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well done like it very much;

Thanks GrafAS ;)

Hey, great work.. I have a little problem with people directory page. When you minimize the sidebar, the people grid view fails and when you type a word in the search people input this grid gets transforms to only one column.

Hye jesusgy… thanks for the info…i’ll look into it :)

Hye jesusgy… try to add this code to people.js located under javascript folder… make sure to put it inside the jquery DOM ready funtion
$(function() {
   // Update shuffle on sidebar minimize/maximize
      .on("fa.sidebar.minimize", function () { $grid.shuffle("update"); })
      .on("fa.sidebar.maximize", function () { $grid.shuffle("update"); });

Thanks :)

it works.. thanks

Hello John, great theme! Maybe you can consider this feature: a button to switch to fullscreen (F11) mode. This can be handy in admin usage.

Hye mwouter.. Thanks for the idea… ;)

John, if you’re interested in the code for this feature, let me know. I also made a quite nice “light” (light colors) version of the theme.

Hey John. When changing the @header-height variable from default 50px I noticed the search dropdown doesn’t make use of the variable. I first tried 40px and desktop looked fine but on mobile view the height was still 50px. I then tried 30px and it became pretty clear there were elements not taken into consideration with changes to this variable.

Bootstrap has a min-height 50px set on .navbar that could be addressed by adding an override that uses the @header-height variable. I added this style which seemed to fix the issue with the white space below the header due to the bootstrap min-height value.

#header.navbar {
  min-height: @header-height;

Of course there were still problems with the search form itself. Looking at header-mq.less I can see the top and bottom padding for .navbar-form are correctly using the @header-height-mq variable. Lines 210 and 212

padding-top: (@header-height-md - 34) / 2;
padding-bottom: (@header-height-md - 34) / 2;
but header.less is not making using of @header-height variable. The top and bottom padding is hard coded to 8px. This explains why I get overlap in mobile view but not desktop view when the search is open. I removed padding: 8px 15px; in .navbar-form on line 473 of header.less and added
  padding-top: (@header-height 34) / 2;
  padding-right: 15px;
  padding-bottom: (@header-height - 34) / 2;
  padding-left: 15px;

which seemed to fix the problem. There may be other issues but I haven’t seen any.

Other than that implementation is going great and I absolutely love this them. Keep up the good work!

hye Anthony… thanks for the info… really appreciate it :)

Hey, I can’t get “Date picker to work” on any page other than the demo page that you created.

Here’s my source:

Hello Anthony… make sure you include the jquery ui(css & js) and init like below code



Well done and nice update, here is my observations

1. Why the sudden change in color ? Is it possible to have a flexible color css like

  • color/purpple.css
  • color/blue.css
  • etc

2. This menu is missing for the latest update

3. Integrate into the template

4. Possibility of adding File Manager

5. More of pricing , Payment , Invoice & account Summary widget

In conclusion, Nice work so far and this is one of the best well design template have seen it recent times.

Hello oleku… thanks for the compliment :)

1) you can change the color in LESS variable file.. i’ll release a multi theme in the next update.
2) navbar-collapse menu is move to this section..
3) i can only provide theme/widget only for plupload – license issue.
4 & 5) sure, i’ll add up in the next update release.


Thanks for the prompt response. I guess is even a better alternative, You can also consider easyPieChart for some nice easy starts here is a nice combination with flow chart , Better standalone Profile and lastly Comments types of message. It would nice to see the next update and if i have any other ideas would definitely net you know.


Great update and great work – as always!

Is it possible to have a list of changed files? I’ve changed the default file structure as you’ve made some changes in the structure between versions.

A list of changed files would make updating much easier for me (and I think for the rest…)

Keep up the great work and thanks!

Hello ohara… for the latest version(v1.2.0), not so many structure is affected/change… here is the major change list.

  1. change sidebar toggler from data-toggle=”offcanvas” -> data-toggle=”sidebar”
  2. sidebar-menu will be fixed by default, put ”.sidebar-static” if you want to use the static sidebar-menu
  3. put ”.backend” or ”.frontend” class to html element.

i’ll put a full change and update list in the next update. do email me if you need more help.

Thanks :)

Hi John – Great theme… Quick questions… I’ve loaded the files locally and cannot see the icons on the sidebar menu or for the widgets in the top header. I only see strange symbols.

Seems like it might be a Firefox issue. Do you have any solution for this? I tend to use Firefox since I use Firebug so often.

Thank you!

hello mandoman… it’s working on my firefox running on window… yours?


Hey John, I’m on Firefox on the Mac. No worries. Once it’s on a server, it’s fine. Just locally on Firefox is the issue.

Hi, can you please add forgot password page. Thanks,


1. There is a scroll bar and is a tiny gap issues with side menus, this has been fixed before on v1.1.2 but re appeared again with v1.1.3

2. uses MIT licence so you would not have any issues including it to the template.

I hope i was able to add value. Thanks.

Hye oleku… thanks for the info… i’ll include the dropzone plugin ine the next update release


You are welcome


First, great work!

But i have one problem and just can’t figure out how to solve this.. When my screen is very small the Dropdown menu and bootbox/ or any box stays inside the div of the table.. See the next example picture:

Hope you can help, because this is very essential.

Thanks for the fast answer, but this doesn’t solve what i asked.. Do you see the dropdown menu? This menu has to be ON TOP of the scrollbar. (this problem i also have i call a bootbox from the table)

I already spend hours in this problem.. but maybe you know a easy solution, hope you understand my question.


hello zrero…

do email me your code to


Thanks i will


Documentation contains invalid jquery-ui path. The documentation shows

<script src="library/jquery/js/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="library/jquery/js/jquery-ui.min.js"></script> <script src="library/jquery/js/jquery-ui-touch.min.js"></script> <script src="library/jquery/js/jquery-migrate.min.js"></script>

And the valid path is

<script src="library/jquery/js/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="plugins/jqueryui/js/jquery-ui.min.js"></script> <script src="plugins/jqueryui/js/jquery-ui-touch.min.js"></script> <script src="plugins/jqueryui/js/jquery-migrate.min.js"></script>

Thanks for the info oleku… ;)

Hi John,

Many thanks for frontend addition. It looks nice for initial release and hope you will add more example pages/sections to make it more useful.

sidebar-menu will be fixed by default, put ”.sidebar-static” if you want to use the static sidebar-menu

It does not fixed when minimized, I think it should be same behavior, doesn’t it?

My recommendations about core.js. Firstly, in core.js there is plugin OffCanvas which seems to be obsoleted by SidebarMenu. Can you remove it?

Secondly, NProgress plugin I think it’s useless for most web apps as it works only “first time” of loading. It does not effect with ajax (in my case it’s AngularJS). Though, it may be useful for some static frontends. I vote this plugin to be optional.

I’m thinking about adding another js file called optional.js and loaded it next to core.js. So, core.js will be a bit more slim and contained only mainstream for any standard project (not based on your demo app).

Other plugins I see should be moved to optional such as mustache.js and MockJax.js.

Please let me know what do you think.

hello chakkit…

1) sidebar static only behave as it should on screen-xs, screen-md and screen-lg.. for screen-sm(tablet) the fix behavior will be disable because the “overflow: hidden” will break the screen-sm(tablet) menu.

2) That is a new mini plugin that will handle the offcanvas component… you can see it at the sidebar-right(chat section)... try to click the name or setting :)

3) You can disable the global NProgress by set the “loader” option to false like below:
    console: false,
    loader: false

4) on the next update i’ll consider to opt-out the mustache and mockjax…

Thank chakkit for the feedback.. really appreciate it :)

2) That is a new mini plugin that will handle the offcanvas component… you can see it at the sidebar-right(chat section)... try to click the name or setting :)

just notice it, looks very nice!

Hi John, I love this template, very well done, one thing that I love the most are the Ajax forms, if you could just add a rest form after the response, if response == 200 reset the form else keep data… that would be awesome!. Right now I’m just searching for a template so that I can finally build my website.. and the whole library of Js’s that you have put together looks yummy!!!, anyways very well done template.

JohnPozy Can you show/copy what code makes Messages and Notifications dropdowns to be 100% of viewport width on smaller displays ?

Hello ghst… You can look in header.less

Thanks :)

did u ever add the endless scroll?

hye vallowens… the infinite scroll will be available in the next update… need some more testing ;)



mobifi Purchased

Hi, could you please tell me how to change the red “Page Loading” indicator on the header?


Hello Mobifi,

What change?. If it’s the bar color, the simple way is to alter the “nprogress.less” located inside “less > uielement” folder. Change the background css properties at line 18 and recompile the less file..

Thanks :)


mobifi Purchased

Thanks thats exactly what I needed :)


oleku Purchased

What exactly is the next update ? I see a lot of features we are excited to see :)

Hye oleku.. sorry for the late reply… here is the completed update list for now… more to come ;)

1) Theme Layout

1) Dropzone
2) Infinate Scroll
3) Drag & Drop Widget
4) Sortable List

1) Product Grid
2) Full Detail Product Page
3) Forgot Password

oleku Purchased

Nice, Nice .. Would be expecting the update …. Well done

I am probably going to buy this theme today. I have a few ideas for updates, but there’s a very easy one that I would like to see for the next update if possible:

- An extra version of the ‘Option 2 – Parallax Background’ homepage that replaces the entire drop down menu with a horizontal ‘sign-in’ area instead. This would make a lot more sense for this style of homepage and perfect for easy login situations!

Overall, very well done and clean, which is not easy to do. Are you available for customizations at all?

I’m not sure how i should review this.

I cannot use specific widget easily, It seems like one javascript file is for many widget and if you only want one on the page, You CANT. because it will give you an error, the other widget is missing….. still figuring out.

Hello jonathan…

What widget?