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any word on the woo commerce update. Not a fan of the layout

Thank you for contacting.

The latest theme version available includes update for WooCommerce, that should change some elements’ displaying. Just please note, that before update there’s a need to delete previous woocommerce folder in wp-content/themes/agriculture completely. You can always contact our support team for personal assistance – submit a request here.

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Hi! Do you have a description of plug-ins for this topic? Because it is attractive in Live Preview!

Thank you for having interest in our product!

As to the plugins included to the theme package – they are Contact Form Builder created by CMSMasters team, Revolution and Layer sliders, Woocommerce plugin. They are described on a product page, please click to proceed.

Please feel free to ask any further questions, I’m happy to answer them!


You really should consider adding wide layout feature in the upcoming updates!

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As to your suggestion – thank you, we’ll take it into consideration, though no such update is planned at the moment.

Thank you!

Thanks for your quick reply!

I have a quick question, is it possible to make the current boxed layout a little bit wider, I don’t want to fully remove the boxed layout , I just would like to narrow the spaces from the left and right sides?

Thank you for getting back!

The theme grid isn’t supposed to be changed in a such way, significant coding modifications are required to achieve described result. Appreciate your understanding.



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hello I used Agriculture theme for my website. At home page of your sample ( http://agriculture.cmsmasters.net/ ) , I don’t know how to create block of 4 products below text block as you did. Please show me how to do that. Thanks

Thanks for asking!

To add 4 products we used the following code:
[featured_products per_page="4" columns="4" orderby="date" order="desc"]
inserted to the editor’s text tab so products are displayed right below Top Sidebar.


How can i change the copywrite information in the footer please? thanks mark

ignore that, i found it :-)

Thanks for contacting and getting back to us!

Please feel free to contact us any time any assistance is required.

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do you have a html version of this theme?

Thanks for your interest!

We don’t have HTML version of Agriculture theme and aren’t planning to release it in the nearest future. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi again, Is there a way to set a left margin on every page, related products is always missing half an “r” and i can’t work out why it’s every single page. thanks in advance. mark

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Are you currently running the latest theme version – 1.6.0? If not, we’d kindly advise you to update Agriculture theme on your end. Just download the newest archive from Themeforest, find there README in Update folder and follow the instructions carefully. You’ll need to replace several of the existing files with the new ones from Update folder. It is also highly important that you backup all your previous files before substituting them to avoid possible issues with your data. If you experience any troubles with the update or the problem still persists with 1.6.0 version, please contact us directly via a support ticket - please submit it here.

Thank you!

I have updated all files as suggested with no change. I have submitted a support ticket. Many thanks

Thank you! We received your ticket #14305, the reply to it will be sent as soon as possible.

All the best!

Using cmsmasters change background image facility has worked all throughout my site. Except, the shop page, which refuses to change from the default BG. Any ideas on how to remedy this? Thanks mark

Cancel that, found the change was applied when done in general settings :-)

Thanks for asking and getting back!

You’re absolutely right, background added in Theme Settings – Appearance – Background will appear on shop page.


Hello dear,

I need to know, how to make product-category page in shop page. I have two category in shop but I couldnt see in website,

thank you..

Thanks for contacting our team!

Shop, Cart and Checkout pages are the pages created by WooCommerce plugin, there is no need to add these pages manually, just please find the following notice in the dashboard and click on it. All the required pages will be created. In case you’ve skipped the notice earlier, please make sure you’ve added the following codes to make the Checkout and Cart pages work: [woocommerce_cart]

Then proceed to the WooCommerce settings and select Shop as the Product Archive/Shop Page and appropriate pages as Checkout and Cart pages.

After all mentioned actions are implemented, products (they just need to be already added) should be displayed properly. In such variant, when you have a certain Shop page in the list of pages, you can vary the its overall view by using WooCommerce shortcodes. As you mentioned categories displaying, the following shortcode might be suitable for your needs:

[product_categories number="12" parent="0"]

If the problem with displaying still persists, it would be more convenient to submit a personal ticket for deeper investigation of the case on your end. There’s no known issue with WooCommerce functioning being used with Agriculture, that’s why further examination is so important. Thank you!

Thank you for answer but I have new question,

My product detail page couldnt open please help me.

thank you

Hi again! In fact that’s impossible to fix such problem without further examination and seeing the site from your end as the issue isn’t typical. Please submit a personal ticket with required data as advised earlier and our support agents will investigate your case.

Thank you!

Problems with block colors and slider, i canĀ“t do it like home page Demo.

i follow the documentation and doesn’t work, the block colors and the slider they fail to join, any suggestion?

Thanks for contacting!

WordPress Importer plugins doesn’t allow to import widget settings, that’s why colored blocks (made with Colored Blocks widget) need to be created manually. Let me show you how it can be done – click to watch a brief screencast.

As to the slider – if the problem still persists, please contact our support team directly via a personal ticket (please submit it here), our agents will check why the problem occurs on your end, as it’s not a common issue.

Thank you!


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Hey guys! I would like to remove the navigation box for the latest/popular/related post. Do you have an advice? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for asking!

These post tabs can be removed on a single post as shown on a screenshot. And you can hide them for any posts that will be created in future in Theme Settings – Blog – Post. That’s it!

Please feel free to ask further questions should you have any. Thank you!

Does this theme support WPML?

Thanks for your interest in our product!

WPML plugin compatibility isn’t ensured with Agriculture theme, but it surely is with our another Food Shop, Store & Grocery Market Theme – Agrofields (please click to see live preview). Hope Agrofileds satisfies your other requirements, besides WPML support.

Should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so. Thank you!

Hi, I messaged 2 weeks ago for my core files to be fixed on woocommerce on the template files, I sent through credentials and have heard nothing back. I sent a follow up email 6 days ago and have not heard from anyone. Are you able to fix the out of date woocommerce core files please?

Hello, Marco, thanks for contacting us!

Sorry for making you wait for the update. The next theme release eliminating WooCommerce notices isn’t ready at the moment, at the same time shop functionality isn’t limited/damaged any how. Our support agent Max will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with the required assistance.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Thank you for the update, I didn’t realise we were waiting on an update sorry, Max messaged me and has resolved it for me, thanks kindly!

Hi again! Glad to hear everything is sorted out at the moment, thank you for all your patience and understanding!

One of my clients received a notification from paypal that they’re making changes to the paypal.com certificate to sha256, is the theme already updated for that? Thanks

Thanks for asking!

As mentioned in WooCommerce documentation, “The WooCommerce PayPal Standard Gateway itself requires no changes. You should however check that your hosting provider supports the new certificates.” So the changes don’t affect the theme and WooCommerce functioning, though there might be a need to contact your hosting provider regarding this point. You might find this article helpful.

Please feel free to ask further questions. Thank you!

hi, do you have html of this template? i don’t need wp can you please sell me html template?

Thanks for your interest!

Right at the moment we don’t have ready HTML version of Agriculture theme. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!


Woocommerce > System Status is showing 3 errors in: content-product.php, customer-invoice.php and order-details.php. Reason is that they are out of date. The theme tends to override any update made. I downloaded a fresh Woocommerce plugin and FTPed these files to my server, yet nothing changed.

How do I fix them?

Thanks for contacting us!

These errors aren’t critical and won’t damage theme functioning any how, though they will be eliminated after the next theme update. Meanwhile we’d advise you to continue using Agriculture with WooCommerce plugin.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Hi I want to change the yellow color of the menu button. I can’t find the setting.

Thanks for contacting!

Please proceed to Theme Settings – General – Theme Color 3 and change it to the desired color, the setting will affect the menu active element.

Please feel free to ask further questions should you have any. Thank you!

Hi cmsmasters,

How can I use CMSMS-Colored Blocks widget as a multilingual? I use WPML plugin in my site with Agriculture Theme, but i can’t translate the content of this widget (Title, text). How can i do to fix and show each colored blocks with its language?

Thank you!

Thanks for contacting us!

Agriculture theme isn’t stated to be compatible with WPML plugin, that’s why we don’t provide support concerning any issues that occur with mentioned plugin being used. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!


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Hello, how can I update RevolutionSlider. Do you provide updates?

Thanks for asking!

Sure, we’ll send you update for Revolution Slider plugin, just please contact our support team via this form and specify what plugin version you’re running at the moment.

Thank you!