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Thanks for the great theme. I do not see the .psd files for the 4 colors on the home page… I only have the blue background with the logo etc.. but the red, brown and dark grey .psd’s aren’t there…

Can you help me with that?


Hi and thanks. You have the PSD of the different elements in all colors (contact button, navigation buttons, icons) and a PSD called template.psd with all integrated elements but in only one color. Hope that helps. Greetings.

afotey Purchased

Is this template optimized for iPad?


No, sorry, but it should work correctly. Greetings.

Hi – I cannot get the contact us function drop down to work in IE8

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t?


Could anyone help?



Hi and thanks. I checked your URL in IE8 (contact) and working properly. Maybe you should delete some items like js, images, ... to optimize the weight in Mb of the site. Greetings.

Hi calamar,

I just purchased your website template and I am more than impressed and surprised at how amazingly it works! Thank you very much indeed. :)


Thank you very much muneeb_01! Geetings

jarland Purchased

Awesome template! Could you tell me how to set the default of the video section to always be rolled down by default so that I don’t have to click the arrow to make it pop out?


Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay in answering. You have to change the class # panel_video in style.css for display: inherit;

lalaine Purchased

Great template, is there a way to make the left side menu fixed, on my ipad2 it slides off screen

not like on desktop or laptop browser screen


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is there a way to put two maps, one below the other?


malvino Purchased

Fixed The issue with The map. I put reo markers on it. I triad The theme on an iPad and iPhone and it doesn’t with properly. How can I fix that? Thanks!


Hi malvino,

I’m not sure, but it seems a problem in the script you used to paint marks.

Thanks a lot!

niko_lg Purchased

Hi, some week ago I have purchased this wonderful template, but now I have a problem with it.

If I surf onmy website from a mobile device like iPad or iPhone, the left menu disappears sliding the pages….

There is a solution for this litte problem?

Thanks Sorry about some english mistakes


I speak spanish,... what is the problem?

big_dae Purchased

Hey in IE9 the portfolio section dosent show the text, know why? can you patch it Gracias!


Sorry, I will prove in IE9 and trick the problem. Thank you.

Calamar.. I love your template.. Really nice. I just created my website using it… and i found that chrome has a problem with the collapsible buttons. If you click on them on chrome, the page scrolls all the way up to HOME . (They do collapse, though…, but you get sent to the top.)

here is my website: www.hexmarketing.com

Is there a fix for this?


Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay in answering. Sorry, I checked in chrome and gives me the same result as in firefox, opera and IE.



Did you try the portfolio part of it??

Awesome template! Even better, awesome documentation, too. Thanks. Extremely helpful for a noob like me!

I have a really simple question: How do I change Google map specific to my address?


Hi… I’m guessing maybe the google map will activate when I go live.. I’ll try that. One other thing… I’m trying to add a FB “Like” button somewhere… either above header or a simpler place, beneath the url on contact us page at the end. I am running into all kinds of errors when following FB’s help guide. I want basic button…

Would you have any advice???

Thanks… Caulfield

I would appreciate it if you could reply… While the site is working I am still having problems with the Google map javascript API v2. It’s causing me problems with my client. I just want a simple, simple map. And this js version is obsolete. If I knew how to do this I wouldn’t be buying your work… so I would really appreciate a little help. It’s been over a month!!!!!!!

Please help soon.!!!!


Hi Caulfield, I’m sorry the wait and excuse my bad English. In order to solve the problem need to see the code. Please tell me the URL where it is uploaded, or send me the code to nachoarriza@terra.es. Today will be solved. I apologize. Greeting.

When you click on the link to your demo site, is infected with a virus:

JS:Includer-BEA [Trj].

Luckily my anti-virus program stopped it.


Fixed. Thank you very much. Regards.


I am looking for a simple -[ one page ok ] – site.

1 My server can only serve html pages, images and other static content(avi, doc, zip, etc.

2 I mainly want to showcase a FLASH VIDEO. { I bought a flash video player on activeden}

a.  Also have the same video available for youtube.

3. connect basic email.

4 Some text. Perhaps a couple pictures.

5 Add a sign up page, { optional } if it would work?

Will your page/ site work for me?

thank you


also – if you could recommend a good open source editor—to edit your site—if I buy it? thanks