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Clean work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Your AgriTourismo theme looks great, but I wondered if the main brown background colour can be changed, but keeping the nice texture? Thanks.

Unfortunately currently you can change only the texture, we will consider adding this feature in upcoming updates.

Can I change the background to anything I want?

By default you can choose between 5 different background patterns, but you can replace their images with your own custom backgrounds.

For the life of me i can’t find the line of code where i change the color of the main menu fonts. I found the shadow but where is the main color???

found it never mind

How do i remove the demo setting options on the top left?

Simply remove the “demo-settings” css and js from your head tag.

I’m sorry but there is no Docs with help on how to edit this site like most products here come with. you should really get that up. I’ve wasted so much time looking for stuff a good Docs would have pointed out.

Thank you for your feedback, we will most definitely keep this in mind while developing upcoming updates for this theme.

How do I use the mailing list form? how do I edit the Google map? having some problems.

The mailing list form is a widget called “Agritourismo AWeber” in “Appearance -> Widgets”, please note that you must register in AWeber to use this service.
To edit the google map you simply must create a page with contact page template, there will be a metabox with map on the bottom of the page.

Again you are giving me instructions for a wordpress site. this is an HTML template. It comes with contacts page. how do i change the map’s location. I’m having problems with it.

Sorry for that.
The map can be configured by modifying contact-us.html file on lines 247-253.
As for the mailing list form, you might need to add server-side support for it in order to store the email addresses either on your database or some other service.

How do you edit the gallery page? http://themeforest.net/item/agritourismo-winery-restaurant-template/full_screen_preview/6056833

Each photo has to be on it’s own html page? could this be true?

You gave me a guide for a wordpress site. this is an HTML template

Oh, sorry for that. On our wordpress version we have integrated an ajax script for each image to load, but since there is no server-side on HTML, we did not include it on the package.
Currently you can either make a HTML page for each image or make an AJAX script that will load the images without reloading the page.

where do i add my e mail for the contact us form to work?

There will be a meta box for that while editing the contact page: http://grab.by/sIBw

I’m sorry I don’t get it. how come the contact form did not active? that’s a basic feature for every template.

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?


My client really like your theme. he had some questions. is the logo for sale too? if not . can you tell me the name of the font what is the difference between the $55 and the $15 ?


The $15 version is a simple HTML template, but the $55 is a wordpress theme. The first one is just a static code, but the second one can be used with Wordpress content management system.

The logo will be included in the PSD’s that comes with the theme. The font is called “Niconne Regular”.

There does not seem to be a style.css file within the theme folder. What am I missing?

You do not have to upload the whole archive you downloaded from ThemeForest. Please see if this guide helps: http://agritourismo.orange-themes.com/documentation/#Installation

Hi there, how do I change from fullwidth for boxed ? I have already changed this to boxed : <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery(’#layerslider’).layerSlider({ skinsPath : ‘css/skins/’, skin : ‘boxed’, thumbnailNavigation : ‘hover’, hoverPrevNext : false, responsive : false, responsiveUnder : 1200, sublayerContainer : 1200 }); }); but it didn’t work .. what else do i do ? thanks

Modify your html page, find the div that has a class of “boxed” and add an “active” class to it.

ok thanks .. I will have a couple of more question during the building .. but for now, Well done ! it looks great

Is the design of the template responsive?



Yes, it is responsive.