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TommiVi Purchased

Hi, in the circular-pie parallax area, the numbers which are shown, are different to the ones in backend. Some Browsers show different Values. Any idea how to get that solved? Thanks

Can you provide us Screenshot With what browser and where you faced theissue ?

Hello, How I can upload my Joomla with the version 3.4, I have the version 2.5.8. I can’t find the update. Thanks

It is complex task to upgrade joomla 2.5 to 3.0, so keep backup of your exiting site with Database.

you can follow this link  : https://docs.joomla.org/Joomla_2.5_to_3.x_Step_by_Step_Migration.

TommiVi Purchased

Hello! Is there a possibility to let the background video in hero slider run also on mobile devices?

This player doesn’t work as background for devices due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript. It fallsback to the default Youtube player if used as player.


fant3r Purchased

Hello i wannt first to say well done ;) great Job. I wannt to install Joomla but newest is 3.4.x is Alpine olso for 3.4.X? And Quickpackage is included?(with Extensions etc..?) Tnx

The installation stucks on the first page. When I click “Next” after having filled the form (site name, admin credentials, etc) the setup doesn’t go to the following page (the database one) and is locked in a infinite loading. Is this a known incompatibility with my PHP version and that Joomla package? I don’t get this problem with a clean installation of the latest Joomla release followed by the installation of the standalone template, but I’d like to use the quickstart since my web page will be exactly the same as the demo.. I have PHP 5.5

Please submit support ticket with ftp and database details


hi. I am from Greece. and as known we have some capital controls in our banks and i cannot use paypal for some days now. and i do not know when it will be released. so is there any other way to buy your template please? thank you

Thanks for showing interest. If you contact envato on this, they will be in position to help you with this.

no solution and i want this template..any chance to credit and pay when paypal release this FACISTIC way of greek accounts?

ok i finally bought it! and installed it with quickstart.BUT i have a question! how can i use the mj-right position??? it doesn t showing when try to insert it in a component menu!

ok i found it! thank you!

Glad you were able to work out.

Hi, what’s the best way to install the template update without damaging the existing website und settings? thanks for your advise!

it’s not about joomla update – i am asking how’s the best way to install a new release of the alpine template, without damaging the existing website und settings

Could you please tell the best way to install the alpine template updates, thank you!

Latest Update of the alpine is related to latest joomla, so you have to just download the latest patch and install it from the Extension manager.

hi i have a problem and also open a ticket… please answer t my ticket and i also provide my problem here if youcan help :

i have a serious problem in the template with a coponent i have buyed


i have problem with some green icons that dissapear! and in the inspect element it shows me that theese icons have display:none in the html code

here is the link

and when you hover in the green icons they dissapear


(i also have another plugin and if you cannot go directly from the above link FIRST use this link and then the other above : topmodel.gr/?topmodel=1 )

please answer to me quickly

thank you

check answer to support ticket

Hi, I have problem with MJ Menu, I installed all extentions but scrolling in menu or clicking on slider button doesn´t work. I dont want to install quick package.


Here everything works fine, you have to just apply correct data.

in your menu external link is  #nasa-ponuka, so for menu scrollar, you have also create div in index file whose Id is same as menu name.
so first, you have to understand the structure of the one page site, for more details install our Quickstart and check this.

It´s weird when I must edit index file for this change. That´s not my first one page template. I have not met with such modification in templates from other creators.

Anyway it helps and problem is solved, thank you.