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Great Theme!

If you can look at my site;

I am not able to position the hotspot correctly layered on top of the logo so that it will be clickable to take users back home.

If you could please advise.



Hi Rob,

Here’s where you can get support:

And here’s some instructions on getting access:

Come on over to the forums, and we’ll see if you can get you going in the right direction with your customizations. —When you do post in the forum, can you tell us a little more about how you’ve customized the logo of the website? And what the thinking is behind trying to place a hotspot over the logo, opposed to just making the logo a clickable link?

I love the Akita theme… I want to add Google Analytics to my Akita 2.1.3 and there’s no Google Analytics “box” for the code under Configuration. I only have two options for the heading “Responsiveness”... Nothing else under the configuration tab.. How can I add GA? Tnx Webminister


Here’s where you can get support:

And here’s some instructions on getting access:

Come on over to the forums and and I’ll get you all sorted out.

Is Akita 2.1.3 compatible with Wordpress 4.1?


Yes, of course. ;-)

Hey Jason, I have installed and must have missed a setp on the slider. anyways I want to have a video play in place of the slider, and I have x2 videos. What would you suggest.

Well the slider is on. Now i just need to get an mp4 in there. Direction?

Resolved as well.

Hi there! I’m glad you were able to figure it out. Please remember that if you need further support, we don’t do support here in the ThemeForest comments. Make sure to post in our support forums.

Here’s instructions on getting access:

URGENT Jason, anyone at Theme Blvd Support, Please help me! I can reassure you that this is not a frivolous request but in regards to the Wordpress Theme Complexity – I am in a bit of a pickle though as far as running into a brick wall at each attempt to contact / reach out to Support. There are several reasons for this. 1) I technically purchased the theme through an intermediary (my former web developer / programmer Steve Benedict, whom made the original purchase via his own Envato account – I have been waiting for WEEKS now to hear back from him since my Complexity theme, which I have been happily running now for years on my Social media marketing site, simply disappeared one day about a month and a half ago, leaving the entire website a blank page. This created a cascade of issues for our ongoing / incoming daily orders & we have since had to resort to putting up the temporary wordpress theme until we figure out a solution here to this issue. I waited as long as I could to hear back from Steve, but I have to come to you guys now – I can provide the legitimacy of my version of Complexity (it is the first version v1) and I was hoping that through some small miracle of human compassion you guys would send me the updated files so that I can restore the site to its former glory & get sales back on track. Once done, I am going to happily look into upgrading to a v2 theme of yours, because after years of happily using your theme I could not be a more satisfied customer – over the years i have NEVER ONCE had an issue with the theme, it is quite frankly the best one I have ever used. So – I hope this reaches you – I cannot find Complexity on v1 Forum area, nor can I confirm my purchase info number until Steve gets back to me with the receipt – however I am hoping there is someway I can prove my purchase via other means, it would really mean allot to me. I am sorry for the pain in the butt – i came across a comment at the very top of the comments section for: which a user seemed to have the exact same issue just last year. I am not sure why my v1 build was able to last as long as it did until final going kaput on us without warning. my email is jbrittonpsyd at – Skype: tacitinc if I have to pay some sort of nominal fee as a form of consideration for good faith, that is fine – I am just trying to avoid having to rebuild a site which we have been developing over the years & finally perfected :) Thanks for your time – Hope this reaches you well Best Wishes, Jon

Hi Jon,

Would you mind posting this over on the Commodore (previously Complexity theme) comment thread?

Also, if you can remember, at all, more specifically what version of Complexity you were using, that’d be helpful to post over there, as well. v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3?


gbouch Purchased

Hi – My client using Akita has just upgraded WP and reports that the background is now blank…. All settings seem normal so I am not sure what may be the problem. Can you advise? (Background is set as concrete, primary colour is slate grey)



For WordPress 4.2 compatibility, you’ll need update to the latest version of the theme, v2.1.8, posted the day WordPress 4.2 was released.

If you need further support, all support is handled at:

And here’s more info on getting access:

Logo is being resized aka shrunk, no matter the size of image I’m getting the same vertical size. LInk is too sensitive to share, any tips?


Here’s where to get support:

Get signed up, post in the Akita forum, and I’d be happy to help. You’ll need to get a hold of your purchase code from the the account you purchased the theme with, though. And I will need to see a link to your site, but it can be sent privately through the forum once you’ve started your topic.

And here’s some instructions on getting access:

I’ve gotten as far as adding my purchase code but the I still don’t have access to the forum.

What’s the username you created on the site? I can make sure it’s setup right.

Also, make sure you’re going to the specific forum that corresponds to what you have purchased (some people don’t understand this after putting in their purchase code).

Also, I can see that the username you’re using here on ThemeForest hasn’t purchased our Akita WordPress theme. So make sure that you maybe haven’t gotten products mixed up.