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The Wordpress template has hyperlinks that aren’t obvious. So users don’t see them. Clicking on the featured image shows a larger version of the image. Clicking on the title to the right – which is the “link” – works but shows in dark grey and therefore seems a bit obscure.

How can one change the way links are displayed (i.e. change the color)?

Is there a way to change the titles so they change colors when the cursor hovers over them or is otherwise obvious as a link?

Hi Harriet,

There isn’t a setting for that, but you could always change whatever colors you like with custom CSS :)



when a new update???

Hi RequiemX,

Please visit the Support Forum and you can download the latest beta. If you have any questions or need assistance, please be sure to post them in the Support Forum



I highly recommend this author. I have used this theme for years. It is regularly updated and stable. It is easy to customize and looks great on mobile devices. I had a problem once and Chris responded fast and 1 line of code later and my problem was solved. Buy this theme. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks very much for your kind words, Dave! Great to hear you’re enjoying the theme :)

Hi, I am interesting to buy this theme but I would like to ask something before to buy it.

1) Can I sort items in portfolio by custom sorting? 2) Can I have an item which it belongs in 2 categories? 3) Can I remove the “Show ALL in Portfolio tags” in FILTERABLE PORTFOLIO page? No the name but the whole button.

Thank you!

Hi kleitos40,

1. Yes, you can set up a portfolio with a manual sort order

2. Yes, you can assign multiple terms to the same post

3. Not without a template edit, though I suppose you could hide it with CSS.

Hope that helps :)

I want to buy this theme, but I’m worried about WP compatibility issues since it hasn’t been updated in a while. Please confirm the theme works in WP4.2+, or let me know what limitations there are. Thanks.

So would it make sense for me to get started with the current version and upgrade, or shall I wait for the latest update first?

Never mind. I see the new version is out! Question solved, AS LONG AS THE PORTFOLIO SORTING FEATURE STILL WORKS BASICALLY THE SAME?

Hi Randy,

Yes, the portfolio filtering still works as shown here: :)

Hi pascalvenier,

Of course the theme works. You are trying to install the entire package, rather than the theme zip itself. Please see this article:

If you have any further questions, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – thanks

Does your theme support woocommerce?

Hi tibetanitech,

No, there isn’t any out of the box WooCommerce support, sorry.




i2c2k Purchased

Hello! I bought your theme and I’m very happy with it, good work! One question: How can I disable the colored bars and its animation below the menu items? Thanks!

Hi i2c2k,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the theme! If you’re referring to the bars above the menu items, you can just disable the border like this:

nav#main-nav > ul > li > a{ border-top:none; }

If you have any further questions, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – thanks!


i2c2k Purchased

Thank you, that worked out very well :-)


i2c2k Purchased

Hi, I’ve already purchased your theme and I’m very happy with it –┬ánice work! But I have just one question: Is it possible to add a two-column grid next to a sidebar? I tried it with a custom BrickLayer but it tells me that the grid takes 16 columns and no less. I would be very happy if that would work somehow in some other way. Thanks!