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Hi, could you please answer my support message? I sent it yesterday.



Hi, thanks for the answer but unfortunately the theme still not work. I modified what you said but a few hours later the menu again was in another part. The theme is not responsive in my case at all. What can i do because i bought the theme for the Demo and mine is not working.


We are also confuse that our demos looks ok. I sent this message again to our support team. hope they can give solution.

please keep in touch with our mail.


Hello, we have checked the menu responsive of your site http://veeduria.edu-labs.org/pagina/

we found same responsive menu as like as our demo. please send specific information to our mail. It’s really important to us that we have same file for both demo and TF.



When I click on a dropdown menu at first it disappears and then shows up again. In your original HTML/CSS Alcatron template this bug doesn’t exist. Can you fix it? It really disturbs me. After you fixed you can expect a purchase from me.


OK. we will check this. thanks

Will you do it within a few days or should I expect a longer period?

the documentation is insufficient!!! the quickstart does not work!!!! how is it possible that quickstart folder there is a “Installation folder – Copy”?

FIRTS your documentation start: “thefirmwptheme / thefirm.zip – zip file, containing the actual theme files (this one should be uploaded)

thefirmwptheme / documentation / – contains the help file you are currently reading.

thefirmwptheme / PSD / – contains the PSD files of the theme”. Not exist PSD file.. the name folder are differents

ok, I send you an email and will decide the rating

I’ll check this. May be there was mistake after giving the update.

Thanks for notifying this. I didn’t get notice this yet.


I am having a little trouble installing the template, i have installed the template and T3 framework as requested, but when i select the template and view the preview i get this error “Layout [default] or [Default] not found!” on a blank page.

I am not sure how i need to fix this and i cant seem to get an answer searching on Google, this forum or from T3.

Can you please assist me.


may be you missed the sample data installation while installing quick start. please send us your site link , ftp access to our mail by using our TF profile. we will take a look at this problem.


I need solution to a problem in the theme. When I create new links to the menu, they do not work. Only the links that already has content in the sample are working. I’ve tried to install the theme on other servers, and the problem remains.

got your mail and send to support team to take step quickly.


Nice, guys. Just to update the readers: the issues were resolved successfully.


Pre purchase question.. Its easy to turn off the responsive?

no, if you need to turn of responsive, then there need to remove just one css file.

Hello! :) I would like to know if there is a list with Icon maybe I can use the “position 1 2 3 4” in template except what I see

we used here font awesome icon. please check the link of icon list http://astronautweb.co/snippet/font-awesome/

can u explain me, how to edit banners on frontpage? amazing design etc. I want to use another icon from Awesome Font, bud I dont know how. help me. thanks

unfortunally this and anothers features arent documented

finally I found solution here: http://astronautweb.co/snippet/font-awesome/ it was hell to solve it, it took me 2 hours :)

Hello again! Please tell me which way is there for the main menu or sub submenu folding be left, not one over the other

Thank you!

please mail us using our TF profile so that our support team can give you reply.


my theme is also not 100% responsive.

And when I finished the css changes and I turn the development mode back on, the whole template goes back to standard mode (colors and so on).

I deleted the whole joomla installation and installed it new. The problem is that I can’t find the alcatron template in the Joomla backend. If i install the template with the extension manager, it says that I also need the t3 Framework. I installed this one too, from the t3-website BUT the template doesn’t work.

The documentation doesn’t says anything about installing EVERYTHIN manually.

Please give me a solution… My customer is getting mad… :D

Best Regards :)

please use our quick start package. do not need to use development mode. if you need to edit css, then edit css from css folder of this theme.

I used the quick start package and it looks like this: 1. When I am installing it locally on my mac, using MAMP, the installation jumps back to the step with “connect to the database” if I activate “install sample data ”. So it doesnt install the sample data… 2. When I am installing it on the Webserver, the installation freezes if I activate “install sample data ”.

Can you help?

it happens due to local server problem. Please try on online and make sure our quickstart is ok or not. you can increase max execution time and max upload file size from php.ini file.

hi, have problem with css in mobile version. try this: http://www.vecera-el.cz any idea why? thanks for answer

thanks for your comment. please send us mail using our TF profile so that we can send this to our support team and give you feedback by mail.

done :). thanks

Hi, I’ve got a problem with the installation of your theme on my site. When I create new links (to com_content articles) in a menu, they do not work and they return 404 “Article not Found” on the frontend. I’ve seen in your comments page that months ago user “thdsgn” had a similar problem and it was resolved. Can you please help me ?

I’m using “Alcatron – Multipurpose Joomla Template” for Joomla 3.1.x, I’ve installed the quickstart and upgraded the joomla installation to the latest version (Joomla 3.3).

we have send you a mail. Please communicate us by mail.


evolabs Purchased

i want to make the website non-responsive how can i do that ? please i need help

we have send you a mail.

I installed the template file from directory /templates, I installed the T3 plugin, set the template to Default. Frontend: Layout [default] or [Default] not found! Joomla version: 3.3.6 Any suggestions?

hello, we didn’t use 3.3.6 we used 3.1.6 we provided t3 plugin . this layout problem some mismatch anything. Can you please use our quick start package? please send us mail using our TF profile.

I reinstalled the joomla software from your quickstart zip. It seems to be simply a standard (outdated) version of Joomla. Your documentation does not match with the downloaded template. What about T3. Is it included or not? Do I have to install all extentions manually. What about Joomla updates / patches? Honestly: I am not happy with the buy and would prefer to get my money back. There are better documentated templates available.

this is really bad news for us. Actually if you use our quick start package you will get demo look site and understand everything. if you would want, we could give install in your server. you have total right. total money transaction system controlled by themeforest authority. you can ask them about money back. they can help you .


jpmp87 Purchased

After compressing JS using the template manager my slider image is no longer showing. How do I fix this?

Actually we didn’t do this as js works as asynchronous way and slider is responsible for third party extension.

Please do not compress.


jpmp87 Purchased

Thank you for your response but I would like to find a way to get this to work with compression as page load speed has a significant impact on SEO results and conversion rates its VERY important to get the page to load as fast as possible and compressing, minimizing and combining files is a huge part of the process of speeding up the site. Can you help me figure out how to make this work with compression enabled? When I enable compression the images on the slider do not show.


jpmp87 Purchased

Update: Since I only was using the slider to display one image I simply created a new module and displayed that image manually instead of trying to make a work around. However, I still think you there should be a solution to this, page speed is extremely important and themes that take this and other SEO strategies into account are going to receive more sales.


jpmp87 Purchased

Alcatron twitter issue tweets not showing up issue solved- If anyone is having problems getting the twitter module to work and display your tweets know that the ID in the module configuration is the widget ID given to you when you create a twitter widget at twitter.com. Once you create a widget you can extract the ID from the code they give you and put it in the twitter module in joomla.


startting with your quiskstart package, is possible to update joomla version as we use to, when joomla ask that? Is to important for us to keep the CMS updated.

you can update. but if you need no need, then our advise is not to update.


Hy we use your quickstart in a test hosting (as usual) updated cms and used components: everythings goes fine.


glad to know :)

Hey – Can this template be upgraded to Joomla! 3.4 without any issues? What about all of the components and plug-ins?



So you created and sold a template on Themeforest that can’t be upgraded within Joomla 3?

this has both 2.5 and 3.1 based quickstart. we told about joomla latest 3.4 version. you bad rating however it has joomla 3.1 version based output , even quickstart there.

If the template can’t be upgraded from 3.1 to the current 3.4, then it became obsolete within less than a year of its creation.