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hello thank you for your really good template. i’ve got 2 problems with it. 1: it looks like the video with lightbox doesn’t work with ipad or iphone (with vimeo only…there’s no problem with youtube). i’ve search an issue on the web but my knowledge is really limited… but it looks possible . can you (maybe) update or explain the way to do it.

and second i would like to stop the script for the slideshow. i would like to just use the next or previous button to go to the next page. and i’ve try but it’s a failure… thank you in advance for your answer. best



I apologize, but this theme has never been tested on iOS and is not meant to be responsive, so I can’t really speak how it works in that regard, unfortunately.

For the slideshow, which one are you using? The standard cycle one on the demo’s homepage?

If so—Within the page where the slider is, you’d find the “cycle” jQuery function and with the parameter feed in called “timeout” (which should be currently set to 5000, i.e. 5 seconds), you’d change this to “0”. timeout:0.

hi thank you for your quick answer.

everything works like a charm with the slideshow thank you.

for the ipad everything works except the lightbox with vimeo. i’ve read somewhere that the video must be “embed” for working with ipad. but my knowlege is very very limited (like my english….) maybe it’s easier to upload all my videos on youtube.

anyway thanx for your reactivity


This theme is quite old and is getting to the end of its run. The version of prettyPhoto included fairly old, as well (this is the jQuery plugin used for the lightbox). The newer version of prettyPhoto I believe is setup to use the newer method of Vimeo embeds, which should show on your iOS, as it uses and iframe and an HTML5 player. So, you may try updating the theme’s version of prettyPhoto.

yeah you’re the best thank you very much … it’s perfect….


I’m using the HTML version of this theme and the tweet script isn’t loading any more – hasn’t worked in 4 days.

Please provide a fix for this – thanks.

Just a pre-sales question if I may. I purchased and am using the Alyeska Wordpress Theme for a new website. My customer currently uses Login, Register, Refer pages externally from his main website (i.e. another domain).

After the Alyeska website is build the look and feel of the Login, Register, Refer pages on another domain need to be adjusted to fit in with the look and feel of the Wordpress website. Rather than mucking around grabbing stuff from the Wordpress Theme I am probably better off buying this Alyeska HTML Theme and use this to change the look. What do you think? Thanks.


I wouldn’t buy this HTML theme for that purpose. At first glance, this theme probably looks like like what you want, but as far as the actual HTML markup structure and CSS , it is nothing like the WordPress version. This HTML theme matches the original non-responsive version of the WordPress theme. I’m slowly phasing out all of my HTML themes, and will only be doing WordPress themes moving forward.

Thanks for your reply, I just bought this HTML theme anyway. The HTML markup structure and CSS can be different. That is not a problem. Correct, it is nothing like the WordPress version, I don’t want it like the Wordpress version because what I am going to use it for is not a Wordpres website. Does not have to be responsive either. I only need the shell, don’t need the prettyPhoto, jQuery, etc… I had a quick look at the code, CSS , structure, etc… it looks like it is exactly what I need, I can strip it out completely and only leave a shell. And if it isn’t who cares it is only $15 :)

How about an answer to my question that was asked 3 days prior the one you just answered.

“I’m using the HTML version of this theme and the tweet script isn’t loading any more – hasn’t worked in 4 days.

Please provide a fix for this – thanks.”

The problem is that this is an HTML theme using a jQuery solution for the Twitter feed and in order for you to cache the result from Twitter, you generally need some sort of server-side solution. Because you just have a static site, you’re pulling the data from Twitter every time the site loads, so if you’re getting more than 150 page views in an hour (or something similar to that) Twitter API cuts your server off for a certain amount of time.

This is one of many reasons I’ll be soon discontinuing all HTML themes, as they aren’t all that practical any more unless you’re using them as a shell to build onto some other kind of application or dynamic website, I suppose.


When i click on the Fancy Toggles i just want to open one, and hide the others. is it possible?


Apologies, but there no feature for this. They do not have any kind of accordion functionality built in. If you’d like to customize the javascript that corresponds to this, you can find this in: /layout/js/custom.js—Search for the comment “Toggle”

Hello, i want to edit the contact page. Can i put some captcha code before someone can press the submit button in the send email form?

i want to make some modification but i don’t really understand php


The contact page example uses a jQuery plugin called “jQuery Validation” to validate the form with javascript before it’s actually submitted. So, I’d imagine there’s a way to implement that in the call to validate() function in layout/js/custom.js. So you wouldn’t need to do anything in PHP .

You can google for more info on maybe “jQuery Validation plugin + captcha”—And I think you’ll find some discussions floating around. I’d imagine it’s a common topic.

No idea why you’re saying this template shouldn’t be used any more.. it’s brilliant.

Anyways.. is there a way to make the search box pop-under instead of popping over?


Thanks. ;-) ... I’m just not updating the template any more because we’re moving to just doing WordPress, and want to make sure that is clear to people. So, there won’t be any new, fangled features like retina or responsiveness coming, and the theme will be inevitably removed from the marketplace most likely.

Anyways.. is there a way to make the search box pop-under instead of popping over?

You’d have to mess with the JavaScript that animates the popup. You can find it here under the comment “Main Menu Search”—


You’ll have to re-calculate some of the numbers there and I’d think you’d want to animate it from the top going down, opposed to now it’s all coming from the bottom, going up.

the twiiter feed has stopped working, can you help?

Twitter feed fixed – updated layout>js>custom.js using the latest code from

Hello. Can I use this theme to build a bilingual website? I’ve used “Polylang” plugin before to do it on wordpress but is it possible to translate the home page of the theme?


This is just an HTML template. So, as a developer, this is something you’d need to incorporate.

Are you sure you’re not meaning to post on the WordPress theme? That’ll give you some better options.

Alyeska WP theme:

Using WPML plugin with Alyeska WP theme:

Hello I´ve purchased the Wordpress template. Now im thinking in purchasing the HTML theme to introduce the same skin to my principal website. I need to Know some things about the structure of the HTML templates. Their files combines HTML and PHP ? For example the blocks are imported in an HTML structure page or they are composed only of HTML. Finally i´ve read before that this template is non-responsive. Is that right ? This point is so important. Is very dificult to introduce these changes to make it responsive like the Wordpress Theme ? Thanks in advance Gerardo

Hey Gerardo,

It doesn’t sound like this is the theme for you; it’s nothing like the WordPress version. It doesn’t share any of the same HTML markup and isn’t responsive. It won’t ever get updated, as I’m going to be slowly phasing out all of my HTML products.

I just wanted to say this theme looks beautiful and it’ll be great for a personal project that I’m working on! I’ve read that you won’t be updating this theme as you’re phasing out HTML-themes, but it’s an awesome starting point. Thanks a lot for creating this :).

Hi – I’ve purchased both the HTML and WP themes, but have a question regarding the Search option in the HTML version. When I search I just get the following code in the url followed by whatever keyword I entered: ?s= Have I failed to upload a file or is there something I need to change? I’ve read all 8 pages of the HTML support questions and obviously it’s something on my end or everyone would have asked this.


This just an HTML template and so there’s no dynamic element there. The search box is just static HTML and so you’d need to implement the dynamic element of searching your site, which would totally depend how your site works.

That was fast. I will connect it to a script of some sort. Very nice themes by the way. Sorry to see you move away from the HTML versions. WP offers much more but sometimes less forgiving when you start customizing code. Thanks for all your work in both areas.


I am updating a site for my client and they are getting this sendmail error message – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in…sendmail.php on line 38

The mail was sent – but this displays. All I did was update site name and email address. Any thoughts?

I have a support account at with registered themes Alyeska and Akita…but I can only get access to Akita support forum. I keep getting the message to register for a support account and register the themes I bought from TF…which I did already. So now I have my second account there and still do not have access to the Alyeska forum…I don’t even have a support question about the theme issue – I just want to review the forum for Alyeska.

Please help…


Right now you’re posting on the Alyeska HTML theme (opposed to the WordPress theme) which we no longer provide support for. So, if you registered this purchase code over on the forums, there’s nothing it gives you access to. In other words, there’s no forum for the Alyeska HTML theme to look at over there or browse through.

Did you purchase the Alyeska WordPress theme and maybe you’re getting the purchase codes mixed up? If you have the purchase code for that Alyeska WordPress theme purchase, you can add that onto your one account over at and have access to the corresponding forum.

OK…sorry I meant to post this comment on the Alyeska Wordpress theme…I have purchased it, registered for an account on, added the license code (twice) in two different accounts and still cannot get access to that forum.

I will post the same over in the Alyeska WP comments – hre on TF.

How do you link to individual faq items?

I am having trouble linking to a box on faq. I can link to the box fine using

and then linking there by clicking #software.

However, I cant open the text from the text box. I cant expand the box to display the text. Is this possible at all?

No, I apologize, but there’s nothing in the toggle’s JavaScript that would allow you to do this.

Nice work! Best of luck for sales.;