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I have searched for the term “Donate” in the help file, and are unable to find where it is that I enable the “Donate Button” which is set to the right of the main menu, and a different color. Please Advise. Thank you.

I would like to change the font size of the menu navigation items, however I have been unsucessful in finding the css code via Chrome > Inspect element. I want to make it a little bigger then it currently is.

Hey there ecommbiz! I’m happy to give a hand. Send me a message from my profile page contact form:

How do I change the lorem ipsum text under the ‘latest news’ category. It’s not in the documentation.

Hi ckaywilliams! You can assign your own blog posts to display there by selecting a post category in the customizer. I’m happy to give more guidance if you’d like to get in touch directly. :)

Just purchased the theme. Is there somewhere online where I can find the index file that came in the Helpfile? When I click on that item nothing ever comes up.

Hi theireton,

Thanks for the purchase! Sometimes you need to drag the index.html file into a browser tab in order for it to load. Otherwise, the live version is available here:

Nevermind. I switched browsers and it worked.

Is the demo using Soliloquy Pro or the free version?

Also, how can I get rid of the text bar or title bar across the middle of the slider image?

I’m happy to help. Shoot me a message from my profile page contact form:

Sent. Thank you for your help


wizzy85 Purchased

There is an error on line 98 of template-home.php that affect the title of the home news block:

this: <?php printf( __( ’%s’, ‘rescue’ ), esc_attr( get_theme_mod(’ home_news_title’, customizer_library_get_default( ‘home_news_title’ ) ) ) ); ?>

should be replaced with this: <?php printf( __( ’%s’, ‘rescue’ ), esc_attr( get_theme_mod( ‘home_news_title’, customizer_library_get_default( ‘home_news_title’ ) ) ) ); ?>

bye, Diego

Hi Diego,

I don’t see the difference between those two lines of code. They are exactly the same. What’s the error message? It was be awesome if you could send me a message directly so that I can sort out the issue you’ve come across:

wizzy85 Purchased

Hi! the problem is here:

get_theme_mod(’ home_news_title’, ...

there is a space before ‘home_news_title’, this affect the correct visualization of the home news title.

Thanks for the follow up! :)

Hi, just wanted to check where the code in the Editor is for the size of the logo at top of theme as wanting to increase the size of it. thanks!

Hi jhallett,

Thanks for your comment. You’re welcome to send in a support request through our site if you’d like:

oamktg Purchased

How can I get the donation button link to open in a new tab?

Hi Kelly,

I see that you sent in a message directly so I’m going to respond to you there shortly. :)


Pre-purchase question:

Hi there :-)

Nice an simple theme!

If I would like my new site to look EXACTLY like your demo, will it cost me anything extra or is all functionality included in your package?

By this I mean, are you using 7 different pro versions of plugins, where your theme is “only” bundled with the free versions?

Thanks in advance and kind regards…

Thanks for stopping by! Everything is included to match the demo (that means images too!) The theme only recommends a few free plugins including The Events Calendar although it does support the Pro version of that plugin too (not required to purchase to get events functionality though).

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else!


When i’m changing the background color of the theme it also affects the events in the ‘home events’ area. Is it possible to keep them white like the border around the events?

Hi Martin!

I’ll be happy to look into that a bit more. Get in touch through our support page:

Yo guys, nice theme. How do I get the yellow donate button in the menu + with a custom label & href? Thanks in advance!

Found! Editor -> themeoptions -> header :)

Hey hey! Glad you were able to locate that setting. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch through our support page :)

I add new events but they are not showing up to the homepage. I continues to say “There are no upcoming events at this time.” Can you help? =/

Hi Grant! I’m happy to help. I see that you sent a message directly through our support channel so I’ll continue assisting there.

Hi, I read that this theme should integrate well with WPML. Could you please confirm that also the labels, menus, buttons etc. of the event calendar are included in the .po/.mo files? Thanks! Chris

Hello camthor,

The theme includes a standard .pot translation file that you can use with any translation software (we recommend the Loco Translate plugin). The Events Calendar plugin also includes a translation file. The theme has not been tested with WPML.

Pre-purchase question.

I am able to add video like any other wordpress theme, correct

Of course. You can paste video embed code directly, or, with the Jetpack shortcode module active, you can add videos with a shortcode.

On the home page “Goals” progress bar. Is there a way to change it to a dollar amount?

Right now the Rescue Shortcodes plugin includes the progress bar in percentages. To display a dollar amount would require a bit of customization to that plugin but it’s a great suggestion. I’ll see if that’s something that can be added to the next plugin update.

Hi, i have a little problem. On the blog page the articles are displayed with all the full text and not put the button “Continue Reading”. Depends on what? can you help me? You can also view Thanks, Alfredo

Post excerpts are handled by WordPress so just add the “More” tag where you’d like the content to excerpt:

Is there a way to collapse the three footer sections into one or have something in the left footer area span across the other two if left empty?

Hi Jack,

This can be done with custom CSS. Our Priority Support upgrade include minor customizations like this if you’d like to check out that option:

Hi there, Im in the process of updating my version of Wordpress and the version of the theme but the navigation drop down has stopped working. Am I missing something? Would you mind taking a look for me? The link is Thank you

The error looks to be related to Fancybox from a plugin you most likely have installed. I would suggest disabling plugins to see which one is the culprit.

If you’d like to request theme support, make sure that you send it through our support contact form: