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Hi, I cannot find the sample xml file, so I tried to download it from the link in the readme, and it gives me a 404 error.


Hey- good that you made up your mind to purchase the theme.

You can go through the installation section of our documentation to know more about how to use the inline page links.

Regarding team view – we cannot provide customization help as part of support. You can consider hiring someone at Envato Studio for your customization needs.


Hi, I am having trouble setting the email for the contact form that the customer’s email will be sent to when they submit the form. I changed it in theme options to the one I want but emails are being sent to my Wordpress account email.


Can you pls change the mail_to parameter of the contact_form shortcode to the recipient email? Pls refer to documentation for more details on this parameter.

Hello, I just downloaded agile to build a website for starting my business but I am totally ignorant to building websites even with the tools that are provided from envato like the “Agile – Multi-Purpose App Showcase WordPress Theme” that I have downloaded. Where are the general step by step instructions to assist me move along, please and thanks…


Sorry, we don’t have any “agile-video-export.zip” file. But if you are referring to the revolution slider sample zip files, then you can find them in “Revolution-slider-instructions” folder with the revolution slider documentation inside. You just have to import the “agile-main-slider-export.zip” and the “kenburns-agile.zip” files.


OK thanks, also how can I remove the shopping cart symbol from the menu or from the top of the page? please thanks.


You can just disable the woocommerce plugin for the same.

avaro Purchased

I just downloaded your presentation. But I can’t find example, that I saw in your live preview. Is it possible to download file with example site?


Pls have a look at the readme.txt file which has the details on replicating the demo site. Thanks for your purchase.


Also pls go through once the installation section of the help documentation (very first section). Thanks

Hey guys! Here I am again… How can I set up a second recipient email to the agile contact form? Does the theme option allow 2 emails separated by comma?


The comma separated list of recipients should work although I haven’t tested it. You can also try using Contact Form 7 plugin if you need more flexibility. The theme comes with a sample Contact 7 form which functions and looks like the native theme Contact Form. Thanks

What are the main differences between this theme and the appdev theme? they seem quite similar


The Agile theme is more feature rich, muli-purpose and can be used for sites which are not showcasing app. Agile has been used in variety of domains. Appdev is a little more focused in its form and function. Thanks for your purchase.

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Hi There,

Nice Theme!

On the home page “BRANDING SERVICES” section, there are shortcode icons next to the headings “TIMELESS DESIGN” etc….

I want to add in my own icons from the media library next to the headings.

How can i do that?

Regards webguy23


Best way would be to actually copy the HTML generated and replace the icons with the images. Should work without issues. This way you avoid modifying the related PHP file for the shortcode.

Hi there,

I am having trouble duplicating the branded services section of the agile theme.

How can I easily do this?


The required code comes with sample data and you just have load the same to recreate it and then modify as per your needs. Did you have a problem other than finding the required code?


Where would I find this code?

Other than that I do not have any questions. Thanks.


You can open the sample data xml file and just search for the same. Pls send me an email at livemesh.themes@gmail.com and I can provide you the same as well if you still have trouble. Thanks

I know I’m likely making this much harder than it actually is, but how do I add a margin to the right and left sides with the full width template?

Thank you in advance!


Yea, but it leaves the border around it and the text still runs into the border. There is no margin space it seems.


Can you try this -

#container { 
margin: 0 auto;
max-width: 98%;
#main { 
overflow-x: hidden; 

That’ll work! I really appreciate your quick and helpful assistance. Love the theme by the way :)

Hi, I bought this theme, and i’m very happy. It’s a very good themes.One question please, How I can modify the text in the member-slider2 ?

Thanks Best regards.


Glad you like our theme. You can either use translation files in the languages directory to rename the strings (using en_US.po) or edit the file framework/shortcodes/team-shortcodes.php file.


Thanks for all !! It was so easy =) !!

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I just downloaded the latest 3.0 theme! Very nice! Do you have a list of all the changes?


Glad you like it. Here are the changes -

Change Log for Agile 3.0

Added – Visual Composer Page builder support based on Bootstrap 3 grid.
Added – All four Home Pages built with Visual Composer page builder components, importable via sample data provided.
Added – 50 new Visual Composer page builder elements exclusive to Agile Theme, each one with numerous parameters for customization via easy-to-use GUIs.
Added – 8 new Visual Composer page builder templates for fast track development.
Added – Visual Composer and Templatera premium plugins bundled with the theme.
Added – New flat style look for the Theme Options panel.
Added – The slider options moved to Page Edit window for much easier creation of multiple single page style home pages. The Home Page slider widget area deprecated.
Added – Responsive carousel support for posts, portfolio and gallery items using Owl Carousel.
Added – Two new testimonials slider shortcodes.
Added – The team shortcode now can take team_member_ids attribute for filtering.
Fixed – Waypoints script error with Visual Composer
Fixed – Not all portfolio entries listed in sitemap page
Fixed – Testimonial slider error on slide animation.

chazzzzy Purchased

Wow, that’s fantastic! Do you recommend that I download the sample data again (my site is already up and running) or is there a way to fownload just the new sample data that you mention above?


I would suggest you load the sample data into a temp/dev installation and export just the pages you need into the main site. You would need to replace the theme entirely and then load just the 4 home pages and VC templates. Posts, portfolio etc. should remain the same.

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I liked your script but I have a problem.

I have to use UTF-8 and extended latin characters but I think your script does not support them, some special characters are being displayed wrongly.

How can we fix this?

Note: Everything is already set to utf-8 in the server.

Thank you


You can go to https://www.google.com/fonts and get the required script for the font you are going to use with support for special characters and then paste the same into Custom CSS tab in theme options to have the special characters rendered right. Hope this helps.

Hello, i buyed this theme from my client’s themeforest account, i’m in a hurry and i’m not able to get in contact with him to get the purchase code.

I almost finished the web site, an home page with multiple section builded via Visual Composer, ad a couple other pages. The issue is: If i am on the homepage, i’m abel to navigate trough homepage’s section via menu. If i go to the other pages, i’m not able to return to home page section.

All home page section links are properly working copying and pasting the link, or opening in a new tab.

Same issue of this guy, but i don’t understand the workaround: http://portfoliotheme.org/support/forums/topic/main-menu-links-not-working-on-composite-page/

Thank you!


Sorry we will need the purchase details to help you with this.

Hi, I’m interested in buying, but I have a few questions. I want to publish this template as an app in the google play store and the iOS store. After that happens. My client would be able to update the template via wordpress?


Thanks for your interest. The license terms won’t allow you to publish this theme elsewhere for others to download/buy. And I am not sure, technically speaking, how you can publish this as an app.