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well designed and very nice work

hey, great work this, love the great use of design elements. I think this would’ve been better if it had more pages to it. a single page site like this is hard to work with if someone who has limited knowledge in html bought this. you should’ve at least made some other sample pages with layout options, I think it would’ve sell for much more than it’s worth now.

That’s just my opinion but overall great looking template.


The template actually isn’t too difficult to work with. The content/sub page contains a free area for elements to be placed in without obstructing with the layout.

This is ideal for those who aren’t familiar with HTML , as they can insert their own code and it will function correctly without breaking the layout. :)

This template looks great! I love your textures and graphics! It does seem to need at least one more page though (like maybe a contact form or gallery page?).

Great work!

One page? It’s a great design though! Maybe it’ll sell more with more pages! :D

It has a subpage! Read the description! :)

Very nice :D love the grunge.

Does it come with PSD files? Love the layout, but it would much more simple to tweak if it came with the original source files.

Yes, it does :) The PSD file is included along with links to the required fonts.

Nice to see a Grunge style here on TF – nice design, I’ll be back (:

No drop down Menu? :( Can you implent ones?