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Hello i just purchase your alpine theme but the intro video is not working here is the code

Templates/title_optionOur Strength/title_option

here is my website http://idesigned.squareframephotography.com

any help please

Hello ! I have a problem with setting the template template_child alpine. template_child I have set as the default, but this template styles do not work. Theme_alipne/style.css work, Theme_alpine_child / style.css not work.

The support is calamitous.

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hi, i have 2 doubts: 1. in the sections where the background is white or any color, it´s possible to insert a photo instead of using a color? (for example in the demo the contact section). 2. i try to make two different portfolios. I was able to duplicated them, both separated on the keypad. The problem is that both respond to the above portfolio. And the below shown with vertical images. Can you please tell me if it is possible to duplicate the portfolio, and how should i do it correctly? thanks

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The background video is not working for me too. here is my website www.victortamarit.com

Hi I emailed some questions but never got a response… 1. How can I add text to the portfolio slider – text under each picture where the text slides as well? 2. How can I remove the blog photo that I feature on the Onepage Section from the actual blog page? I don’t want the same photo that is on the blog box to be on the actual blog page. 3. How do I get the blog posts to be on both the left and right side? Currently they are only stacking to the left….

Please let me know I am under a tight deadline to get this site completed. Thanks!!

For everyone who is having the problem with the video background, there was a youtube api update last friday.

You have to update: assets > js > jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js

You can download the last library from the YTPlayer developer page. You will find the link in the FAQ section in the alpine documentation included in the theme.

Or wait for the theme update, surely they are changing this.


Is it possible to add a background video that does not link to a youtube video? Is there a way to upload the background video as an mp4 video into the media section and link it this way?


Is the intro video for this theme broken suddenly? Mine has stopped working.

....OOPS… please ignore … I just saw designerfree’s comment.

(I’d spent about an hour checking my theme/css etc…. so would have been nice if theme designers could have warned us.


I just updated my alpine assets js directory with the latest file at http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/wpmbytplayer/tags/1.9.0/js/jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js but still not working. Did anybody get it working?