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Amazing job, Jason! I love it! Good luck!


Thanks :-)

In love at first sight, bought this template right away! Many features and easy to customize even for newbies.


Awesome to hear, Dennis. I wasn’t sure how people would do with all the customization options on an HTML theme, so I’m glad to know the documentation and all was clear.

Outstanding work – Kudos….

One thing,the social media links on the header can be lost in the darker colour schemes.


That’s why there an option to have them light or dark… See the one of the last options over in the Test Drive panel on the demo.

AWESOME ! Good luck with this one jason! Just tweeted about it!


Thanks, Paz!

Very nice work. good luck man.


Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

WaW, that’s one very amazing html template right there man!


Well, thanks, I’m glad you’re diggin it.

Wow Amazing look and feel to this. refilling my account balance today So i can get this.


lol awesome, thanks for the support :-)

Nice work man, gonna buy this soon. Will the Wordpress version cost any more? I’m definatly gonna buy a template of you, the other templates of your are awesome too :)


Yeah, the WordPress will be a completely new product. Theme Forest prices them, but generally they get set to $30-$35.

Hi! Do you have an approximate time when this will be available via wordpress? I love the template!

Thanks! Sandy


You know I don’t have a date. I’m planning to start on it in a couple days after I finish some maintenance updates on all my other themes. It usually takes me about a month to convert the HTML theme into a WordPress theme and do all the documentation, demo site, etc.

Also, on this template, is it obvious how to decrease the height space (I assume a div) where the logo goes?

Thanks, Sandy


The logo itself has 10px of margin around it, and then the header area actually just molds to whatever size your logo image is plus the 10px on top and bottom from the logo’s margin.

Here’s a screenshot that gives you an idea:



Nice work men, Good luck with the sales :)

Nice work! I like it :)

Wow, nice HTML template!

I am new to HTML /CSS. I am thinking about using this theme to set up multi-sites (or stores) with each page showing different color background. Is it possible? How? My guess is to create new external CSS file for each page?

Now I wondering if I should wait for wordpress or not. Your template rocks!



Sure, I don’t see why you couldn’t assign different background images to different pages? It is an HTML site, so all pages are unique. Each one could have different CSS .

Very, very nice. I’ll be purchasing this :) The only thing that I’ll change or hope that becomes an enhancement is allowing other color backgrounds for the actual content than light or dark. Similar to having page background selection. I’m needing light beige, earth tones.


Not so easy because along with light and dark, come many little images that make up different parts of the theme. So to make a “beige” style, you’d have to go through and make something like 15 new source images for that style. But I do include all the Photoshop files if you’re experienced enough to know how to do that. For just about every source file, I created a PSD file, I believe.

I have few questions about the template, the first one its about the main slider, I see the principal slider has a liitle circles in the botton right corner but if i get the template could i place it more dark? , and , I feel the circles dont indicate what circle its already show :S


Sure, you can make whatever customizations you want. I include a PSD file where those buttons were created, so you can modify that and re-save the source images.

and the other questios its if the Galley supports Youtube, andmo more kind of movies? because I cant find one demo on the example page :S


Not sure what gallery you’re looking at?


The theme demo’s portfolio shows examples for:

1) Vimeo Video
2) YouTube Video
3) Self-Hosted Video
4) Standard Flash file

Not sure what other kind of video you’d be looking for?


i have already purchased one of your designs and it is fantastic. I have a question though with this one, is it possible to get a peek at the documentation you have for doing the HTML updates? I am a little familiar how to do the Wordpress one (I bought Complexity 2) but I am not sure how difficult or the process is for doing an HTML version.

Let me know if I can get a copy so I can see what it entails. I did get some templates through Theme Forest but so far yours is the only one I am using, the hype on the others I purchased didn’t live up to their advertising and I am stuck with a template I can’t use.

Keep up the good work!


I can’t send you the documentation just because with an HTML theme, it’s one of the most valuable things to hold on to because people can just steal the site off the demo realistically.

But I can tell you with the customizations, I’ve done my best to make it really straight forward. Each of the things on the demo’s “Test Drive” panel have a little section in the documentation discussing how to choose the different options for each particular thing.

Here’s an overview of what’s covered:

And here’s a screenshot of one of the sections:


i understand. my concern was always dealing with HTML templates is to get stuff to balance out as it navigates from page to page.

Have a great day – and I am sure from what I can see here you’ll have a purchase from me.

I’m a newbie… just wanted to know what a login page might look like with this template or if there was one created.

Thank you!



This is just an HTML template with no dynamic functionality. If you were implementing this theme into some sort of dynamic server-side script that required a login, you’d need to style your own login form, as one is not included. All included elements and pages are shown in the live demo. What you see is what you get. :-)

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Theme Purchased – Many thanks -