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As always – so great. Straight off purchase. Thanks again.

Thanks Charlie, always appreciated! :)

Awesome work. All best!

Good work.. all the best..

cheers mate

Really nice!Best regards! :)

Nice template!:)

thanks mate :)

Does the blog function? On the demo the “view all” and “read more” links do not work.

Hi Alex, please send me your email as the blog version is waiting to be approved. I will send you the files through email :) p.s Thanks again for purchasing! Thank you so much for the quick response! I love the template so far. Going to be a long night of messing around with it.

No problem, email sent :)

Clean & nice design! Love it! GLWS! :)

thanks dude :)

Really nice work!

Great job. Congrats ;)

Beautiful work! NIce crafted ;)

thankyou mate :)

This is gonna sell like hotcakes, great work

looks like you forgot to mention another feature Craig, support with a smile ;)

can’t wait to working on this.

Thanks as always Erwin! :)

Craig: I am having trouble installing this template. I am getting the error: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please assist.


Hi commonspark,

Thanks for purchasing Akin!

It sounds as though you are attempting to install this template as a WordPress theme. Unfortunately that is not possible as this is simply an HTML template, and does not contain code that would work in WordPress. There is currently a WordPress version of this template in the works which will be available in the coming weeks, although you would have to purchase that one separately.

Please don’t let your purchase go to waste, just follow the instructions contained within your download to set up and customise your template.

I’m sorry if this didn’t turn out how you planned. In future, be careful when purchasing to make sure you are indeed buying a WordPress compatible theme if you intend to use WordPress.

All the best, Craig

Hi Craig: I was not aware it was not a theme. Can you at least credit this purchase against a purchase of the Wordpress theme version. Thanks.

Envato handles all payment for items so you will need to contact them for any refunds.

Which version of Foundation is this built on? I’m writing an article recommending themes and would like to include this as it’s a beauty.

Thanks mate! This is based on Foundation 4, I’ve just made the upgrade to F5 for a new template I have coming :)


Great theme!

is it possible to add some sort of price table?


Hello and thankyou, I may look into adding price tables in a future update but at the moment there are none :)

Is anyone else having issues with the projects? They are fine except for when I click them, the details doesn’t expand like it does on the demo.

Hi Alexis, as per our email. Ajax functionality only works when you have the site uploaded to a live server, it doesn’t function when you are working locally on the site. This is due to the way that ajax fetches data.

Glad we got this sorted :)


This is Roy from Theme Junkie (

I like your designs. I’m good at creating WordPress themes:

Could we work together?

Waiting for your reply.

Hello Roy,

Thanks for the compliment and the offer however, I am already working with someone on WordPress themes.

Thanks :)

Is there a Wordpress version of this theme? I accidentally downloaded it but really would love a WP theme with this simple theme.


I’ll let you know when it’s up :)

Thanks Craig, looking forward to it!

It’s up! Link is on the item details page :)

Hi Craig,

how do you change the social media icon? eg. pin with instagram

Hi mate,

The icon font reference is found in the download folder. The class for the social icons is generally social_facebook , social_twitter etc