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can you please tell me how to disable mobile view

Please contact to me trough your purchase account.

What happen to the Wordpress version? Those of us that purchased that version at a high cost are stuck with a theme that is no longer updated or supported.

That makes it pretty difficult to want to buy any of your other items when we get left holding the bag.


Please contact the WP author here:

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Slider is cutting in mobileview, why is this happening?


It seems working fine here.

You can send to me a screenshot to this mail:

I will check and fix it.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

I have sent you mail through rupesh.p@domainzguru please do needful.


excellent design that does not work font-awesome, upload the site to a payment server, but does not show me Bootstrap icons, some special configuarcion, considering that climbed the default css.


Please PM to me trough my profile page. I will send you the updated files of “font-awesome” icons. or else you can download the from the site and update it as well.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hello my name is Roberto I purchased one of your template

Ainex Host – Responsive Hosting Template

but does not work at the gallery of photos while online in demo all works

thank you


That should be work When you use image. not for placehold banner.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hello!, Before purchasing this I wanna clear some doubts. 1. Is this theme for WordPress too? 2. Can the Tool Tips be used in the Pricing Tables? 3. is this WHMCS Integrated? 4. If we want little bit small customization then can you do it without any cost?


This is HTML Site Template.

1. No WP 2. You can use. 3. No 4. I can help you do any customizations.

Thank you, GSRthemes9


I cannot seem to get the contact page to work in Google Chrome. It just shows the code.


Its working fine here. Not showing and code. Please send screenshot what you can see:

I can help you.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Works just fine. I just needed to publish on host server with PHP installed. Forgot I was viewing contact.php on my laptop! My mistake!

I need a web template for an NGO dedicated to the study and protection of monkeys, which have for web designs so ..

Help buy this template, as I put the menu white when it drops.


Please PM to me trough my profile page. I will send the code for white drop down menu.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

I already solved, but if I need to know how to disable the menu down. do not want the menu down and do


Just remove below line of code in the header area. <link rel="stylesheet" href="js/sticky-menu/core.css">

Thank you, GSRthemes9


rijoe Purchased

How to create multiple languages on this template?


GazCBG Purchased

Just going through the reset.css file and noticed on line: 259 to 261 (after /* close commented backslash hack */) there seems to be a css without a name. Could you let me know if that is right?


Just movie the (*/) comment to line number 261.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Im trying to change the menu hover over color to blue, can you tell me how to change it please also i cant find the css file?

Also need to move or change the menu top padding?

Also my front page is all over the place its not lined up like the demo is? can you help: URL is

Please contact to me trough your purchased account.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hey, the pricing table can show 4 plans but what about the plan comparison table?



This page Table can use for plan comparison:

Thank you, GSRthemes9

That page also show only 3 plans? I have 4 plans and want a comparison of 4 plans. Makes no sense to have 4 plans but only compare 3.



You can make them in to 4 as well. Please let me know after purchase. I can help you.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hi, :( Please tell me how to use this whmcs-code in your script.

Domain Availability Lookup

Ainex layout1 > fullwidth

<form action=”” method=”post”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”direct” value=”true” />

Domain: <input type=”text” name=”domain” size=”20” />

<select name=”ext”>







<input type=”submit” value=”Search” />


Thank you!

OK, I found a solution…

Header Area (Slider) isn’t working properly with Browser-Zooming function?


xcata Purchased

Hello! How can I change these icons with my own icons – ?


You can just replace the font awesome icons with your image icons like below example.

<i class="fa fa-globe" />
<img src="images/your-icon1.png" alt="" />

Thank you, GSRthemes9

How do I edit the category link? example:

I want to edit the services-view.