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Congrats,it is live, love it. Have a many,many sales :)

Thanks, Anariel! It’s been in the works a long time, I’ve very pleased to finally release it :)

cookies xD will sell very well , good luck with that! :)

Thanks, IulianN! :)

Oh wait, the other one was HTML ? Jesus..

Thanks, designesia!

Great, amazing work Chris. I am sure this will sale lots.

Thanks so much for your kind words!

This is really great, Chris!

Thanks, Jami! And congrats on your blue steel! :)

wauuuww awesome theme !!! One question : Can we use a 3d slider in this theme ? Like :

ohhh, and sorry that i have to ask this…The picures…will they resize automatically ? like in a blog single post or do i have to doe that manually ?.. Because this happend in a previous theme that i bought :/

Many Many Thanks !

Hi Dominic,

Thanks, really glad you like it! :)

You could customize the theme to add a 3D slider (either via a plugin, or through child theme customizations) – but keep in mind you wouldn’t be managing it through the Agility interface any longer. One issue you’ll have with a Flash slider is that it won’t be responsive – so it could possibly break the layout, or just look bad at smaller sizes.

Regarding the images, Agility allows you to set a preferred Aspect Ratio – then for each post/portfolio/slider you can choose whether to automatically crop to that size or not (you can set your preferred cropping default as well so you don’t have to set it on every post).

Hope that helps!


Clean responsive, nice :) Good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot, OTWthemes! :)

Great work. :) Good luck.

Thanks, you too! ;)

As an existing UberMenu customer, I’ve been waiting on this theme! I imagine they’re perfect when you have both and pair them together? Much better than I expected!

Can we also expect the “Brick Layer” portion to later be introduced as a CC plugin product perhaps? I’d understand if you didn’t want to though.

Regardless, seriously awesome job! Good luck with sales! :-)

Thanks so much, electronicpakrat! It’s taken me a while to hone Agility just so, but I hope it’s worth the wait :)

UberMenu integrates nicely with Agility, the only trick to remember is to disable the “Expand Full Width” option in the UberMenu Control Panel in order to appropriately position the menu. Here are some examples of the default integration settings with Agility + UberMenu: Full Width Vanilla Bar, Mobile Vanilla Bar, Full-width Black & White 2.0

I’m still considering whether or not to design and release an Agility-specific skin for UberMenu.

I’m not sure that BrickLayer is generic enough to work as a plugin – with all the different theme frameworks out there, it’s hard to have a plugin like that be both powerful and fully compatible. And there are already several on the market that do an admirable job. It’s certainly something to think about though :)

Thanks again, and I appreciate your business!


Thanks for the quick reply Chris ! :) That helps a lot :)

You’re welcome! Glad it helped :)


Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. Congrats!


Thanks, Zahid! :)

Very nice work… actively looking for several themes, today… and almost pushed the buy button… but:

Mobile browsing experience still needs some work… and, the tiny navigation words, images (ex. “x” on the drop-down menu), and locations are frustrating to use.

1. The menu system does not use the built in iPhone scrolling wheel for page selection – instead, a tiny drop-down menu is activated where we have to continue drilling down to the desired page location…
as well, the second level drop-down can only be minimized by touching a very tiny “x” on the right side of the screen… that’s too frustrating to be practical.

2. The second level drop-down does not function well – or at all – on an android…and, all together the very tiny fonts/menu words are not spaced well and I had a very hard time navigating the menu… solution is to take advantage of the built-in menu/navigation native to mobile phones.

3. What’s up with the Contact form page and the warnings? Are you not including a working Contact page?

4. Without a built-in “back-to-top” image, button, or link text the mobile page finger scrolling will drive people to simple use their “back” button and abandon the site/page, altogether… it’s a must.

I have definitely bookmarked!, for later.

Thank you for your fast reply.

1. Exactly! ... that’s what I’m talking about… good news.
2. no issues now… as this is solved with the plugin you provide, too.
3. got it… you’ve styled for Contact Form 7 plugin’s use.
4. again, thank you! ... it just keeps getting better :)

Well… I’m off to BUY it now!

Excellent, thanks for your business! If you have any questions, feel free to pop over to the support forum and let me know! :)



Hi Mitch,

Just wanted to let you know that version 1.1 was just approved, with a variety of feature enhancements, including a Back-to-top button.

Thanks again for your purchase, and enjoy! :)


Nice, clear theme. i feel lightness of it. its not about the design. It just feel good about it. thinning to purchase it.

Thanks so much, cosmic, glad you like it! :)

I like this theme very much but can you answer these questions to help me make a decision:

1) Using the BrickLayer function (or something else perhaps) is it possible to just have one slider on every page, including the home page (ie. nothing on the home page or other pages but a slider of images)?

2) Are images added to the the portfolios/sliders via, say, a featured image in a post tied to a specific category? (ie. images in a slider are gathered from multiple posts each with one image published on it)?

3) does the slider auto scroll?

thank you very much

There is an area for creating a slideshow out of slides, just like with portfolio items. Then it produces a shortcode for you with an ID, so you just paste

[slider id=”12”]

into your Page.

Here’s the video on Creating a Slider, which should make things a lot clearer :)



You’re welcome :)

Hey there ! Nice Theme.

Is there a possibility to change the english language in the Layout or even the Admin Panel ?

Thank you!


thank you for the answer.

So were do i have to change the english parts/words seen on the homepage?

And a second question:

If you release awesome updates, how do i install it without destroying my “settings/layout” is there a backup function built in?

Hi JW-Photo,

All of the text on the home page can be controlled through the admin panel. There is very little text on the front end that would need to be translated at all, since most of it is configurable rather than part of the theme.

The settings are stored in the database, so when you overwrite the theme, it won’t affect settings. When you customize a theme, you should never edit any theme core files. There are several ways you can customize Agility without worrying about update issues, and they are explained here: How to Customize Agility

Hope that helps! :)


Hi JW-Photo,

I wanted to let you know that Agility 1.1 has now been released, and it is now Translation ready! It’s fully internationalized and includes a .pot file.

Hope it helps you out! :)


Hi, Can the flex slider be full width ?

Hi luxubux,

The slider will expand to the width of its container. The widest container is 940px. If you wanted it to be wider than 940px, you’d need to make a customization to include a full-width container.

Hope that helps :)


Yay, it finally arrived. Great, as usual :D

If you add language support, I’ll buy it. :)

Good luck with sales!

You had me at “Hello”... :)

You had me at “Hello”... :)

Nice theme. Love the secret stash. I agree with you. Nice work.

Thanks very much! ;)

Beautiful design! Some themes have some in-build Search Engine Optimization. How does this theme handle that?

Hi rogierch,

Agility’s markup is built with HTML5 best practices regarding header tags and semantic markup, to make it easy for search engine spiders to properly index the site. For advanced SEO settings like meta descriptions, etc, Agility is built to work with the excellent WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for complete SEO control.

Hope that helps! :)


Yes that helps! Thanks :)

You’re welcome :)