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Do you have any notification component on this layout? Those popup likes… Thanks

Hi carlsonwf,

There is one component we used (“Did you know” notification on bottom left on first page). It’s not documented, but it’s pretty easy to use.

var n = notyfy({
    text: '<h4>Did you know?</h4> <p>This template has <strong>2 layout options</strong> - fixed & fluid - and <strong>3 menu positions</strong> - Left / Right / Top menu. Feel free to explore the available options bellow. You can click here to close me.</p>',
    type: 'primary',
    layout: 'bottomLeft',
    closeWith: ['click']

It has 5 layouts to choose from: bottomLeft, bottomRight, topLeft, topRight and center; You can see all it’s options here:

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Awesome theme and one of the few that uses LESS (& bootstrap) in a coherent way!

For what reason did you use the Glyphicons over bootstrap FontAwesome? I’m trying to decide whether or not to switch them over, unless there’s some strong reason?


Hi uberholden,

Thank you for purchasing and for your feedback. We used Glyphicons simply because we liked it and there are 400+ icons, unlike Font Awesome’s 200+

Anyway, Font Awesome seems like a great package, so we’ll consider using it for our future releases.

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Bug report (Latest version of Chrome, Mac OSX 10.7):

Button at top right on a couple of pages spans 2 rows. I don’t think that’s the intended design. And black sidebar (left menu) doesn’t cover entire length on shorter pages.

Hi soichi,

Thank you for reporting these bugs, we’re aware of the buttons issue, it also appeared in some of our other products with a chrome update, it was actually fixed within some of these products, following that during the next week (hopefully) we can update AIR as well. Regarding the menu/sidebar issue, we can’t reproduce the issue on our systems. Could you please make a screenshot? Also, does it appear in our live demo or just on your downloaded version?

Thank you for your time and understading.

Can you briefly explain the css fix for that button bug? It’s really bothering me. :(


It’s really simple:

.btn-icon i { float: left; }

That’s all.

Hello mosaicpro

We’re considering the Air template for our new site, there is however something that is bothering me. In the live preview, the buttons get blue after I click them and move away with the mouse. This happens no matter what color theme is configured. So with e.g. a green button, after the click and mouse-out, it is blue (this seems not to fit the template color at all).

A quick check with Firebug revealed that this color comes from the CSS selector .btn-primary:focus .

One example where this occurs is on the “24 hours” button on the dashboard.

Hi thedmi,

Thank you for your consideration. We know about the focus issue (actually it’s also on :active state), it has been fixed in most of our recent items and we plan to release a major update for AIR and Smashing as well, including a fix for this issue as well. Hopefully the updates should be available to all buyers within the next 1-2 weeks (note: all updates are free for existing buyers)

Meanwhile, if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the template with this update or the next, please let us know.

Thank you.


any solution for html version about style ?

Hi borninmotion,

For the HTML template, the steps still apply, without the PHP part. Instead of changing the PHP variables in the index.php, you simply have to manually load the SKIN CSS file from theme/skins/css/black-and-white.css, in the HTML document’s head section, AFTER the main stylesheet file (style.css) and to remove the Themer you have to manually find and remove it’s HTML markup from the footer section, e.g.:

<!-- Themer -->
<div id="themer" class="collapse themer-sidebar">...</div>

Thank you.

thank you ! how can i translate language in datatables search bar , results etc.. ?

thanks in advance !

First, very nice theme!

Second, how can I permanently change the default theme color?

Thank you.

Please ignore my last question, I noticed that it has been asked and answered previously.

One more question, I had this running on IE9 and just upgraded to IE10 and the Dashboard doesn’t show any charts anymore but if I navigate to the charts sample page all charts render fine and so does the hovering events.

Is there an easy fix for the dashboard page to support IE10?

Thanks in advance.

Hi HansL1,

We’re already working on a major update for AIR admin and it will include IE fixes as well as new features. We’ll be releasing this update as soon as possible, but as a rough ETA, it will hopefully be available for download early next week.

If there’s anything you’d like to see added with the following updates, please let us know.

Thank you.

Thank you for keeping this template updated and also for your prompt response. Greatly appreciated!

Gorgeous theme mosaicpro!

Just wanted to follow up on ETA for the next release you mentioned above. We have developers eagerly waiting so please let us know. Thanks!

Hi ampr1,

Thank you for your appreciation! We’re currently working on the update and we’ll have it ready by Monday.

We’ll let you know as soon as you can download it. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the amazing theme. I was wondering if there is no modal box in the theme, or I am missing anything? Thanks

How do you use the sliders for this theme? I thought they followed bootstrap sliders, but I can’t seem to set the max/min of a slider. It always default to 0 to 700.

Any help?

Hello, I wonder if the menu has limited elements?

Before I purchase I would like to know when you will be releasing this theme with Bootstrap 3

Still no update on Bootstrap 3 support?

Hi slisznia,

We are planning BS 3.0

As an ETA we think max 6-10 weeks


Still no update on Bootstrap 3? What is current ETA?

When will the Bootstrap 3 update be ready? Thanks for reply.

Hi markusoberhofer,

At the moment we can’t provide any info on BS3 but as soon as we have an ETA will let you know.


Hi Mosaicpro

this theme is so amazing, thanks.

But i have a problem with the SELECT from the FORMS; <select style=”width: 100%;” id=”select2_3”>

if I use more than one SELECTFIELD like id=”select2_3” in my FORM I see only one well represented designed?

I speack of FORM ELEMENTS / Advanced Select Controls / Placeholders what could I do to improve?

Kind regards, Marcel

no answer to my question?


Have a look within theme/scripts/form_elements.js. There you’ll find the initialisation scripts for select2:

// Basic

// Multiple

.. and you can change them to initialise on a class instead of an ID, e.g:

thank you very much, works perfect now. happy time.