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davienr Purchased

Hi, I am just wondering if there is a way to change the colour of the theme (from orange to blue)?


meteorite Author Team

In Themeoptions > General tab you can specify custom Color for the skin.


davienr Purchased



I have a problem with admin-ajax.php.

Suddenly, I cannot edit blocks with visual editor. I mean, when I edit a page and I want for example to edit a Text block, it loads forever without open.

If I deactivate theme and return to a default such as TwentyFiftheen, everuthing works ok.

Any suggestions?

I have the latest version of the theme, WP 4.3., and the latest versions of WPML.

Thank you!

Can you pls open a private thread in the support forum and provide us a temp login to the site so that we can take a closer look? Have not come across this before.


I had tried everything before posting you that comment. Eventually, I solved today. It needs more memory than the one I had allocated. For the moment, everything works.

Thank you

Glad this works for now. Thanks for letting us know.

When will you be releasing the next theme update? The Revolution Slider plugin is outdated. There are tools on the latest version that I’d like to take advantage of.

You can always request for an update by sending us an email via our profile page – We will send you the required zip file for updating your installation.

We hope to have an update done by end of this week.

I have created different Galleries and would like to exclude some Galleries from being displayed. To exclude, I would like to use Gallery Categories, but when I create a new page (Gallery Page Template) I do not know where/how to exclude or include those that I want to display. any help is appreciated


meteorite Author Team

With taxonomy and terms specified in post snippets shortcode you will be able to filter specific category from a group of categories. eg:
[show_post_snippets post_type="gallery_item" terms="design,cover" taxonomy="gallery_category"]
In this case no need to select template as Gallery page template.

Pls go through post snippets shortcode in themedocumentation.


AMGill Purchased

Is it possible to disable the lightbox on portfolio items? I like the title hover but dont need the lightbox – would like them just to click and go to Project details. Thanks.


meteorite Author Team

Pls add the below custom CSS in themeoptions -
.portfolio.type-portfolio span.image-info-buttons {
    display: none;

AMGill Purchased

That worked. Thanks so much. LOVE this theme.


enensa Purchased

Greetings, I’m having trouble changing the color of animated numbers. I am trying to make them blue using: .animate-numbers .stats .number { color: #3980bf; } on site:


enensa Purchased

Question of the year – Where can I find a list of all such references to elements, so that I don’t have to ask one at a time? I’d like to custom a few other elements and they don’t all appear in the short-codes list in the documentation..


enensa Purchased

Also what is the proper format for applying an extra class name and referring to it in the Custom CSS area?


meteorite Author Team

Could you please post all the queries to the support forum –

Trying to open a topic on support forum and keep failing… No success message, no “topics started” in my profile.. Any other way to reach support?

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Pls send us an email via our profile page contact form – with the details on your registered user id for the forum and we will enable the required permissions. Perhaps something went wrong during the registration.

Thanks, will do!

Hello, Can you send me origin header.php for AgileWP ? Mine not work and i have no save … Thank you

Where i can find “Title Background” in header.php please give me syntaxe

Have you purchased the item? Can you pls email me the purchase code via my profile page contact form –

Is their a features short-code? With images not icons.

Thanks for your interest. There is no features shortcode as such. You will need to use existing examples that user icons to create your own. Should be trivial, IMO.


suomi Purchased


is it possible to have the last version for Revolution Slider. vs 5.1. Thank you

Do send us an email via our profile page – and we will send you the update. Thanks.

Hello. I’m trying to add cell borders to individual tables but I can’t seem to get the table to refer to the custom CSS I added to the Custom CSS section of the Them Options. Is there another way I can do this?

You can try editing the file custom/custom.css and see if that helps. Also pls check if there are any CSS errors in your custom CSS.

hi, The themes is very slow to load in browser , I am not sure the reasons,,,, Please assist….

I am loading the site in my browser and see no speed issues. It is at least as good as the demo site itself. What makes you think your site has speed issues? Can you check the site in another connection and browser just to make sure nothing else is causing this. Also, pls disable all plugins and see if that helps too.

Hi dear.. I can not import sample data… Could you send me sample.xml?


Pls send us an email via profile page contact form – and we will email you the same. Thanks for your purchase.

Hi I’ve been trying to login to the support forum but without success. It says it has emailed me the password but I have not received anything yet. All I want is to change the primary menu font to non-italic and in the post to disable author and category. Please advise.

Pls send us an email via profile page contact form – with your user id and email used to register with the forum and I will email you the password and other details. Thanks for your purchase.

hi, I could not able to change the date format to ’’ 25th December 2015’’, I already change from settings, but still unchanged, my site is

Appreciate if you can post this to the forum.

Response times are faster on the forum and you have features like private topics/messages which help us stay productive. Do let me know if you have trouble posting there. Thanks!

my Purchase code is already registered there and I cant access that account

Can you tell us the user id you want to use and also the email id you want to register with? You can send us an email with the details here -

and we will create an account in the support forum.

Latest update doesn’t include the most recent visual composer?

It does include the latest plugins – pls check in theme folder/framework/plugins folder.

WPBakery Visual Composer Settings | Deactivate | Edit Drag and drop page builder for WordPress. Take full control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required.

“Version 4.9.1 | By Michael M – | View details There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer available. View version 4.9.2 details. Download new version from CodeCanyon.”

I think the 4.9.2 update was released yesterday and we have included 4.9.1 version. Pls email us via our profile page contact form – if you need 4.9.2 version.

The “Portfolio Entry – Re-Order” function isn’t working, is there something else I need to check?

How dio I do that?

You need to modify the child theme functions.php file and add copy the function mo_get_filterable_portfolio_content() from the portfolio-functions.php file to the functions.php file of the child theme. Copy the whole PHP function from this file so that there are no issues and then make the change I suggested.

I’ll try that, thank you

Can I put videos in the gallery?

Not right now. You will need to use a plugin like the Essential Grid to achieve the same. Thanks for your interest.

I purchased this theme a while ago. It’s not working properly with the latest version of Wordpress – to the point where the admin panel was not even accessible – it gave me a 500 error when trying to access the wp-admin page.

Now, I can’t toggle between the visual and text tabs, I can’t add theme shortcode.

But, the theme doesn’t show under my Themeforest downloads anymore. I click on the emails (latest one sent 13th Jan 2016) to download update – but it doesn’t show I’ve purchased the theme on my themeforest downloads page.


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. You probably have an outdated version of the theme loaded on the site since we have not had anyone report compatibility issues so far with the latest version of WordPress for Agile. And our demo site is running on latest version of WordPress.

If you send us an email via profile page contact form – with the purchase code I can send across the update to you. I would still recommend you open a support ticket with Envato to resolve this and ask them to reinstate access to downloads of Agile theme. Pls send them purchase details and they will be able to help surely.


joguerra Purchased

I really like the home page as they are, but I want to do two things. One is to add blog posts to the home page. The other is to use the home page elements but not have it be a one page theme. Is that possible or would I have to use Visual Composer to build the home page with the existing elements.

Blog posts can be added to the home page using the [show_post_snippets] shortcode and there are examples of this already in existing home pages. Pls see documentation on how to use this shortcode.

You are not restricted to using Agile as one page theme. Although the pages are named as Home 1, Home 2 etc., nothing stops you from using them as regular pages. Try to experiment a little with page sections if you do not want to use VC and also try out existing page templates. The documentation has information on various page templates and page sections bundled with the theme. Do let me know if you need further help on this.