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I am literately moving everything over piece by piece

no worry i’ll revert back to the old folder stru ture… for the meanwhile you can just move the all folder under assets directory to root directory

thanks and sorry


ghst Purchased

Looks like new update brokes icon fonts. For me no icons at all in new version. I see Unicode symbols instaed of icons. What can be done ?

try remove the browser cache / history ;)


ghst Purchased

tried to reset cache in various ways, through Preferences -> Networks -> Rest cache. Tried to clear all history, also tried to clear using FF plugin, and it does not helps, icons aren’t showing. Maybe because of new folder structure you typed wrong icon font path in some of the less files ?

Hello… I’ll look into it :)

Amazing template :)

I’ve 2 questions :

1) Can i set the right bar permanently opened? 2) Can i fix both the sidebars?

Thanks a lot :)

2) when i scroll page, i don’t want sidebar scroll :)

Hye wazem… I’ll look into it… :)

ok thx :)


Great template. I’ve been working with 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 changes folder structure. Is there any chance to get 1.1.3 in the 1.1.2 folder structure?

I know I can move the files, but I’m also using your *.html files for references. By moving the css, js (etc) files, the html files won’t work anymore.

For firefox, you need to clear cache first ;)

Are you sure? I’ve done it multiple times and still can’t see the icons.

When will you release 1.1.3 with updated folder structure?

yup… the 1.1.4 will be release ASAP…

so which will be thefile folder format of the next update just so i can know how to arrange?

the same as v1.1.2 :)

Hey is there a way to disable hover effect in the media (images) so that the toolbar with the icons could be shown all times over the images in their current positions.

Add “show” class to the toolbar class ;)

thanks John!

please tell me the frontend and infinite scroll coming this week :(

hye vallowen… i’ll try my best to speed it up ;)

Hello friend, have you planned to add the plugin X-editable? for dinamyc editing? will be aswesome!

hye… i’ll put it in my todo list… ;)

Is there a way to make the table rows dragable to reorder them? For instance, I am using a table view for FAQ’s and allowing the client to arrange the order to their liking. Any idea of how this could be accomplished or a plugin I can use to do this?

Hello.. You can use jQuery UI sortable widget… I’ll provide an example in the next release.. For now you can check jQuery site ;)


I would like to refresh the “collapse” plugin, is there a easy solution for? Because i paste new “collapse” items in the design (with javascript).. And they don’t work then.

My compliments for the everything btw!

Sorry never mind! I wrote a mistake in the code… my bad. It works now without a refresh

hi will this release have a fixed footer for the site

nope… fixed footer will be available in v1.2.0 release :)

I just bought this item and realized what some people say. The icons do not appear in FF. If I put the whole package on a Web server, the icons appear correctly. In Chrome, Opera the icons work normally. What happened? I have cleaned the cache… tks

hello… i’ll look into it… thanks for the purchase

i mostly use firefox and nnever have had problems with icons appearing. and when i did it was only due to a slow internet connection. but hey John its almost June hows it looking for release of the frontend.. im so excited :)

U the Man! :)

im excited about the infinite scroll feature

is tomorrow the Big Day?


I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at

Regards, Alex

1. Why the folder ‘frontend’ empty ..? 2. I open the file backend \ index.html, why the icons do not appear ..?

Hello…thanks for the purchase… the frontend template will be release by this month(june)... and for the icon… try to clear your browser cache first…


Hi JohnPozy, Can I know when is the new version being released (1.1.4 and 1.2) ? Planning to buy the theme, so please let me know when are these version being released. Will there be any major change in 1.2v Looking for x-editable, chat feature on the right bar and few more common features which other Admin templates are providing,.. I am very interested in buying this template. Please do share your plan in detail like, with your approximate future versions release date along with the features. Very impressed with this theme, it suits my need thanks.

Hello achalbi… thanks for your interest in adminre… There will be a new frontend template in v1.2.0.. nothing much for the backend template.. i’ll put your feature request in my TODO list and will release it ASAP…

The v1.2.0 will be release soon (this month)... no fixed date yet… :)


Thanks JohnPozy, for the reply… :-)

Hi, I liked this admin theme. It´s very clean, easy and beautifull. Congratulation. But, a I founded some simple inssue. So, I will share with you. 1) Review the end comment tag in all html files. Sometimes your end tags is <!- START navbar form -> instead of <!- END navbar form ->. Only to organization. 2) table: the first column normaly is the checkbox. This element could be a centered with cell. So, you could set the “text-center” class in


Only for this moment. I hope have helped in some way…

Hello tiagomatosweb…. thanks for the purchase and info… appreciate it very much ;)

Thanks again

Your indicators spinners don’t work on the chrome browser. The photo never loads or shows. at lease ours doesn’t. it just keeps spinning. When we get rid of the spinner the photo never shows up… bug


ghst Purchased

Everyone who has problem with loading icons on firefox, it can be solved setting up a local virtual host on local web server and running template under virtual hostname address.

We’d like to use our primary logo color as our accent color. The problem is that when changing the accent color in variables.less the logo area gets that color applied as well. What we did as a quick fix was to add a variable called @accent-base-color-inverse and replace @accent-base-color in

    .navbar-header {
        background-color: @accent-base-color-inverse;

I’m sure using -inverse on the accent base color isn’t the best way to handle this but maybe just adding

@navbar-header-background: @accent-base-color;

that way we could easily adjust this if needed.

I also adjusted the @sidebar-base-color and found that the links were a bit on the dark side for me. Checking the less files I found

lighten(@sidebar-base-color, 40%);

for the sidebar menu links with a similar setup for active/hover states. Could these be added as variables in the sidebar section?

// Sidebar
@sidebar-base-color: #2a2a2a;
@sidebar-width: 220px;
@sidebar-collapse-width: 60px;
@sidebar-menu-link-color: lighten(@sidebar-base-color, 40%);
@sidebar-menu-link-color-hover: lighten(@sidebar-base-color, 60%);
@sidebar-menu-link-color-active: lighten(@sidebar-base-color, 60%);
@sidebar-menu-link-color-open: lighten(@sidebar-base-color, 60%);

It would really be great to pull as much into variables as possible.


hello GileS… thanks for the feedback…i just want to make thing as simple as possible in LESS variable… but i’ll update the LESS file and put appropriate variable into it :)

thanks again