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Hi mrpapadopoulos, sorry, I’m kind lost with this comment. May you be more specific please


I intended to post this as a reply to my previous question. Just ignore it and see the previous posts.

:) Got it

Hi, Agora is a really nice and flexible template. But we have a problem with the full-screen gallery. If we add more than 7 photos then the gallery is messed up. One thumbnail displays in almost screen size and covers the main photo. Is there a way to fix that? Browser: Firefox 28

Hi capriccio,

May you send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)

Looking forward to help you


Hello Vlentin and friends,

I purchased AGORA template and I want to know where can I change the field labels of the Contact Form, as well as the label of the SEND button.

Thank you

And another thing… if I may… How can someone delete the COLLECTIONS | Grid Gallery title on top of the grid gallery? Also where to change the dimensions of the popup image from the grid?

HiGallileus, please edit the language file: language\en-GB\en-GB.tpl_vg_agora.ini or apply a language override from Extensions >> Language manager >> Overrides

The title you mention is inside the language file too, on line:23

That shoulk work

Let us know if we can help you in something else


Is it possible to edit theme completely without the knowledge of joomla. But I know html, css and php

Hi kpkurankar, I’m not sure what do you mean?

To manage a Joomla template, you need to know how manage Joomla, at least the basic. We include a basic guide to manage the template, but worth checking Joomla documentation and tutorials to have better understood.

Hopes this helps


Hi htmgarcia very nice template


1- How do I play with the transparency of the black horizontal frame behind the text in the about us/company page or about us/team page or example? right now it appears very dark and I would like to have more transparency.

2- Also is it possible to change the color of this frame from black to let’s say white?

thanks or your prompt answer! :)

Hi lolycatz,

1. You can add Custom CSS in Extensions >> Template manager >> Your template >> Custom CSS and play with properties.
we suggest try Firebug addon in Firefox to check which CSS to edit

2. Same suggestion from 1.

Let us know if this was helpful, regards

is the template for joomla 3 available?

Hi rawdaw2010,

Only Joomla 2.5 is supported as we state in the item details page.

Let us know if we can be of any help, regards

Hi, this template is great. Do you know if it is compatible with Falang for multilingual content? Thank you.

Hi capriccio,

Yes, the template works with multi language as anothers regular templates. I recommend Easy Language plugin for an easier management as alternative.


Hi, thanks for the reply but my question was if it is compatible with the Joomla extension “Falang” for multilingual content.

I see. Did’t tested actually.

I think should work since Agora is a native Joomla template.


Hi, I would like to add a photo gallery to the “Shops” detail page. Do you know if any gallery extension would be compatible?

I already tried to use “Simple Image Gallery” by JoomlaWorks which displays fine but causes 2 problems:

1) Main Menu on Desktop size viewport does not display the 2nd level 2) Main Menu when viewport is minimized (tablet & less) does not display at all!

Ok, once you install in a live server let us.

Any gallery that loads javascript and CSS in a good way should work.

From this list check the one that match your needs and test if works as you expected:

Looking forwarf to help you


Hi, I will check the galleries. In the meantime, I have sent you an e-mail regarding the live version which is now running. Haven’t you received this e-mail? (Date: Friday, Dec. 19(

Just replied. Check your email, please.

Happy holidays!