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Is there a PSD of this theme available with purchase?

Thanks for your interest. The theme does not come bundled with the PSD but we can provide the one we have used during theme development. The PSD can vary a little bit from the demo pages since some elements have evolved after multiple updates.

Pls email us post purchase via our profile page contact form and we will send across the same to you.

Hello, I would like to know if your theme in RTL ready.

Thank you, Yair

Thanks for your interest. You will need to customize the theme to make it RTL ready.

Hi, My website is missing Visual Composer Setting option in the Back End. How do i bring it back?

Does deactivating the theme return the visual composer settings? Can you switch to default twenty fifteen theme and see if the visual composer settings return back?

VC setting on Dashboard not there and activated twenty fifteen still the same.

Do you have a VC license? If so, you can contact the author for the same since this does not look like a theme related issue. I have never heard of anyone having this issue so far. Looks like this is more of a server setup issue and probably VC support would know why this would happen.

How do I change the Sidebar Size?

You can try the below custom CSS in themeoptions -
.sidebar-right-nav.threecol.last {
    width: 20%;

Many thanks, I am using Boxed Layout, and 300 px ads on sidebar, but 20% is too small and ifI used 27% its ok but it breaks the layouts.

Please see

Pls open a thread in the support forum –, provide a few details like which page, sidebar (left sidebar or right sidebar) etc. and we will try to help you out. Thanks.

This theme does not work together with the plugin WC Fields Factory.

I’ve used the content type “Product Page” in the Visual Composer for a product that has extra fields created with the WC Fields Factory.

When I go to the corresponding page and add the product to the shopping basket, I’m seeing a 404 error page. (However, the product is correctly added to the shopping basket.)

You can (currently) see this error here:

Can you check with the author of the plugin once to see if they are aware of the issue? They may be able to tell you more quickly why this is happening than us, specially if this is happening with other themes too. Thanks

My discussion with the developer of the theme is here:

Will you repair the bug if we buy another half year of support for the Agile theme?

Pls give us couple of days time to check on this and get back to you. Thanks.

Hey, your theme looks great, but I have got a question concerning the navigation bar: Are there different navigation bar layouts available or “just” the one which is shown in the demo?

Thanks for your interest. The navigation bar layout that you see in the demo is what we have.

The update from Agile 3.6 to 4 broke the flex slider. Before the update the flex slider used images cropped to 1920×600, after the update it used the original images. Thus the slider became much higher.

We had to do this to fix HTTPS issue – the image resizer we used for doing this would break in secure sites. Many sites, if not all, are moving to HTTPS and hence this change was really required.

Pls crop the image manually in a tool like photoshop or any image editor including the one in media library and you should obtain the same results as before.

Youtube suddenly isn’t working. Is there a fix? also i got an email there is an update, how do i update it without losing all my work?


meteorite Author Team

Yes pls update the theme. Use the same procedure as when you installed the theme for the first time. Everything you did on your Dashboard won’t get overwriten, the files you’ve modified, however, will be replaced with the new files. I recommend that you save them in separate folders so you’ll have them at hand to reapply the changes.

I use this handy plugin for auto updates of all plugins and themes –

It makes a backup of the existing plugin/theme as well in the media folder so you can always revert back or refer to the earlier version. If you made any changes to the source files (instead of child theme), you will need to redo them of course no matter what method you use for updating.

I really like the this theme and i want to buy it , i am using go daddy as hosting environment, i read online that there is conflict with visual composer when the theme is hosted on go daddy. is this is true, do i have your confirmation that it will work fine . thank you

Thanks for your interest. I have not been told about this issue and hence cannot comment. If this issue is not limited to our theme, can you pls check with author of VC if he is aware of this?

Of course, this theme also ships with support for popular SiteOrigin page builder – which I prefer over VC. If do not plan to use any of the premium addons for VC, I strongly recommend SiteOrigin page builder instead of VC.


zapko Purchased

Hi Livemesh, since i have updeted Agile from 3 to version 4, VC does not work and page builder do not assume the adjustment( Layout) i have before. So i can not see – if i go for example in the editor of a page- the text or photos i have placed in. Do you have any approach?

Hope you got the notification for an update released about 12 hours ago for the theme which has the latest version of VC and Rev slider.

The updated files are located in <theme folder>/framework/plugins folder. Pls do update from the same, do a hard refresh and let me know if you still face issues.


zapko Purchased

Hi LiveMesh, i have installed Agile 4.1. Now the website works well but if i go to the pages i can not see something in VC. Do you have any idea what i can do? ( What do you mean with hard refresh?)

You need to update to the latest version of VC as well since older versions of VC have compatibility issues with WP 4.5.

Hard refresh implies you need to explicitly hit the reload button on your browser (Ctrl + R or Cmd + R shortcut), just reopening the page will not do.

Hi, my skills bar on page is not showing properly. What can be wrong ?

Yes from ‘Downloads’ in the dropdown provided in your account. Thanks

ok, my support has expired for this theme. Does it mean that if I download the last theme version it will be 4.1 anyway or older versions before my support has expired ?

It will always be latest version. The theme updates are for lifetime.

Hi, I have problems with headings, it don’t shows. How can i fix it? VC is not active, I need to buy it, or ?

Have you updated to the latest version of Agile and VC? You can download the latest version of Agile and then the current version of VC should be located in framework/plugins/ folder. You need to update both to get it working right with WP 4.5.

When I buy theme, I download 4.1 version of theme, wordpress version is 4.5… But demo data which I download it’s for some older version of agile theme. Could I got demo data for theme version 4.1 ? I have a problem with portfolio you can see web site ( ). How I can fix it ? Have I install plug-in for login or ?

Pls open a support request in our form – and we will be happy to help you out there. Thanks.

Hi,on my mobile phone, I-phone 5, the demo site live preview is not shown responsively but I see full pages adjusted to screen shows, so very small font. Is that a problem with responsive function of the template? If I watch demo site live preview on my laptop and decrease browser size it does react properly.

Pls open a support thread in the forum and we will take a look. Thanks.