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magicss Purchased

I just spent time trying to get this to you thru your jumpstart site BUT the captcha thing kept messing up.

So please answer this here since it relates to Akita which I bought and I wish to purchase JumpStart also.

Hi Jason, We are all gonna jump on this. Tell me please before we begin, is there an easy built in way to have the Menus on the Left Side of the page? I like the way Akita menus turn into “Mobile App Like Buttons” on the Left Side of the page when I shrink the browser or when I open the site on a small mobile device.

I would like to have those Akita like menus with one difference. I would like the menus to be on the left when the page is opened in a large screen (not in block form, but more open) and then when seen on mobile or small screens, I would like the menus on the left to conform to the Akita look I described above (blocks in a vertical line up).

Is this menu manipulation anticipated in JumpStart or must we stick with the Horizontal Left to Right Menu at the top or footer only?

Thanks, -SS



What you’re asking is sort of a big thing, but obviously very possible. There are just several ways you could go about it, but you have to understand that’s pretty far outside the scope of free theme support.

On both Jump Start and Akita, everything is hooked in a similar way:


So really you have tons of options. You could move the functions around or you could just reorder stuff with CSS . Akita actually hooks in before and after the #main and #featured divs and wraps them in another div #internal_wrapper—If you were handy with your CSS you could actually probably float that #interal_wrapper to the left of the #top div, which holds the header, and alter their widths so they within the primary container. Then you’d have re-style the navigation so none of the buttons were floated.

The Theme Blvd developer tutorial website is an example of a site running Jump Start, where I made the Child theme design have a left sidebar holding the menu and the logo.


In that one, I basically just unhooked everything in the header. I then added the Custom menu widget to the left sidebar, and hooked the the framework’s default logo function into the top of the sidebar.

scooch21 Purchased

Love the theme, don’t know if this has been asked (looked, but too many pages) but…

is it possible to have videos from youtube shrink in mobile? they do not seem to be responsive – is there a way to make them??




Yup. Simply embed the video with WordPress’s internal embedding system and the theme will automatically make it responsive.

Here’s how to do that: http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

Here’s a live example of this: http://www.themeblvd.com/demo/akita/features/responsive-design/

Is there a way to grant permission to “Authors” the ability to use Sliders? Thank you!



There is no built-in feature, and so this will be a customization you’d need to make from your Child theme.

I do have a tutorial on this that should help, though: http://dev.themeblvd.com/tutorial/changing-user-role-access-for-admin-modules/

treblade Purchased

Hi i use the UberMenu but i have a failure in the submenu. i become a link from ubermenu http://wpmegamenu.com/help/#remove-residuals but i cant find the right file what i can change.



The function that controls this is called “akita_header_menu” and can be found in /includes/theme-functions.php of the theme. To edit, you can take this function and copy it to your Child theme:


Or, you can hook in your own function to the themeblvd_header_menu location from your Child theme:

function my_header_menu(){
    <div id="navigation_uber">
        <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'primary' ) ); ?>
remove_action( 'themeblvd_header_menu', 'akita_header_menu' );
add_action( 'themeblvd_header_menu', 'my_header_menu' );

Note: If you create your own function, in your call to wp_nav_menu, you want to set the theme_location argument to “primary”—That’s what the theme uses for the main menu location.

adottdot Purchased

I love the theme. It’s so versatile that I’m thinking of buying it for another site, as well. In the end, the two sites won’t even look alike. However, I have hit a snag in the road. situation: I used the theme to make a site. All was well. Then, I moved the site to a different host. Now None of my sliders are working and the builder is ignored. Can you please give me a suggestion as to what could be wrong? slider error is: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/mysite/www/wp-content/themes/akita/framework/frontend/functions/sliders.php on line 285



This generally happens if you altered the database in some way manually. A common example would be changing the URL of your WordPress site manually throughout your database when making the transfer.

See the note on step #2 here: http://www.jasonbobich.com/web-design/moving-wordpress-to-a-new-server/

At this point, the only way to resolve the issue would be to either perform the database transfer again, but in the way I describe there, or to do just rebuild these items.

adottdot Purchased

Thank you so much for the fast answer. You were right. Carefully following the information and the note at the link… “See the note on step #2 here: http://www.jasonbobich.com/web-design/moving-wordpress-to-a-new-server/" Worked like a charm.

Looking to integrate the small components shortcodes here http://shortcodes.themeblvd.com/shortcodes/small-components/ into the Akita theme.

The [popup] shortcode does not get rewritten so I am not sure how I would implement.

Thanks, Tony


Hello Tony,

Apologies, but this isn’t a shortcode you can use just yet.

In the next version of the framework (v2.2), we’ve separated out all of the shortcodes into this plugin and, in that process, we’ve added in extra shortcodes and improved a lot of things. This website you’re linking to reflects the latest bunch of shortcodes from framework v2.2 and that plugin.

Currently Akita has framework v2.1. So far, Jump Start is the only commercial theme available that has the latest version, but in the coming months every theme on Theme Forest will receive the framework update.

Jason – are any of your premium themes child themes? Can I edit the CSS without impacting the parent?


Yes, all themes are Child theme compatible.

Hi Jason, I have been trying to migrate my customized Akita theme to my client’s server repeatedly (have followed your tutorials) and I cannot get it to show properly…some things that are not showing up are some widgets, slider, css, and cannot get into the admin. I am so very frustrated at this point. Is there anyway you can migrate this over and if so, what is your fee? If not, could you shed some light on this?

Thank you so very much.



I apologize, but this is not a service that I offer. I’m not really sure what I can tell you that is not in this article. I put as much knowledge as I have into that thing, and it’s just all general WordPress/server stuff, nothing specific to my themes or anything.

I would say that if you cannot get into your admin and the CSS on the site appears broken, it most likely means you messed up somewhere along the line with configuring the URL to your site. Your admin is not forwarding correctly to the right URL and all of the assets like CSS files are not being included properly because the URL to them is not correct.

Step #2 in that article seems to be where most people’s problems come from. Do you have a link to the frontend of the new site that’s been setup that is broken? If all the CSS on the page is broken, it will be fairly obvious to tell what is incorrect about the URL just from looking at the site.

I’m sorry Jason, I don’t. I am starting from scratch once more. I have deleted all the files and am going to follow your tutorial again.

It is correct that on install of WordPress, you must have the default twenty-eleven theme installed first before uploading my customized theme?After files are back up and if still broken I will send you the link. Do I do step 2 (the interconnect/IT plug-in) after the website is live on the new host?

Also, one other inquiry…if I decide to use the child theme, can I upload that at any time?...and if I do, I will need to deactivate my customized Akita, activate the Child Theme and then again customize just the default options?


It sounds like conceptually you might be misunderstanding a few things about the overview of the process. If you’re following that tutorial, you’re not actually “installing” WordPress at all in the normal sense of the word; you’re simply making a copy.

So basically, (1) you’re copying all of the files from your old site to your new site, and (2) copying your database from your old site to your new site.

You’re never actually running the WordPress installer, and so it makes no difference if twenty-eleven is there or not. And because you’re simply copying all files from your old site to your new site, the Akita theme will already be uploaded.

Do I do step 2 (the interconnect/IT plug-in) after the website is live on the new host?

After you’ve transferred your files, and imported your SQL backup of the old site’s database file into your new database, you’ll notice that initially your WordPress site does not work right because the site URL is messed up.

So, before you do anything further with your new site, you upload the PHP file linked to above to your new site in the main directory where you have all of your WordPress files. Then, in your web browser, navigate directly to the PHP file and run it, and after you’re done, delete the script’s PHP file from your server.

Also, one other inquiry…if I decide to use the child theme, can I upload that at any time?...and if I do, I will need to deactivate my customized Akita, activate the Child Theme and then again customize just the default options?

Yes, you can upload it at any time, however, theme options are saved based on the name of the current theme. So, when you activate your Child theme, you will need to re-configure your theme options.


Also, watch this video: https://vimeo.com/41331677

Hi Jason, thank you for the valuable info. The site is up but now for some reason the admin panel is going to the old original site/domain, and the logo is not showing up, nor are the buttons I made in the home page builder nor the custom text widget that I put 3 buttons in on the right sidebar. Is any of this an easy fix or do I need to start over again with the tutorial. If you need and possibly could take a peak, the original site that I customized Akita on is at http://westbaymediatestingsite.com/ and the new site that I am trying to get it migrated to correctly is http://www.fab50womenontherun.com/. Just to clarify, If I did run the WP installer, could it be causing the problems I just stated here above? Thank you very much Jason.


Ok, so you were really close this time, but what I think you did is not take into account the backslash at the end of your URL .

I think you replaced:


With this:


... Not accounting for the backslash. And now any of your saved URL ’s to files that were longer than the just the root domain are messed up and outputting missing a backslash like this:


When they should obviously look like this:


So, do the database transfer again and this time when you do find replace, completely leave off the backslash.

Find this:


And replace with this:


Thank you very much! Will try this next.

Hi Jason

It seems that when the main navigation has enough items so it wraps to the second row, the second row all has the :hover image color and not the main, non hover, image color. I realize they are the same image, just different offsets.

Here is a sample from a fresh install where I did nothing but had a bunch of titles to demonstrate.


Any ideas how to the the second row to be the non hover color?




I apologize, but the theme is designed for one row of buttons.

The main navigation is setup in this way to serve you with one image delivered as a sprite for best performance. If that image were placed directly on the anchor tags, this problem could be avoided, but then would look sloppy as the background texture would not repeat exactly right and match up, with every button being a different width. And if you were to split the background image into two image, also solving the issue, then every time someone hovers on a button for the first time, they’d have to wait for that second hover image to load.

As before, this question has probably been asked before. I developed my school website using the Akita theme and everything is just peechie. But when people look for my site in mobile devices, when the click on one the pages I’ve created, they get a ‘404’ error. Is this an error on my the setup of my wordpress site, or error in the theme, or is there some setting that I’ve forgotten or messed up? If someone wants to look at what I’m talking about, the site is http://www.thegcs.org. Try it on a mobile device and see what I’m talking about.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.



There is nothing in the theme that would cause this to happen on mobile. It’s not really possible, as the theme only targets smaller devices with CSS (i.e. the styles of the theme). There’s nothing happening server-side in the process for a 404 error to be possible, if that makes sense.

As far as a I know, there are no WordPress settings that could possibly cause this either. Are you sure you don’t have any plugins installed that are aimed at doing something on mobile? Possibly you have a plugin installed that does something in relation to mobile and is having some sort of adverse side effect?


Thank you for your reply. After further investigating and some brave .htaccess editing, found out that the previous web person has done a Weebly install on the same directory and the .htaccess needed to be edited so there is no weebly mobile redirect. It’s fixed now! :)


Great! Glad you figured it out.

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Hi Jason, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help…we finally got the site (Fab 50) up and running on its new server. :)

Jason: I see a lot of questions about moving a website – I use Backup Buddy to migrate and it takes care of most issues – is there any reason it would not work for your theme? I am building on a different URL from the production one.


No, I’m not aware any reason why the plugin wouldn’t work, but I’m also not totally familiar with how it works.


I am seeing this error when I install one of your plugin.

You currently have the “Theme Blvd Widget Areas” plugin activated, however you are not using a theme with Theme Blvd Framework v2.2+, and so this plugin will not do anything.

I am using akita 1.1.5. This is the latest right? Why I get that warning? I have a child theme active not the main akita theme. Does it matter?




Akita currently has framework v2.1 as reflected at the bottom of your Theme Options page. Jump Start is currently the only commercial theme available that contains framework v2.2.

Akita will be updated in the future to hold the latest version. However, the plugin you’re trying to install is what’s already currently built into your version of Akita. So, you don’t need it anyway. However, after the next big update to Akita happens, you will then need to install this plugin. We’re in a bit of a transitional period amongst all themes.

Brasil – Portugues Estou com um tema Akita instalado em um site com versão 1.0.0 e agora comprei o tema novamente para outro site e a versão é 1.1.5, como atualizar a versão do site 1.0.0?

I have a theme Akita installed on a site with version 1.0.0 and now bought the theme again to another site and the version is 1.1.5, how to upgrade to version 1.0.0 of the site?


Humberto Ramos


Hello Humberto,

This video will explain how to update the theme: https://vimeo.com/41533135

sinrag Purchased

how can I translate “Read More” and “No comment”?

Howdy, just purchased this awesome theme. I’m having some trouble with the blog/home page.

I made my first blog post. I didn’t see the blog post on my “blog” page, so I went to reading settings and set the posts page to blog. My post still doesn’t show up on the blog page…

I changed the settings under the “reading” tab.

I’ve also tried setting the reading setting for front page to “your latest posts”, but my blog post does not show up there either.

Help! Thanks.


First, go back to Settings > Reading and do not select any page as a “posts page”—

Create a page. Apply the “Post List” page template to that page. Link to that page. It’s your “blog” ;-)

If you want a full in-depth breakdown on all of this, checkout the video series in your documentation called “Redefining the blog.”


You my friend, are a savior. I knew I was missing something. I tried looking on this website under videos but didn’t see one about the blog.

Perhaps the… documentation… would be good to look at!


Ha yeah always a good place to start, right?

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be slowly transitioning all of our support from the ThemeForest comment system over to support.themeblvd.com.

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