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Hamsaa Purchased

hello hi, :) In our post, we wanted to link videos of our sessions… So, I selected the Post format to Video…. Added YouTube link… & yes it worked… But, some of our videos sessions are premium to be viewed… so, we cant use YouTube or Vimeo in it… We want our videos to be uploaded on our own space… So, my question is: We uploaded various .mp4 video files to test under video post format section… A thumbnail of the video is set to float left next to add url section after uploading… I published/updated that post…. When i opened that post page, the video doesn’t shows…

Below are the screenshots… http://i.imgur.com/BuBwbeH.png http://i.imgur.com/dOxFn93.png

Is this a bug? am i doing it wrong? Any alternate solutions? We are desperate about it… Help us please!


HI, we made some changes, but we still need some time to test them all. And we will do that next week. If you want you can email me at info@cosmothemes.com and I’ll email you the current beta version and you can test it a bit to see if it works for you.

Hamsaa Purchased

thanks for the reply… :) Sure i will wait for your next version of this theme… now at the moment, i can happily wait for 20 or some days… :)


Update sent, should be available in the next few hours. Also, there should be an email update from TF, they added a new feature about update notification.


Does this theme work with Multilingual WPML plug-in ?

Best Gregor


Hi. At the moment the theme is not compatible, there are some issues with it.

Sidney1 Purchased

I already bought the theme yesterday …. are you working on this to get it fixed?

WPML is a very important tool if website is made for business and compatibility would help to sell your theme even more.

Best Gregor

Hi! I’m very interesting in this theme, but i have a question: the slider on home is just for extended licence? Thanks :)


Hi. The slider is included in the zip file you download from TF after you purchase the theme, regardless of the license you choose. The license affects where and how you can use the purchased item http://themeforest.net/licenses

how to activate ajax in category list :/ ins´t available in default content…

also i have a problem with text if a resize a thumbnail that isn´t square. check this: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19730113/thumbprob.jpg

how can i fix that with css.


Hi. If you mean the standard Category archive, it doesn’t have the ajax feature. You can use it anywhere else using the Categories element in the template builder.
Will check the image. Do you have a live link?

Hi everybody. The “Afternight” theme was updated to version 0.6. The change log of updates and fixes can be found here http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/6108

chungungo Purchased

Hi I’d like to know if it is possible to remove the page title from appearing on the page. for instance when I click on about in the main menu I don’t want to see about again in the top of my page. Thank you


go to your about page and just remove the title

Pre-purchase Question

I like to know if I can create a custom header to use with this theme.



Hi Tonia,

you can do that. The theme has a powerful template builder that allows you to control the header, content and footer elements and position.

Thank you.

I can change the colours of the top menu, but not the main menu, could you tell me how to do this? Thanks

Hi. Changing the color in theme settings -> Styling for “Label background” option http://i.imgur.com/SKJ3EWk.png will change it for the both menus. Or, to separate them from the label color you can use the custom css from theme settings:
nav.main-menu > .sf-menu li:hover, nav.main-menu > .sf-menu li.sfHover  { background: blue; }
nav.main-menu > .sf-menu li li, nav.top-menu > .sf-menu li li { background: blue; }
(second one for top menu).

Pre-purchase Question: I see it is not listed but can this theme support traditional banner sizes? For instance in the header or right sidebar. The Other question I had is would there be a way for you guys to make an update to the blog layout where posts have the image going across with text from the article below it. Similar to the top of this (http://demo.cosmothemes.com/afternight-dark/2013/01/17/hello-world-2/). I know this theme is more of a tiled layout. Also I noticed that Disqus is used in one of the layouts. Is that function built into theme or still required as a separate download and does the Disqus comments update the comment count on the articles.

Overall this is one of the best themes I’ve seen for its purpose and you guys did a wonderful job. I especially like how the post pages are laid out.



1) you can have banners in any place you want. In lateral sidebars you can use the standard Wordpress text widget to insert the code of your widget, and in header & footer there is a special element for banners that can be positioned in any place you want and on any width you want.

2) There isn’t such an option, but is you really need that, a small customization may give you what you need.

3) On the demo we use Disqus plugin, it updates comments count. It you don’t want it you still can use standard WP comments.

Thank you

Hello. I bought this template and am having problems installing the samples as explained in XML + import > 00_instruction.txt, using XML + import > 01_import.light.txt and XML + import > 02_wordpress.light.xml.

I get all kinds of errors. Amongst them, many of the files you are calling to import are no longer available (mostly .jpg files).

I bought it hoping it would look just like the sample, so that I could manipulate it and make it my own (clearly understanding that the pictures are not mine or public domain).

Could you please export the sample as seen at http://demo.cosmothemes.com/afternight-light/ so that I can import it and work with it? After all, I thought that was what I was buying … a starting point with all the WP and JavaScript goodies behind it.

Thank you in advance!


Hi. We are moving our website, and currently the XMLs are not importing media content. We will update our themes. Meanwhile, you can download the Afternight XML from here http://demo.cosmothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/afternight.xml_.zip


Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

FYI… Even the “Item Details” page here is getting a lot of 404s (like: http://freewpresources.com/afternight-dark/files/2013/01/pagebuilder.png)


Thank you. Currently we are moving our website, so there can be some changes.

I’ve done something inaccuracies and typing NEW ELEMENT under Slider. How do I remove it ?


Hi. From what I understand, you need to go in template builder, and for the element you have added, disable the option “label” like in this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/oIZPEgF.png


oh thanks for support!

“Failed to import media” I noticed that when accessing http://freewpresources.com/afternight-dark/files/2013/01/party-shot.jpg it returns 404 – file not found. Any thought on how to resolve this issue?


Hi. We are moving our website, so the images from the old one are not available, please use the XML from this archive http://demo.cosmothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/afternight.xml_.zip

the mp4 video upload doesnt work …. when i upload the video and view post its blank !

and how do i upgrade this template ?


Hi. Please update the theme as described here http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/4437 This could fix also your issue with the video.


now all my previous youtube videos have shrinked !

Hi there is it possible to take off the Date from the posts tiles (like on the front page demo )

I’m trying to achieve Pages come up as links from tiles as I love the tile affect & would like a row for Pages on the home page. The only way is to make these pages into posts .. but I have the problem of the pages showing with Date on the tile then.

I hope that makes sense !

Or alternatively have Pages instead of Posts but shown as Tiles ( as what I’m trying to achieve) ...... I can’t see the option for this & if I select Page in the Theme template is shows the page across the screen not listed like Tiles.

Many thanks & hope you can help !


Hi. Depending on the layout, grid or thumbnails you need to edit the functions grid_view() or grid_view_thumbnails() from lib/php/post.class.php, and remove the element <li class="entry-content-date">... </li>


Would it be possible to write the code here that I can add into Custom CSS … for taking off ALL dates for the Thumbnails / Posts etc



You can use this one

div.entry-content li.entry-content-date { 

but this will only hide the elements from page, they are actually there ;)


Is there a way to make this theme WooCommerce compatible? I’m having a heck of a time getting it to work. I’ve tried both of WooCommerce’s suggestions for non compatible themes but I’m having no luck what so ever and I’d really love to use this theme with WooCommerce especially with the new implementation of the HTLM 5 player.

Thank you! :)


Hi. UNfortunately, at the moment we haven’t tested on such compatibility the theme.

Hey there,

Is it possible to have the Team Image tiles linked to there page .. so we can have more text for each member of staff?




There is a workaround if you need, by editing the lib/php/post.class.php function render_team()and enclosing the article element in a anchor

<a href="<?php echo get_permalink($team->ID); ?>">

i updated the template but it made all my youtube/viemo videos small. my site has been down as ive been tryn to reach yall about this matter


Hi, I emailed you. But I make sure to remember what changes you’ll make in the code, so when you update the theme again you won’t loose them.

Hello VirusNac, we actually purchased the 0.6 light afternight wordpress theme. But, we were concerned by the 0.7 updated theme which includes significant improvements. May it be possible to download this 0.7 version without any charges? Urgent :) Thanks!


You don’t need to pay to download the updated version. Go to your Downloads section, download the theme and install it. If you have any questions follow these guidelines: http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/4437 or send us your admin credentials so we can update it for you.