content gets longer in height than the viewport.

Thanks !!! :)

Hye Alin…

In “layout.css” find this code
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .viewport > .scrollbar,
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .content > .scrollbar,
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .viewport > .scrollrail,
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .content > .scrollrail {
    display: none !important;
and replace with
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .viewport > .scrollbar,
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .content > .scrollbar,
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .viewport > .scrollrail,
.sidebar.sidebar-left.sidebar-menu > .content > .scrollrail {
    display: block !important;

Thanks :)


Great theme and great coding! Is there a timepicker (not a datepicker) included that I might have missed?

If not, is it possible to add for next version?


Hello ohara… i think you have not missed anything… i’ll put it in my TODO list and release it in the next update ;)

Thanks, John

Hi, I purchased theme. Wonderful thanks. Just i would like to know timing some of your updates. For example , auto-complete with multiple selection validation (required fields) is not working properly. When you filling up some form sections which is required to fill you received error Also are you planning to replace scroll design . It would be nicer i think. Thanks

Hello codernight… Thanks for the info… i’ll look into it ;)

hello on this page: can u tell me what i did and why in the middle under “This Just In:” why it isn’t loading? (media album)


and i def cant wait for the frontend… will totally complete my site.. oh yea and the infinite scroll :)

i just put the code in its still not loading

hye vallowen… maybe you put it in “uielement.css”.. but your site is using “uielement.min.css”

Can you email me… i’ll give you the css file

Thanks :)

ok.. thanks allot i got it… u were right thanks allot :)

buying regular license means i can use this item like a admin for all my clients website ? or just for one client website? extended license is for reselleres?

Thanks for the info, im buying this in a few minutes =)

one more question JhonPozy, this item have Databases and php script ? only i have to do is config all those script ?

Hello… This template does have some php script.. But no database… You need to code it yourself… The purpose of this template is to provide a set of UI elements and components :)


how do u make the search “magnifying glass” in the header clickable? for the illiterate visitors that dont know just click enter :(

<!-- START navbar form --> <div class="navbar-form navbar-left dropdown" id="dropdown-form"> <form action="" role="search"> <div class="has-icon"> <input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Search application..."> <i class="ico-search form-control-icon" /> </div> </form> </div> <!-- START navbar form -->

everything i try puts the searcg glass in other locations :(

yep its kicking my butt

Hello valowens… you can make the icon clickable with query ;)

$("#the-icon).on("click", function () {

Thanks and sorry for the late reply

Hey there, this is great work, but the new folder structure is not very suitable … It would be great if you just can use folders like “css”, “js”, “images”, etc. as everyone so your customers don’t have to edit all these themselves …

sure… i’ll revert back to the old folder structure

Thanks for your info ;)

it would be cool if u would use the previous way you had the folders set up so that when we add the upgrade we wouldnt have to go thru and redo all our old work from scratch my friend.. otherwise thanks for the updates

hye vallowen… the infinite scroll available in v1.2.0


i was excited when i saw the new update i thought it was the 1.2.0 :( when is it coming out? im going to just hold up all work until the update coming out

It will be available by the end of this month(may) or early of june

Working hard in this :)

How can i make the left sidebar fixed?

hye.. the fix left sidebar is opt out to implement the