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As Collis just informed me we can’t redistribute fonts with our final files, so I’m commenting the designs that used non-standard system fonts, so you can download them and edit the text.

This one is free to download (Mac and PC) called Marcelle, courtesy of dafont.com

Hi great design.Is theit a live preview anywhere?

Thanks, glad you like the design. I was waiting for ThemeForest to finish their live preview system, but I’ve put a preview up for this template, so should be live now.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying your template. Can I change the words on the park signs easily? (The site will be in another language, not English.)

Another question regarding special characters like: é, á, ü.. Would they come up OK? Also in the sitename?

@Latz, All the text for the navigation on the left hand side is actual text, you can then choose a size and direction of the sign using a CSS class.


:) Just replying to your previous comment and only just missed the next one (I have replied to your email by the way). You can check the character support for the font used in the header, Marcelle, the download is free if you wish to change the text yourself.

Thanks flips, good news. I’ve also found the necessary characters are available in Marcell font, so we can have the heading in our language.

Latz Purchased

Great template and outstanding after sales support. Highly recommended!Thanks for all your help, flips!

simonk Purchased

Has anyone had trouble with opening the PSD ? It just shows all on one layer.

@simonk, The PSD is definitely multi-layer, sorry to hear you’ve had problems with it. It was made in Photoshop CS3 , what version are you using? Try downloading the the item again just to be sure.

Very nice. A winter version is it possible ? With snow ?



I’ve replied to your email zonetrack, thanks for your interest.

Thinking of purchasing for a client – I am also interested in a winter version – just wondering if I could also change the tents to a small train/track and also if it is possible to remove the rss icon??


It is possible to very easily remove the RSS icon, I specifically made it that way as I knew that not everyone would need one. As for graphical modifications I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment, but the download does include the PSD .

The live preview is not work (i’m using firefox 6)


Do you mean not working in your particular browser (layout broken) or the preview itself does not work? As far as I know there were issues with the TF live preview system a little while ago.

When attemption to unzip:

“A problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted

_MACOSX Type: File Folder Date Modified: 8/25/2008 10:36AM”


“A problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted

template Type: File Folder Date Modified: 8/25/2008 10:35AM”

I definitely need the latter to install. Please advise.


If anyone else is having problems unzipping any file from themeforest, try 7zip if on windows, much better than the built-in system.

The download will not upload from the zip file to Wordpress it asks for FTP info but when provided states that some CSS files are missing. It should upload from .zip is there a different download?


I’m sorry, but this is not a WordPress template. It could be converted to a WordPress template if you have any experience in doing so. If you are specifically looking for WordPress templates on ThemeForest then unfortunately I think you’ve ended up in the wrong category, as this is a plain site template only, suitable for static sites or conversion to dynamic template/theme frameworks.

Very nice work but was disappointed that I couldn’t get it to work with WordPress sites. :( Waste…