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I’m having issues as well with not only Gmail, but also with Apple Mail. In Apple mail, the background images show up fine, but any other images (logo, footer, ect.).

It attaches one of the images to the email also, so strange.

When can we expect the update?

I agree with the above post, GREAT design, but without Gmail functionality, basically useless.


“Also, I notice that the header and footer don’t align correctly in Firefox.”

This is an issue with using centered images along with ‘static’ images that should align. If you take Firefox out of full screen mode then alter the width slowly, you can see the header and body images do a little dance.

The issue can be solved by adding a table within the header section to mirror the structure of the body section.

Header structure: table > tr#header > centered background image

Body structure: table > tr > td > table.main > tr > td > image that is the exact size of the table

By the way, this is a very nice template. Consider it offered in my next job proposal. :D

costin Purchased

Hello Epicera!

Any news regarding the update? Some of us really need to use this great template!

Thanks, Costin

MDNW Author

Yep – the updates coming out at the end of the week :)

costin Purchased

I hate to ask you again, but is the update ready? :)

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Have I missed the fix for this. Should would like to use it. Thanks, Buddy

straydog Purchased

Hi Brandon,

Great template, thanks!

One question…

I am designing this for a client, and I want to allow her to swap out the images and copy for her quarterly newsletter.

I opened it in textedit to test it and can’t seem to change the images…

Do you have a solution for the best way for a client to do basic editing? FYI : She works on a PC.

Thanks for your time.

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Just wanted to put myself on the list for the bug fix too… Having same problems as others…

I know you are busy fixing it.. Thanks for doing that… I know technically you don’t have to but I think we all appreciate you doing it for us.

Have a good one, Will

straydog Purchased

Hey is the update out yet? :)

I’m still having some issues getting the editable content portion to work for mailchimp…


If your having trouble putting the styles inline – for use in Gmail, try using this online utility: premailer(dot)dialect(dot)ca

epicera replied:

Yep – the updates coming out at the end of the week

Posted 24 days ago

MDNW Author

LOL – thanks for keeping me honest NightOwl – I actually just posted a minor update a few weeks ago, still haven’t resolve the overarching issue related to background images in Gmail, but I have been working on it and there’s already been a few updates :)

Is there a way for us to know you’ve updated the GMail issues… without having to come back and check the comments?

MDNW Author

Yes – I’m posting all file updates to Twitter as I have them – you an also check on my Tumblr account as I often post file updates there as well :) Just check my profile page to see the options available, and know that I’m working hard on all of this stuff to keep everyone up to date! http://themeforest.net/user/epicera

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I know your probably really busy, but I am need of help Basically, I bought this beautiful newsletter template that I wanted to use, but it does not seem to be compatible with outlook 2007 even thou it accourding to the item attributes below compatible email clients says “microsoft outlook”. I have checked here, on twitter, tubmlr and on your blogg for answers without any success.

So I hope that you or anyone else are able to assist me


Having the same issue as swmab.

But I don’t have a lot of time to wait for a fix, so if it’s not on the way I will have to start on another….

Do you know when or if the outlook compatibillity will be fixed?

””“If your having trouble putting the styles inline – for use in Gmail, try using this online utility: premailer(dot)dialect(dot)ca”””

- has anyone used this with any results with this template?

Has the gmail issue been fixed? Is there a way to tell when you posted the most recent update?

swmab Purchased

I have fixed the right sidebar airmail and it is now compatible with all emails

Hi, Epicera

Two months since purchasing this email template and I’m still wondering if the update – with inline styles so that’s compatible with Outlook & Gmail – has been completed.

I went about 10 pages deep into your Twitter-stream (as per comment above), but couldn’t find anything. (Maybe I was moving too quickly; I have no interest in reading everything there, frankly)

If you could let me know (a) if the update has been done, and (b) where I can ACTUALLY get hold of it so that I can use what I’ve paid for, that would be great.



Actually, three months; not two.

I echo the sentiment of NightOwl… I still haven’t seen evidence that you’ve paid much attention to these fixes. Update???

this thing breaks like crazy with constantcontact and gmail. any word on a fix?

MDNW Author

Hi there, I’ve been working on it for a little while no with no real luck for the very top graphics – the content is designed to degrade gracefully, but without background image support the exact design fumbles a little still. As soon as I sort this out I’ll post it here :)