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Hi, can you help me?

I’m trying to put an png above the backgroung image right next to the text title on the opening sextion. How can I do that. I want to keep the fullslider

best regards, Rui

Hi, we are responding to your question through the support area!

Hi, install WooCommerce on my page, but it not shows the webpage format, covers the whole page, to selecting one product. There’s something I have to do to integrate and look good? thanks

Already I did. I request support 2 days ago.

I am told that the template is not compatible with WooCommerce. The template is not optimized for that.

But they have not responded to other error

Refresh the page to Alpine VersiĆ³n: 1.9.5 and have errors.

Before upgrading the product, worked the area of contact, but when you refresh the page, no longer worked.

It does not work the contact area.

you have access data to my page. Thank You.

They do not support? and they spent many days. No answer anything, the template does not work?

Hi, regarding other errors surely you’ve introduced some problems because our demo works fine. You have already opened a ticket in the support, send response soon.


JonRyan Purchased

Hi! – I’d like to turn off the ‘zoom’ feature when a logo in the ‘clients’ section is clicked. Can you tell me how to do that please?

Hi, you must edit the Alpine/assets/php/shortcodes/settings_shortcodes.php file as below:

at line 1404, old code:

$myclient .= "<div class="item"><a href="{$url_client}" class="zoom" target="_blank"> <img class="client-logo img-responsive" src="{$image}" alt="" /> </a></div>";

New code:
$myclient .= "<div class="item"><a href="{$url_client}" target="_blank"> <img class="client-logo img-responsive" src="{$image}" alt="" /> </a></div>";
at line 1406, old code:
$myclient .= "<div class="item"><a class="zoom" target="_blank"> <img class="client-logo img-responsive" src="{$image}" alt="" /> </a></div>";
new code:
$myclient .= "<div class="item"><a target="_blank"> <img class="client-logo img-responsive" src="{$image}" alt="" /> </a></div>";

Hi Guys

Please help me align and resize the “client” section on the website I developed using your theme. Would like to centre it and make it slightly larger.

Here is the link http://www.yothaddc.co.za/ ..... please check the “partners” section and advise.

please bear in mind that I currently don’t have access to the email address that I use for my themeforest account… please consult on this thread…

Hi, you must add the follow code in the style.css file

.owl-client .owl-item{
  float: none;
  display: inline-block;


Bought the theme yesterday…..its great!

Can you let me know how i can have 5 skills pie charts instead of 3 please? I dont know how to resize them properly.

I have attached an image http://screencast.com/t/49WMqv25lVO2