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I am having a few issues after I launched the site. It looks good on my browser in Chrome, but on any other browser I am having issues:

1. The background slide show only shows half of the header image on the home page.

2. Nothing is showing up on other browsers

here is my url: http://amyscakesandcatering.com/

Sorry for the delay.
I open your site on safari and firefox and this look the same to me. Please send me some printscreens to ilustrate this issue.

Note: if you use my support forum is faster.

How can I center the text in the navigation and remove the logo from the left hand side completely? All I want is the text of the navigation and nothing else.

Thank you for your help and hope your health issues have subsided.

Sorry for the delay.
Try this custom css to remove the logo.
.navbar>.container .navbar-brand,
.navbar>.container-fluid .navbar-brand {
display: none;
To align the menu I need the site url and the menu visible.

Hi, I am sorry but I did not understand.

On my iPhone, the logo gets pushed down under the navigation/menu and floats over the Slider, which is not good. How can we prevent this from happeneing

Hi Digital, Please use our online forum. http://support.pixelthrone.com/

Hi There,

does Alma theme support Wordpress 4.3.1 ? There was an update (19/09/2014), but no info about 4.3. On the sidebar here at Themeforest is wirtten “Software Version: WordPress 3.9”. Can you help?

Please answer soon – love the theme.

By the tests that i made, it is supported.
However if there are any problems I’ll fix.

Statis on the Visual Composer bug?

We are working on the update.
Unfortunately it is not something easy to implement because the latest version of visual composer is very different from that we are using in the theme.


mooncha Purchased

I purchased your theme therefore I use the latest version of your theme but the contact form doesn’t seem to work.

Hi, I replied to your ticket.

Hey guys,

Could you tell me what visual effects/filter you put on the video and images on your demo themes? Its like a pixel effect.

Sorry for the delay.
I added a layer with this image in pattern.

I have a problem im mobile iphone menu. Icons fonts too. Its Issues

Olá, tomei a liberdade de falar em português pois reparo que es do brasil.

Podes porfavor colocar o teu problema no nosso forum, para que possamos falar melhor.



Hi there, We are using this on a one page site that calls various sections through ajax to save on loading time. We have had no problems working with ajax pulling template partials and other sections that have other working plugins, except that with Mapplic, we have not found any documentation on reinstating the plugin. When you call a page that has something like a slideshow on it through ajax, you have to reinitialize the slideshow’s javascript. Does mapplic have any methods that we could call through javascript to reinitialize it once the section it resides in is called through AJAX?


Import Demo Content never stops loading…

It seems every time I reinstall this theme I have a different issue. This time when I try to import the demo content it just keeps loading forever and never does anything.

I have already…

- Edited my php.ini file to match what it says on this site… https://theme-fusion.com/knowledgebase/what-to-do-if-xml-import-fails/


- Gave Wordpress permission so you can upload media using… sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/wordpress/wp-content

Because I knew I had to in order to upload media so I know those are not the problem.


Sorry for the delay, I was out a few days on vacation.

Send me your wp + FTP login to be able to better analyze those issues.

Create a new ticket in private.

Thanks but I managed to fix this.

Hey there… Unfortunately your support system tells me that my purchase code is wrong…but it isn´t. =) That´s why I need to post my question in here.

?Hey there! It´s no secret, that this theme is one of the most beautiful things I´ve ever purchased!

I just have one question… Is it possible to put blog posts on the landing page? Maybe like it´s used on your other theme: http://demo.pixelthrone.net/?t=disillusion&o=wordpress?

Sure…I can put a blog button into the menu…but it would be amazing if I can have a preview like…the last three posts…on the main page…in a nice style…

I do not think I have seen any kind of possibility…but maybe I am just too blind to see…

Thanks a lot!

First, I want to apologize for the delay. Unfortunately I have been absent for solving personal problems.

This situation is strange.
Send me your email + purchased key to create a account for you.

Unfortunately the theme does not have any shortcode to do that.

Is it possible to have images in the gallery to all be cropped at the same size?

Hi, Sorry but you have to add image with the same demension.