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Since a few days my contact form hangs when you send an email. The email does arrive in my mailbox, but on the page it hangs on the loading image. The same problem as below:

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Hello, I tested CONTACT but when I send this pulls endless (see picture) http://hpics.li/8c49dfd Thank you in advance for your help

What could be a solution?

when I add the sidebar to pages, the ajax fails to work (I can still get to the page on the main menu but not as a dropdown).

How do I get the sidebar (and contact form) to display on the ajax?

Also, if I have already built the site in HTML , will it be easy to copy across to your WordPress version?

Great theme, love your work.

Hi, Since a Google Chrome update a few months ago, the homepage slider no longer function correctly, however it does work fine in all other browsers. I am wondering if a small change needs to be made to the code. The problematic part is the

<li> <div class="row one-half text-right"> <h2> we make </h2> <h2> it <span class="h_black">better</span></h2> </div> <div class="row one-half last"> <h4>Lorem ipsum dolor</h4> <div class="content_big"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam pulvinar, odio eu consectetur porta, libero orci tempor felis, a adipiscing diam ipsum in enim. Donec hendrerit dictum quam, a tincidunt neque vulputate nec. </div> </div> </li>

It now displays weirdly in Chrome, and goes under the next page. Please see my site (www.aelit.co.uk) for a demo of the problem, wait for the second slider “Trust our company” and you can see the “what we’ve done” part goes under the page.



I am having the same problem with the slider and Chrome browser, it seems to be something wrong there…. Any solutions for this issue? :bashful:


I solved it, thank you very much…. it was so simple… adding a: -1 :)

And by the way, i also send you a pm., everything is allright with that also.

Thank you very much for your support!

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Is there any way to activate the drop down menu in the navigation bar upon click instead of hover?

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hi, im having some issues with this theme. first i have problems with the circle buttons, when i click i get the error “page not found: error 404” i modify de custom.js but the problems remains. Second, i open the website in Safari its ok i can view the slider of the main page ok, but in google chrome i cant see it correctly, i have the last version of chrome.


If you test it on Chrome you would reproduce this issue again on desktop. Please test it on localhost or server. That will be ok. Regards.

Looks like the Twitter plugin doesn’t work anymore. Twitter has changed the API.

Have you a solution for this?

Thank you!

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are you planning to make a html5 responsive version anytime soon?


When I click on the ajax menu I get: Sorry but there was an error: 404 error. I didn’t find anything in the documentation about it. Can you please tell me if something is missing?


If you test it on Chrome you would reproduce this issue again on desktop. Please test it on localhost or server. That will be ok.