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Just tried to connect with the demo, but I get an error page instead. Just wanted to let you know.

Is your theme compatible with wordpress version 4.1.1. Latest version?

In your demo, the text logo and tagline display nicely on one line. But on my site, the tagline does not appear. I do have the checkbox “Show tagline” checked.

What would cause the tagline form not showing?

Hi there, sorry for the delay in answering. Have you sorted out the issue already? I am seeing your tagline on all devices…

How do you add a twitter feed?

Under Widget, I added the Advocate – Twitter widget under Footer Widget Two and entered in the twitter username.

At the bottom of the page now, you’ll see this message:

Error: Invalid OAuth token – Key required even if secret is empty

Hi there, it seems you are running a very old version of Advocate theme. Please update your theme to the latest version of and follow the instructions to add your Twitter Oauthentication

I put in support tickets on the page with 3 questions/problems about 1 and 2 days ago and have gotten no response. Are you still supporting this theme? Please let me know how long it will take to get a response. Thank you.

Tickets #6999, 7002 & 7003


cristmg Purchased

Are you still servicing comments through your support site? I asked a question 10 days ago w/ no response. Some type of response would be greatly appreciated!

I love this theme and use it on 3 different websites, but your support has gotten worse over the last year, which is very disappointing. I have had to wait 3 or more days for an answer to a support ticket and do not feel it should take this long. :( Please answer support ticket #7043. Thank you.

Hi there, apologies but as stated in our support this theme is limited to 6 months support.


bowl Purchased

Hi – Trying to update the theme, but all the links to your Support page are broken as far as I can see. I’m looking for the content that was at this link:

I really need to update the theme, but want to follow the proper procedures. Thanks in advance for your help…

Looks great!

Hi. I have a White screen of death. Its not a plugin problem… Could you help me out?

I purchased this, and have left 2 support tickets on your website and have waited 3 months now for answers … neither have been answered at all. Why do you say you offer support when you don’t even read my support tickets or bother trying to answer them? Very unsatisfied.

hello, is this one for 4.4 wp version?


aym2012 Purchased

I noticed the last wordpress version supported in 4.0. i am currently using the latest version of this theme and noticed its not working properly with 4.4. Any plans to update it? I paid for 12 months support for this theme…