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One last issue that I hope is resolved is that you utilized h1 tags throughout the entire theme. Search and usability best practices are that you only have a single h1 tag per page (typically the company name or main title) and then you have h2’s and h3’s for the next most important elements (slides, page headings), then h4, h5, h6 beyond (blog post titles). Would be great if you optimized those headings throughout the theme!

Again – just nitpicking… it’s a fantastic theme.

Most of the h1’s you see are in the actual page content, you can change them in your own.

If really doesn’t make much difference though, Google ranks for content, quality, relevance, load time, https…

If you want a proper SEO theme, checkout my AvantGarde theme – Rich Snippets, Microformats, HTML & CSS minification for page speed

I did build a child theme that modified the tagging appropriately, I’m just encouraging best practices in this theme as well. Love some of the minification work you’re doing!

Yeah I understand. They may find their way into an update ;)

Hello- I was trying to get the maps to work. I saw in another post that directions were in the documents file but I have not been able to find it in there. Could you please give e directions on how to get that function to work.

Sorry my history must be taking over when I say refresh… Thank you!

You’re welcome.


I would first like to say thank you for making such an awesome theme! I have customized it with all of my own photos and content following your instructions, however it seems that on certain screen sizes the content breaks the responsive nature and jumps down to another line. The two areas that this happens on is the services area and the team area.

Could you please advise?

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick reply! That solution fixed the team area but i’m still having an issue with the columns on the services area. Can’t seem to figure this one out.

Nevermind! Figured that one out :)

Cool. Same thing as the Services ;)

Great theme.

Had to change position:absolute to position:relative for #wrapper in the custom CSS to make the scrollspy work in Firefox.

Can’t see that it should break other stuff (yet).


Yeah you should be OK.

For the contact for do you have a solution for adding a CAPTCHA? I am getting a lot of spam emails coming through.

There are loads on the internet with examples, try:

Hi,i was trying to translate the theme to spanish but the language folder is empty. There is no .po file for the theme?

You need to create your own .mo/.po files…

Not sure if this is a browser flaw, maybe someone fixed it – please let me know – anyone.

When loading our Agenci-based site on any iPhone 5 or 6 with iOS 8x, sometime during page load, the slider images are cut up, and the lower part – or all of the slider image disappears, leaving the footer layer in the slider area.

This does not happen on desktop browsers or Android devices (or even the Chrome browser on iOS), so I am assuming this is a Safari/iOS flaw, but since this is within our primary browser target group, we could really use a fix/hack if anyone else fixed this.

To reproduce: Try loading on an iPhone 5 or 6 and note the grey / footer parts displaying in the slider area.

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Hello- I was wondering if you might know what went wrong. I had this working well and then all of the sudden the drop down navigation menu for the mobile started showing up in the header menu. the logo in the same menu started over writing the menu and the slider images became smooched height wise. I then uninstalled all plugins and deleted the theme, then reinstalled the theme and it did the same thing immediately. the site is please help tell me what wrong? thanks

Hi there, purchased your theme. I can’t get the contact form to send to me. I put in code [contact-form email=”” zip=”Milagro Marketing LLC”] in the contact page but still not working. Can you help me figure out why its not working. our webpage is


Have you checked your server logs?

I just logged in and checked and there are no errors in the server log

Really hard to say then. I tested the form an it said “Sent”, showing no errors, if there is nothing in the logs then its a tricky one.

Its only a simple PHP script. Try checking with your host, they may be blocking it.

Hi, out of the sudden the themes slider is making the images go out of proportion. ¿what to do?

I have no idea? Something must have changed.

it only happens in firefox

Well, you said it only just started doing it, so something must have changed.


I’ve been working on and have a few questions, mostly with regards to the responsiveness of the site:

1. the scrolling images on the top of the site aren’t scaling correctly, is there a way I can fix them? 2. The logo is going over the drop down nav bar when in responsive mode, how do I correct this? 3. I believe this may relate to point 2 but on some desktop screens the logo is moving over the menu and there also appears to be extra padding below the menu. Is the logo too big? 4. I’m unable to get the “Health and Wellness” filter to work in the portfolio but I can’t see anything wrong with it, any suggestions?

Thank you for the lovely theme and your time in answering my questions.

You’ve removed all the spacing by adding your own CSS, I can see you’ve styled h1.portfolio

You’ve got the image wrapped in p tags. You need to correctly use HTML.

I have not done either of those things.

All of the other portfolio’s are displaying correctly, and there is no difference in the text editor on this

I did not add p tags around the image you can see the code here

WordPress is auto adding them.

You’ll need to add your own HTML to style it how you want, this isn’t a theme issue.

Hello. There’s a problem in the Agenci Wordpress theme. All the social media icons are missing and also the image shown rolling over the portfoilo images. Instead of the original images a square is shown. Could you please let me know something a.s.a.p.? I’ll be waiting for your kind reply. Thank you.

The latest Chrome update changed the Unicode position on some font icons which we’re pushing updates for.

As a quick fix while we’re waiting for the updates to go live, you can download this .ZIP file, extract the contents, and upload / overwrite the originals in the theme.

Hello. Social media icons and portfolio rollover zoom seems not to work properly on Chrome. Images are missing or something…

The Chrome 44 update changed the Unicode position on some font icons which we’re pushing updates for.

As a quick fix while we’re waiting for the updates to go live, you can download this .ZIP file, extract the contents, and upload / overwrite the originals in the theme.

Hello. On your Agenci Wordpress theme, Social media icons and portfolio rollover zoom seems not to work properly on Chrome. Images are missing or something… Please let me know something a.s.a.p. Thx.

No worries!

Great! Everything seems to work fine now. Thank you. Hope the update will be available soon :-)

No worries! Once there is a new update, this will be rolled in!

Using the Video Thumbnails with groups/category nav on the Home page, instead of the default ‘white out’ of videos not in a particular group/category, is it possible to instead just have the # of video thumbnails displayed be reduced to just those in that group/category? I’m finding if you have a lot of videos and 7+ groups/categories then it’s starts to look a bit strange with all these ‘white out’ video thumbnails. Thx.

You’d need to heavily modify the theme to do so. You will need to change the CSS & JavaScript.

Hello. May I update your Agenci theme to WordPress 4.4.2 in confidence? Let me know. Thank you.

No worries.

Any issues, just email wp-login details to hello[AT]lovethemes[DOT]co and I’ll jump in and do a fix buddy.

Everything seems to work fine :-)

Cool. Let me know if you have any issues.