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Nice work bro, Good luck with sale. :O


Thanks man.

Great looking template. Do you have this as a non-Muse template? I don’t have Adobe Muse to edit this.


THNDRBOLT. Does the files include HTML as well? or just Muse files? I like how the site looks, I don’t want to use Muse though.


Muse exports html, css, and JavaScript files .. so it’s up to u how you want to replace the content :)


Great looking theme. Can it be used to create a website with word press?


Hi Shirle – Are you asking if this is a WordPress theme or if you can use our design to make your own WordPress theme?

- This is an Adobe Muse theme/template that requires Adobe Muse software in order to edit properly.

- No this theme is not available in WordPress, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to have a WP version available.

Hey… I just got this template. Other then trying to figure out how to get my .png logo into a svg file (Aiis new to me but I see your logo and can open the svg file and see the points and curves that make up the vector image.

ok now the reason for the post… I have a missing asset _assets/_I9X0055_original_original.jpg

It will not tell me anything but the prior location _assets folder and name and pixel size. I tried to create a jpg image in those dimensions but it just seems like it is not going to go away or stop throwing up an error. Asset is missing.


Thanks for purchasing our theme. The error that you are receiving is actually just a placeholder image that was not included in the sale, nothing to worry about.


Hey I got the desktop going. http://Studio923Photography.com/ So now just the tablet and phone versions. No way I can get rid of that file lol?


nice work :)

Honestly I’m having the same problem with one of our sites too.. I’d wait til Muse gets an update.

Great theme. I have a slight problem though…

I’m currently editing the tablet section of the theme and on the studio page the text in the menu bar is invisible, even though it it set to be the top layer. I can see the white text on the page then when i drag it up to be part of the menubar (header) it disappears under it.

Any help?

Thanks, Dylan.


Is this menu still on one of the Master Pages? If so that’s why.. other than that it could be a bug in Muse.. I have experienced some from my new update to Apple’s operating system ‘Mavericks’ OSX. Adobe prob. needs to release some more updates to their products.

Let me know what happens – thanks for purchasing.

I had the same thing as FAR while doing the tablet version. I just worked around it as you can see if you have a tablet.

But I finished my site. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

THNDR you should use this as a example site :)


Awesome template! Just purchased and I’m having problems working with it. As soon as I save the file (for the first time) it crashes on me. It’s also telling me that I’m missing 2 assets and thus replaces them with yellow boxes. I can’t seem to find the missing elements.

Am I doing something wrong?


We don’t include photographs / those are just placeholders.


I think the reason why it’s crashing is because I updated Muse to the latest version. Also, I was trying to save the file under a different name, but when I saved it as the original name you gave, it seems to work fine.

As far as the photos, I can see them in the Master page (thumbnail), but when I open it, it goes yellow. I was aware that you don’t offer the photos, but I was just confused as to why I can see them on the Master thumbnail but not on the page. But all clear now—thanks!


Hmm. I wonder why it displays on preview, that’s odd indeed.

Thanks for the purchase!

I like it Greg!



Hi! Great template! I have a special request! I don’t need for my project to fulfill all the space/room available on the template. So I had to delete the text boxes, image boxes, title and whatever. The result is now I have a lot of blank space useless and I need to cut it off! But I don’t have idea how to deal this problem. I even tried with the mastro page but without any result. Could you please let me know how can I make shorter some of the pages of my project? I can send to you in private the html version so you can see directly what I need! Thanks for your prompt answer!

Really beautiful, will be getting it soon.


Thanks, hope you do :)

Tamorin Purchased

Hi, really nice theme. I’ve just purchased it :)

I was just wondering, as this is for a personal portfolio. Is it hard to add a live twitter feed/Tumblr feed (from my own profile) into the ‘news’ section?


Yes you can do this quote easily by embedding via the “Insert HTML” feature in Muse

THNDRBOLT, good morning! I’ve purchased this theme and it’s awesome! I just wanna know how to change the name of the site links in the main system menu (for example: ‘contact me’ instead of ‘contact’). Thanks!


I purchased this theme before I installed Muse CC 2014. It worked fine before but now that I’ve updated it crashes when I try to save my work. I have several other themes and they work fine even with the new update. Any thoughts?

This .muse file contains minor corruption that requires repair by the product development team. THNDRBLT, if you send us your original AgencyVisual.muse file we’ll repair it and return it. Until that occurs, anyone that does a Save As of this file within Muse will receive an error message and crash.

If you are one of THUNDRBOLT’s customers and have a Muse site file that started from the AgencyVisual.muse template, you’ll want to send us your .muse file for repair.

You can send the files to muse-support@adobe.com. Be sure to mention the file was based on the AgencyVisual template. If the file is larger than 20Mb, you’ll want to send if using a service such as Dropbox, Adobe SendNow, WeTransfer, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience. – Zak

Zak Williamson Principal Scientist Adobe Muse


I just sent an email to muse-support@adobe.com to have my agency visual file fixed but I got an auto reply that says all technical questions should be posted to the forum. Will you still get it?

Also, just out of curiosity, why not just fix the file and replace the one people are buying now? I ask because I just downloaded the template again and I’m having the same problem as before-muse crashes on save? Could I have a bigger problem than what other people are having?

If you can’t fix it, can I get a credit for another one of your muse templates. I love your work!