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This author will respond to buyers' questions and provides limited support through their own support system.

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I want your experience with SevenSpark products to be awesome, which is why I’ve created extensive resources like support guides, video tutorials, troubleshooters, and more! When you can’t find the answer in the provided resources, that’s where the Support Center comes in – with the understanding that customers are responsible for reviewing the support resources in an effort to find the answer prior to requesting one-on-one-support, and that customizations and features beyond the advertised feature set are your sole responsibility.

Please note that to receive support you must Submit a Ticket. All requests through other channels (item comments, contact form Facebook, Twitter) will be referred to the support center.

What is supported?

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding your item and its features
  • Basic assistance with integration when necessary
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues

Product support does not include:

  • Customizations
  • Issues caused by your customizations
  • Issues caused by other themes/plugins, where the other product has not followed WordPress standards
  • Non-product-specific WordPress/PHP/HTML/JavaScript usage questions

Please review the Full Support Terms. Please understand that support is a privilege, not a right. While I do my best to answer all support inquiries (and it is extremely rare that a question cannot be resolved), support is not guaranteed. Support is only offered to those who abide by the Support Terms.