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I guess there is something missing…i don’t see any php file and i don’t see called the “style.css” you mentioned some posts before. I guess the template has been updated (also now it’s using css less) but i can’t see how i can modifify the css. I mean, i saw i can generate css and css with the “themer” but i can’t see where i’m supposed to copy that code. I’d like as well disable the “less” if possible…




Thank you for the observation. There is no PHP version available for this item, as it’s just a one page template and we just realised the mistake we made in the other comment.

The LESS and CSS files are located in theme/css and theme/less. You can choose one over the other.

To use simple CSS instead of LESS, find and replace in the header HEAD section of the template, the following:

<link rel="stylesheet/less" href="theme/less/style.less" />
<link rel="stylesheet/css" href="theme/css/style.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet/css" href="theme/css/style.min.css" />

style.css and style.min.css are the same, just the min file was minified to reduce page load.

To use the CSS code you’re getting from the themer, you have to create a new skin file (skins are located in theme/skins/css) – for example myskin.css and paste the code from the Themer in it. After that, just load the new skin file AFTER the main style.css in the header.

To remove the Themer entirely, just find and remove the reference to themer.js script in the footer of the template, and with the themer disabled and using only CSS, you can remove the less.js file from the header as well.

Hope this was clear enough. If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know.

Thank you.


In the CSS loading examples above, there should be only rel="stylesheet" instead of rel="stylesheet/css". Sorry about that.


Thanks a lot! And i forgot to say before…Great Job! Cheers

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Hello, How do i add mi email to the contact form? thanks…


Hi guanabana,

Unfortunately this item is HTML only, so you can’t just add your email to the contact for and expect it to work out of the box. For things like email delivery, you will need to implement your own logic with a scripting language of your choice, like PHP. However, it could be a very nice and practical functionality to have ready with the template, so we’ll probably add it ourselfes within the next update, as soon as possible.

Thank you.

How do i add this theme to my wordpress. I have tried multiple times and get the error, missing style sheet

just purchased your awesome theme….

LOVE the theme! Two questions though: >> How do I add new blog posts? >> How do I get the Contact form to Work?

Thanks! 4 star rating, 5 stars once I figure out how to get those to work.

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Hello, Good work, plz, how can I add a new glyphicons icon. after their update.