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I purchased Alpha in March of this year and I am trying to emulate the “Home2” layout from the demo (where everything touches edge to edge…full screen, if you will). I tried to register for the support forums, but it keeps telling my purchase code is invalid. Please help!

haha I see. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, hope you find the solution from them! :)

How d’ya like this for irony? My client decided she likes YOUR Alpha better than the Alpha we purchased earlier this year. I already suspect you support it well, based on our exchange here, so I’m about to purchase and download it for her!! YAY you, you win!! LOL

Oh wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for showing her!

Stop by our support forum at any time. :)


i have bought this theme few months ago and I am very happy. After couple of hours of training, i could easily set up a very intersting site. But the best is the assistance: any bug; any query you have has a quick answer from the team ! Very rare ! :)

Thanks Stefan. Glad to be of service! :)


Is it possible to replace the social icons with the email and telephone number of the very top of the header?

Thank you

Hi there,

This needs to be done via custom coding. But I think this is a good idea and we will add this feature for you. Also, in the meantime we can give you the custom codes once you purchase it.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I need to remove the paging in the portfolio section, i just need to list all in one page.

Kindly advice.


Hi there,

I apologize for getting back to you sooner. Somehow, this comment email slipped from me.

At the moment, our theme does not have “infinite scrolling” for portfolio. We give you option to control 1 – 15 per page, but anything over that will need customization.

If you need help, please start a topic from our support forum at incavethemes.com


What is the ZZ and Mini Spotlight, and what does it do?

HI there, sorry for the late response. It was very late in the evening (pacific std time here).

Anyhow, thanks for purchasing our theme, we really appreciate it. We do have a support forum where lots of questions have been already answered. Please stop by if you nee more help!


As for your question, they are custom posts that we give you. You can easily re-use them for other pages.

Take a look here :

zz spotlights (zig zag spotlights) http://alpha.incavethemes.com/shortcodes/zig-zag-spotlight/ mini spotlights http://alpha.incavethemes.com/shortcodes/mini-spotlight/

Keep in mind that above examples are shortcodes but there are custom posts that you can use as well. :)


I keep getting the following error when trying to register on your support site : “ERROR: This username is invalid because it uses illegal characters. Please enter a valid username.” I am using a normal name, no funny character, I also tried different options…

Hi there. Have you tried all lower case letters? WP does not allow capital letters in user name.

Question: Does this theme fully support WPML multi language?


Hi there, thanks for your interest!

They have not responded our request to provide a developer’s license/copy, so we didn’t have a way to test.

However, we do provide a .pot file where you can easily translate. Our users have told us that they are not having any issues translating (not through wpml, but standard WordPress method).


Hi, I am new to this website an theme purchasing, as well as WordPress site development.

While I like the general feel and layout of the Alpha theme, I mainly purchased it because of the Google Maps plug-in it included. Again, needed easy and simple.

I did not realize until I uploaded it on WP and tried to build my site YESTERDAY that it requires much customization to get the versatility shown in the Site Preview. I do not have time to learn how nor actually build or customize each page. I thought the themes came with pre-built options that are shown on the Preview, i.e. the Home Page options. I did not realize I would have to do it myself.

Is that a possibility I am missing in the tutorials? If not, please authorize a refund for this theme.

Thank you, Ben

Hi there,

Page loading greatly depends on lot of factors like how your server is set up, end user’s internet connections to end user’s computer capabilities to how much contents there are on a typical web page..

While not making any “promises”, I can tell you that having any kind of content on webpage will add to page load times. But without any meaningful contents, you lose the whole point of having a website. I’m sure you knew that. But having these demo contents within your server will not slow down your site in general. Since your page doesn’t load them all, only selected few per page (yes, you can delete unused demos if you want).

I would recommend using a good caching plugin such wp super cache or w3 total cache plugin. These are readily available for free download/installations. I mention this because you said you’re new to whole WordPress. You should definitely use one of those plugins AFTER you’re done setting up your website.

At the moment, all tutorial links are working fine for us so it’s probably your browser caching issue. Please check again using different browser or refresh your browser cache.

Also regarding layer slider, since this is such a popular plugin, there are numerous tutorial videos available from youtube. Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VT26NF_ZmM

With any theme, especially a premium theme, there will be a learning curve. This is why we prefer to use support forum instead of using comments section. Support forum allows users to see what others have done to get around things or simply just get things done.


Thank you. I would be happy to leave questions in the forum, but I have not been able to log-in. I have tried my WP and Themeforest logins and neither work. Please advise. I have additional questions about the Contact Us page that I have not found answers to in the forum. Thanks.

No problem,

To register, you must enter the correct purchase code, which you can download from envato. It is included with theme download.

Please see this reference :


NOTE: keep in mind, themeforest have changed over the years so it’s a little different but you’ll get the idea of where this purchase code can be found.

You can register here :


After entering correct purchase code, create a unique login and password and you’ll have access.

Make sure your login is all lower case.


Hello, just two prepurchase-question:
  1. is this theme ready for wp 4.11?
  2. is revolution-slider integrated? its a very beautiful theme. and seams to have lots of customizatio-possibilities. Thanks

Hi fliska,

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

1. Our page builder has some minor finicky issues with wp 4.1.1 at the moment. But we’re working on it to address this issue. Everything still works, though.

2. We have layer slider integrated instead of RS.


Thanks for that quick response. great theme!

No problem. Good luck with your search! :)

Hi! It took me a while to learn the theme but it is really nice!

I am using this theme for a project and I wished to know if it is possible to have more than 10 items in a toggle/accordion ?

I have way more than that so it would be really cool if it was possible.


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing our theme!

If you’re using shortcodes, you can definitely do that by adding 10 initially and manually add more within the editor.

For widgets, you are limited to 10 for now unless you want to tinker with some codes.

Let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Also, please use our dedicated support forum at incavethemes.com so our developer can help you when you need it.


Thank you for your quick answer.

How can I get my gallery to show up normally? Every time I insert a gallery it warps the big main image and take up the entire page.

Hi there, sorry for the late response. I was on a leave over the weekend and just getting caught up with work.

Please check our example gallery here :


This is the correct style and you should see it this way. This is a built in gallery that we have implemented for this theme.

If yours don’t look like this, let me know and send me a link so I can take a look.

Also, please use our support forum for further questions.



Hope you had a great time.

You can see how it distorts the main image in the gallery


Jannamc Purchased


I am trying to upload the demo content, and every time I try to upload the 1-alphatheme-replaced.xml file it redirects to a 404 page. (this happens after I assign a user and check the Download and import file attachments box) I followed all the instructions and everything is up to date. Am I missing something?

Hi there,

Can you provide us with a temporary login and password to your website?

You can send it to us privately via our profile page message box.

If you’re not comfortable with giving us access to your admin, In general, your server is timing out due to large file size. It is under 1mb so it shouldn’t be a problem but all servers are different so you might want to divide demo xml into multiples.

Here’s a good example :



When i put LayerSlider WP Widget, get the following message “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found”. The slider has content, what is happening? Thanks

good morning, I need this theme is in 2 languages, how is it possible? I’ve always used WPML plugin, but I read that it does not work… Thanks

Hi there, I have answered your question at the support forum. :)

Hi, I’ll be purchasing this for a client’s redesign. I want to build on my server and then move it over to theirs so their current site has no downtime. Is this possible with a single license theme, and is there an export function to move the page builds over easily? Thanks!

Hi, I’ll be purchasing this for a client’s redesign. I want to build on my server and then move it over to theirs so their current site has no downtime. Is this possible with a single license theme, and is there an export function to move the page builds over easily? Thanks!

Hello there,

Thanks for your interest in our theme. Yes this is possible with single license :) You can also easily export your settings and contents from development to production. If you have issues, give us a shout at our support forum and we’ll get you sorted out. But you shouldn’t have any trouble though.


Is it possible to put in the slider several youtube videos? Thanks

Hi there,

Which slider are you referring to? If it’s layer slider, please refer to : http://offlajn.com/blog/entry/2014/12/07/embedding-videos-to-layer-slider.html

If it’s any other slider, it’s not possible.