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Fresh and fantastic job, GLWS :)

thanks vickystudio. take care :)

Great theme, good luck for Sales, @WebPentagon!

thanks mate. take care :)

Great work , good luck

Great theme, good luck for sales :)

thanks mate… :)

Nice theme mate :)

thanks mate :)

thanks themeloy… :)

What colours included in template? is included the orange┬┐

please see the style menu.here two options. light and dark.


Hello, nice theme! One question: Is there a way to get the 2nd (mega)menu level to fold out on the left instead of the bottom. The mega-menu editor shows it correctly but not so on the front-end! Thanks in advance.

‘on the left’ should ‘on the right’...

In theme option you will get Navigation tab from where in bottom you will get all options to change the alignment of menu items.

Hi, could you please answer my support message? I sent it more than 24 hours ago. Thanks,

I sent you. keep in touch with our mail. we will give you feedback by mail.


I am interested in buying this template. I have got few queries here. Q1. Do we still need do coding if we buy THIS Template+Virtue Cart+any payment gateway plug-in? Q2. Can u please suggest best payment gateway plugin other than paypal which can take payment in Qatar Riyal (Currency)? Q3. Can we easily integrate SSL with this theme? Thanks for support in advance. Ahmad

there is no need to write code if you will not make major change. default payment system is attached with virtuemart. you will need to configure this. i didn’t know about Qatar Riyal supported this. yes you can add SSL integrate.


Nice Template. Is a Joomla 3.1 Quickstart Package already available? This is critical for me because it speeds up the page building process quite a bit.

Thanks a lot for making this happen. No problem, I do not need Virtuemart for my current project.

This has been approved and available from now. :)

please mail us using our TF profile if you face problem after purchasing. we have support team.



I am having a problem installing the template, after I ftp upload the “alcatron_j2.5-virtuemart_quickstart” files & go to the initial installation steps (Language, pre installation checks,...End installation) after removing the installation folder everything to be ok, but then when a click on “site” I just get a blank page with the message

“Error The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator.”

When I log into the back end & look at the template manager the template “t3_blank – Default” is selected, there is no “Alcatron” template there to select.

Im I missing something? Help is appreciated.


You missed to install sample data while installing our quickstart. we have send guideline through mail.

if you face problem still, please mail us.


Thanks! I’ll check the mail now : )

Fixed! Thanks for your help

thank you for great theme i how can logo size i cant find ja_t3v3_ file ?

i can add this code custom.css?

i dont undersand what a file i change custom.css i cant find this

done thank you i fix :P

Please help me hurry i send you now privieate message


I’m having a problem with some of the CSS not working properly in Chrome, its displaying correctly in Firefox & Explorer – but not chrome.

Heres the URL http://demo.webdirect.ie/acme/

Any ideas why this is?

Thanks in advance!

I sent you a mail. Please keep in touch with our mail.


Nice and clean. Perfect.

hi Dose this template support RTL ?

we didn’t add this feature. thanks

Rly great support and template!

Thank you for your response. I hope that everything will be ok, then I’ll answer in the comments.

Still no contact….

rockspot component is working all of our sites as well as others client’s sites.This is from rocket theme. we didn’t change this except some css.

Still we are still trying to fix why this acts unexpected pattern at your site.