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Great theme! definitely bookmarked.


Hey Thank’s, I’m glad you like it.

wow awesome work mate.. clean and neat.. good luck on this one


Thank’s for your comment mabuc :)

Hi there,

can i use wordpress 3.0 native widgets in the homepage and sidebar ?


Yes you can

Finally! Nice Work. In the demo BX and Anything slider aren’t working.


:) yes finally mmm…can you see a js error or something like that?



In IE8 , when the”Anything” slider is chosen, and a video slide is shown, it covers up the drop downs on your menu. Probably a depth issue. Nice theme.




I will check that, thank’s Gary

Nice theme! Any plans for shortcodes and more colors? Thanks!


Hi this theme use shortcodes for the buttons and the columns and i did not add any more colors because i want a simple and clean theme but i have included all the psd’s i used so you can create any color you want. :)

Excellent theme! Is it possible to add mp3’s to the portfolio section that can be clicked and played? I make music too and would like to showcase my music as well?


Thank´s man and yes you can play mp3 file using JW Player or Nonver :)

Hi there,

Sorry for what (probably is a stupid question) but I can’t seem to get the sliders etc. to work at all? Its a new Wordpress installation. So far I’ve created a slider1.php etc. file in a featured folder – where do I place the Nivo Slider code?

As you said in the installation file, it wasn’t included :)

Any help would be much appreciated!




I really don’t undestand your question :), you don’t need to create any php file and you don’t need to add any extra code.

Did you send me the email through my profile page for the complete theme? mmm…

and don’t worry, is not a stupid question:)

Hey there,

Apologies for that…I’ll try to make it clearer. And yep it was the complete theme I purchased.

Ok so basically today I did the following:

Installed Wordpress Installed your theme Selected “slider 1” as the default slider option Followed instructions in Template Documentation with regards to adding content to the slider. Previewed the site – came up with the following error:

Warning: include(/home/myroot/public_html/wp-content/themes/alabastroswp/featured/slider1.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/davidodo/public_html/wp-content/themes/alabastroswp/index.php on line 12

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home/myroot/public_html/wp-content/themes/alabastroswp/featured/slider1.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/davidodo/public_html/wp-content/themes/alabastroswp/index.php on line 12

Any idea where to go from here?

Aside from that, I love the theme!

Thanks :)

P.S. on that, I just saw that you’ve said you forgot one folder in the .zip file? Perhaps thats the problem I’m having!


Yes i forgot to include a folder :), please send me an email through my profile page and i will send you the complete theme.

Awesome video support, so simple and cool looking!!!

Few small questions before I make a purchase:

1. Does it support .MOV files like it does all the other formats?

2. Any chance that the black upper bar can be used for some other info too, like telephone number and social icons maybe?

3. Any solution for sharing posts, at least FB and TW?

4. Is there a code that can be used in posts to trigger the same video that is in the post but in some other format. That would be inserted in the post manually I know that.

5. Also is it possible to make a post image trigger the same video that is in the gallery?

As I’m no web guy this would mean a loot to me ;)




Hi neks

1.- yes you can play .mov files but you will need to add another script called Quickie.js

2.- i can modify the theme to add a widget at the top and you can put whatever you want, but that will have an extra charge

3.- There are a lot of plugins for that actually i have sexybookmarks installed but is disable and it looks great

4.- You mean in a post of the blog?, i think that’s not possible, the lightbox scripts are only loaded in the portfolio page but we can modify that too.

5.- an image outside the portfolio? no but that can be fixed.


Awesome theme.

One question before I purchase.. is it possible to remove the top black part completely as it seems like it’s a duplicate of the menu right under it and it is not necessary?




You can remove it but you will have to edit the design and the code and i put that top bar because i wanted some buttons like login, etc. but it is different than the menu under it :)

Very much :) .

I took myself …..

How to add a field to send the file to Contact form?




Hi Evgenily

Please forgive me i did not see your comment I’m really sorry.

I’m not sure i understand your question, please could you explain a little more what you need?

and again I’m really sorry.

I too having the same issues with the theme as David. I sent you an email. Please send me the files i require.



Sure i will send you the files:)

torsti Purchased

Could you update the package (if there is still the missing folder issue)?


I updated file yesterday but I’m still in the queue I’m the number 20 so, there is nothing i can do. now it all depends on the reviewer.

Awesome theme! I am wondering if it’s possible in the portfolio section to have 4 images across instead of the default 3? It would be nice to have my portfolio images a little smaller and allow for more content on any given portfolio page.

Even if you could just point me in the right direction I could probably poke around the php code and figure it out for myself.

Thanks again!



Hi dont worry for the php code the only thing you have to change is the css file. Open the layout.css file (css/light/layout.css) find this line:


portfolio ul li <-—find this little piece of code and change the width and adjust the margin.

Oh i forgot, open the portfolio.php file and find this line / The Portfolio Image*/ below you will see something like this &w=277&h=156 just adjust that size, (use the size of your new images and that’s all)

If you need more help just send me an email :)


Sorry the css code that you have to edit is this:

#portfolio ul li    <------------- find this and make the necessary changes

Here you can change the width (for example: change the width to 225px) and change the margin.

Hi the theme has been updated, now the download file is complete. :)

qqusai Purchased

Would you be able to tell me which page i would need to update the code in to remove the top black bar from the pages? I don’t want the top buttons at all.




Hi qqusai

Dou you want to remove completely the top black bar? if so you will have to edit the two images and the header.php

open your header.php and find this code and remove it.
<div id="top-info">
<?php include( TEMPLATEPATH . '/login.php' ); ?>
</div><!-- end of top-info -->

now go to the images folder and inside the light or black folder find this images:

bg-light.png and bg.png, edit this images, just remove the black part.

and i think that should work if you want to adjust the logo position or navigation edit the layout.css file


qqusai Purchased

Thanks a lot for your help!

One more question and I’ll stop bugging you.

If the page is really short the footer does not stick to the bottom. Is there a way to fix this?



Don’t worry :), well you can use jquery for example take a look at this http://www.hardcode.nl/archives_139/article_244-jquery-sticky-footer , http://css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/jquery-sticky-footer/ or http://www.webplantmedia.com/jquery/2010/04/sticky-footer-at-bottom-of-page-using-jquery/

I hope this help you, if you need anything else just let me know.

redfrost Purchased

Great Theme. I ‘ve purchased it but I have to work manually because some functions are not working on my server. I’ve seen many WP themes in Themeforest using timthumb and auto-resizing features which is not necessary since WP2 .9~3.0 supports thumbnails in nice way. Sometimes this script is not working at all and it is required to have an option to turn this function off. I am working to fix image problems manually, including Slider and thumbnails in each post. Please consider more integration with WP 3 .0’s native features because I think that is what users want. Cheers,



When i was creating this theme i was using wordpress thumbnails without TimThumb but i was having a lot of problems with the images that’s why i decide to use timthumb.