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Hi, I want to purchase this theme, the only thing that is holding me back is that I also need to setup a corporate blog in addition to the site. Do you also have a WP theme that goes well with the HTML template?

Thanks, Lucian

Hello thanxs for your interest in our work. We don’t have a WP version at the moment. We are working on it, though I can’t tell when it will be ok now. You may follow us on TF or twitter to get the news when it’s out. Thanxs

Good morning, Neko,

My name is Thiago, I bought your template ALTEA and I am not able to insert image in the slide’s main home, which is one fullscreen slide. Its help me to insert that image as my knowledge is little?


Hello, free support is provided via our support forum. Please post your message there (providing URL of your project):


Good afternoon, neko,

I did the steps you described to assign images to the portfolio gallery with a slide, but it worked. How do I insert a gallery with slide, so when I click the image has several others to see. Its help me?

Hello, free support is provided via our support forum. Please post your message there (providing URL of your project): Thanxs

The demo is down.

Hello, It works for me. Guess it was temporary… Thanxs a lot for your feedback!


You’re right. Looks like it is up in other places ( Not working in my browsers though :( Can you send another demo URL?

Hi I do not understand the setting button on the left does not work, you can not change the color …. Round buttons “news” that move your demo does not work on the script bought .. Why ….? Thank you

Hello, You probably trying to load the site from local, whitout a web server. Some browser block scripts in that case for security reasons. Try using FF instead, or set up a developement server. If this doesnt fix the problem, please register to our support forum et post url of your project there, so we can help you.

Thanxs for choosing our template! :)

Very Great and quickly Support Thank you Little Neko

yw, good luck with your project!

Nice Work! But the parallax effect doesn’t work smooth in Safari Browser, is there a solution for that?

Hello, Thanxs for your feedback! Would you mind sending me more details (browser version, OS, url), through the contact form on our profile:

or via our support forum:

Thank you

Thanks guys, works fine now!

Yw, thanxs again for your feedback :)

Hi Little Neko,

I’ve already purchased your theme and was looking/receiving some support from you, but it appears your server/sites are down?

I’m hoping to receive some help with the AJAX contact form.

Please let me know how and where I can receive support.

Thank you

Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template. Server is OK here. Please try to register to support forum again. If still not there for you, use our profile form:


HI there, love your work.

Quick question though, in the demo I notice that the fixed header doesn’t stay fixed at the top of the window in viewport widths less than 1200, unless the page is loaded at a width greater than that, and then shrunk down.

On a iPhone emulator the fixed header doesn’t stay fixed at all.

Have you noticed this behavior? I feel like the fixed property is essential for navigation, especially for tablets.

Any info you can provide on how to possibly fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Thanxs for your feedback. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :)

This behaviour is here on purpose, in order to free space for content on small devices (and also fixed position would be less compatible with older browsers/devices).

However, this can be changed with little Js.

If you need more detail about it, please register our support forum and post a ticket here :


I actually was able to find a way around this. Thanks!

Another quick question, is there a way to disable the feature that on the first menu click takes you to anchor, but on second menu click it shifts the page a little bit? I have some content that is getting cut off on the first click but looks great when you click again and it drops down about 20 pixels. How can I get consistent positioning on every menu click (I want the second and final option rather than where the first click ends up loading)?

Hello again,

Free support is provided via our support forum. Please post your message there (providing URL of your project):


Hi Little Neko,

Just purchased your theme. I was a great look when I previewed from themforest website. But when I uploaded to my server for testing It’s looks like structure were destroyed and color setting button still appear.

web link:

Any suggestion or solution ?

Thanks and regards,


Thanxs a lot for choosing our template. The package you uploaded is not full (bootstrap folder is missing). Please check files on your server. Regarding the colors switcher, please open custom.js and remove thoses lines at the top of the file:


If you need further support, please register to our support forum here:


Great! thank you for your quick reply! All good now with the structure.

Just quick question:

How to remove color switcher and leave yellow color of theme?

Appreciated for your help.



Free support is provided via our support forum. Please post your message there (providing URL of your project):

(btw, answer to your question is in the documentation :))


Will you be updating this to Bootstrap 3.0? If so, when?


We will surely use BS3 for our next templates, recoding our older templates (wich are actually not broken at all) is not planned at the moment.

Thanxs or choosing our template!

Hi there! Beautiful job! But I have a little problem. The bar address direction doesn’t change when you navigated it the menu and that’s is giving me a problem with google analitycs. I think this is very important to all who buy this template! Thanks for your time!

Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template and kind words!

As it is a one page template, there’s only one url…

If you want to track the clicks on the menu buttons, you will need to use ‘Event Tracking’.

See here for more info about this technic:


Beautiful template :)

Is possible to have a full width slider in the corporate version?

Where I can see all the available icons for the “services” section?

Can I create my own icons?

Thanks in advanced.

Thanxs for your purchase! Please register to our support forum to get access to free support.


Thanks. I already open two cases.

Replies posted :)

Is there a way to reduce the sensitivity of scrolling?

Hello and thanxs for your purchase!

Please register to our support forum to get access to free support.


How do i change the url for the fullscreen slider? i.e the url goes to {image : ’./images/slider/super/supersized-1.jpg’, title : ‘

Sun is shining
the weather is sweet

Read more’, thumb : ’’, url : ‘’},

Doesn’t work. Thanks

Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template!

Free support is provided via our support forum. Please post your message there:

Hello there, Beautiful template!

Am interested in buying this template, i have a few questions before i purchase it. 1)i want to add components of agency,portfolio into corporate is it possible? 2)i want to repeat certain sections of corporate and agency into the main website..

more queries when am done purchasing your template.. look forward to a prompt and positive support from you guys.. once again very nice template.

Hello and thanxs for the kind words!

The variants of the templates are sharing the same styles, so you can easily mix and match components and sections. For advanced customizations, keep in mind you will need a minimum knowledge of HTML/JS.


Hello, I recently purchased your theme, everything went ok, but I emerged a problem with the forms none works, I hope I can advise.

Greetings I look forward to.


Sure, please register to our support forum to get access to free support and post url of your project there:

Thanxs for choosing our template!

What is the font in the logo?

Thanks in advanced.

Hello, Font is “Tunga”. Cheers



In your current update today, what changes were done and how can I add them will out have to redo everything?

Hello, The changes are listed on the item description. If you need more info about them, please register to our support forum.

I notice on our site, and your demo. The analytics dont actually load. If we view the src code, or via firebug.

Also any idea what the twitter rufous-sandbox is ?

Also on artist-index.html page, if we view the grid on ipad, or a resized browser window, your demo and our site fires a js error, rendering the closure of the data-largedesc un closeable. Error:

TypeError: this.$carousel is undefined

this.$carousel.fadeOut( ‘fast’ );


First thanxs a lot for your purchase:)

Regarding the analytics, you just don’t look at the right place :) The script is actually loaded, though the call is not appended in the HTML (check the source tab in firebug). We did this as a convenience for our users, so you only have to set the UA in custom.js. You can always paste the Google code in every HTML page if you like it better…

The “rufous-sandbox” comes from the twitter widget script provided by Twitter.

Regarding your second message, we can’t see it (ff, chrome). Please register to our support forum, posting more details about you configuration and url of your project.

Thanxs for your feedback.


Hi I have a presales question: when I look at the portfolio and filter on ” graphics” I see a really large grey area under the portfolio items. Can this be made less large?


Hi Little Neko, is there a possiblility of adjustment on this issue? Would you please let me know?

Hello Donna, Sorry for late reply (happy new year :)).

Please understand that I already explain why we made this choice. It’ s not an “issue”, as you claim, but a compromise beetween design and performance.

One way to change the way it works would probably be either put huge images in parallax slice (increasing loading time) or restart the parallax script each time the height of the portfolio is changing, affecting the performance.

We have unfortunatly no time and no demand to change this ( and test, debug, etc…) at the moment.

Thanxs for your feedback and your interest in our template.


Ok clear! wishing you a happy new year from The Netherlands :-)

Hi, my name is Jun Ho Song and I am a Web designer. I bought Altea theme than I couldn’t install last few days even I have built several web sites with responsive Word Press theme so far. I tried to install after uploading file in WP admin page but it didn’t work. Can you tell me what was wrong?

Your answer would be appreciated.


Hello, Yes, as Donna noticed, it looks like you are trying to install a wordpress theme, and this is a html template.

There is unfortunatly nothing i can do about it.

You can contact TF support and ask for a refund, though i m not sure what is their policy about this, as the nature of the template is clearly stated on the item page :

You can find some wordpress templates here :

Thanxs for your interest in our template.