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Hello Nice theme… do we also get the demo switcher in purchase?

If not, how much more to pay?

Best Regards Icemanmx

I apologize, but the demo switcher does not come with the theme, and is not available for purchase.

@ThemeBlvd – Awesome theme!! Nice clean code and VERY well documented.

Hello – I purchased this theme and love it :) But it seems that there is a browser issue with the background color. When I first posted my site, my background color was a soft gray (#eeeeee), but after Firefox (and Explorer for that matter) released it’s latest upgrade, the background color defaulted to a royal blue. Can you please provide an upgrade fix? Thanks :)

Hmmm… Any suggestions?

I think you’ve added an extra closing < div > tag somewhere in the header area or are missing one. So I’d go back through any HTML that you’ve edited and check back over, and compare with the original theme you downloaded from ThemeForest.

Problem fixed :) Thanks again for a great theme. If you click on that link again, you’ll see your theme put to good use :)

Thanks. I’ll trace my steps. I appreciate your help.

Hello, The design is great very skilled and vesatile. Could you let me know how I can get the blog to work as I prefer the HTMl version but I am unsure if the blog needs to run via wordpress? Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated

This is just a static HTML theme. If you wanted the blog to function in some way, you’d need to develop it into some sort of dynamic application. I think you might have meant to purchase the WordPress theme.

Hi Jason, love the theme. One question: When I view the self-hosted video on the portfolio page (straight out of the box) the lightbox pops up, I can see the video player, but the video does not play. On your demo page everything works perfectly and the code appears to be the same. Does this have something to do with FlashyFlash’s comments regarding the new version of Flash? Do I need to update the video.swf file?

It’s because when you’re viewing the site locally on your computer, Flash is going to block trying to access a source from the Internet. The example video is located on the Internet. Either replace with a local video or upload the site to a web server.

Here’s a screenshot from my computer what it tells me:

Got it! Thanks for the support!

Hi there! Great theme!

Within your “Everything Slider” there is an embedded video within the last slide. The slider automatically transitions to the next slide after a few seconds. For my purposes, I would like the embedded video slide to be the ONLY slide without transitions. Would I be able to do this and if so are there instructions within the download files to explain to me how?

Thanks! I hope there’s a solution and I’ll buy the theme right away!

Within the options of the theme this is not possible. This would be a customization you’d need to make.

The anything slider is controlled with a plugin call Cycle. It’s pretty popular and so you can find a lot of tutorials on working with it. I don’t know off the top of my head if there’s an easy way to make it rotate once and then stop on the last slide, but I’d imagine it’s possible. You can find the javascript call for the Cycle plugin in this file:


You can get started here:

I can’t help but notice there’s no Dropcap feature in the HTML version but is available in Wordpress? Or you didn’t list it in the feature demo?

It’s not but you could easily add it.

.dropcap {
    float: left;
    font-size: 300%;
    font-weight: bold;
    line-height: 100%;
    margin: 5px 7px 0 0;
    position: relative;
<p><span class="dropcap">L</span>orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur vitae augue in felis adipiscing malesuada. Etiam molestie, ante eget congue venenatis, dolor nunc eleifend magna, a molestie sapien tellus id ipsum. Aenean ullamcorper vulputate lectus vitae tristique. Nulla porttitor sapien eget lorem tincidunt quis rutrum nibh mattis.</p>

First off…beautifully designed / coded / and documented template. This has been my best purchase of the year. So easy to work with and incorporate into my custom .net cms system.

A client of mine wants the template to be wider. Is there an easy ay to make the “boxed-light” version a bit wider? ie. I want to make the whole boxed template 1250px wide. But when I change the #main-wrapper width larger (from the 1000px) the template (main-wrapper) floats left.

You’d have to change the width of the inner div’s, as well, so everything adds up to your new total width. Just use a CSS inspector and see what has widths.

hi, great theme – love the way you have built so many ways to vary the look.

one small problem – I want to get rid of rounded borders on images and can’t find it anywhere, where do I look?

Can you link to an example of what you’re referring to?

This is an awesome theme, nice work.

However, I was wondering if there was a nice way to implement a ‘subnav’ in the theme. The way my site flows, having a subnav makes a lot more sense than nested menus. Nothing fancy or ajax requiring, just a bunch of links that appear below the nav (or as tabs above the page div) when you’re on a specific page.

Also, there are two bugs I spotted:
  1. There is a missing image called arrows-ffffff.png.
  2. On the ‘Single Blog Post’ page, the last two comments are both dark instead of going dark/light


The theme’s navigation is just not setup the way you’re describing, and there’s no simple way to accomplish that. It would be a customization you’d need to make to the theme. I suppose you could either customize the CSS and javascriot already on the menu to make the sub-menus appear as you describe, or you could maybe add a new custom menu below the current in header.php and use conditional tags to show different ones on different pages? just some thoughts. Good luck!

And thanks for pointing out the bugs, I will make a not note of both.

@dpaspaporn something like this should work

    $(document).ready(function() {
        var the_slideshow = $("#homepage-slideshow .slideshow");
            fx: "fade",
            timeout: 5000,
            pager: "#homepage-slideshow .slideshow-dots",
            pagerAnchorBuilder: paginate,
            next: '#homepage-slideshow .next',
            prev: '#homepage-slideshow .prev',
            speed: "2000",
            pause: 1,
            easing: "easeInOutQuint",
            after: function(currSlideElement, nextSlideElement, options, forwardFlag) {

and for your slide …
                <div class="slide no-transition">
                  <iframe src="" height="350" width="940"></iframe>

... hope it helps

Ok guys!

I need some information for the Alyeska HTML Version.

Where do I put my email address to get the messages from the contact form?

Towards the top, there are comments that say “BEGIN EDITING ” and “END EDITING ”. You want to edit the two options you in between.

So, for example, for your email, you’d take this line:

$to = “”;

And replace with your email address. Make sense?

Thanks for your fast reply!

Much appreciated!



I’m looking to buy this template but need to ask a couple of questions first:

1. Is it possible to replace the slider on the home page with a static image please?

2. Also I would like to reduce the height of the picture that I add for a static image.

Many thanks,


You can put anything you want in place of slideshow. Check out the theme overview video:

Hi Jason. Love the theme. I’m working with a static html site and I have a page with several toggle elements listed vertically. I’m wondering if there is a way to name each toggle box and then call on them with a hash tag in the url so that the appropriate box opens on page load. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

No, you wouldn’t be able to do this with the way it’s setup. Right now it works with jquery .click method, so you’d have to completely re-tool the javascript that controls the toggle to make that happen.

Good day I already purchased this Template but I have a question is it possible to move the main template(the light or Dark one) to the Left and add a column to the right side of the template?


Yes, with your theme package there are various examples of different layouts. Here is an example of a page with a right sidebar:

Although I do provide many example pages, anything additional you’d like to accomplish would be a customization you’d need to make to the theme.

Hi, great theme, this is my first website and your clean structure was easy to follow and i love the style. However jsut recently my contact form has stopped working. Could you take a look at it and let me know what you think? Also, this funny google analytics code has suddenly appeared on at the top of the page but it is not in my code, i know this isnt relevant to your template but any advise would be great. Thanks, would really appreciate it.

The contact form doesn’t work because the sendmail.php file isn’t there:

And if it is there, it means you’ve given it permissions that are not readable on your web server. So go in there with your FTP program, and confirm it’s there and that it has readable permissions.

And you’re seeing the analytics code because you’ve not copied it into your site incorrectly – It looks like you’ve pasted it inside the opening head tag of your site.


Maybe this tutorial would be helpful:

Thanks very much, awesome feedback!


Love the theme and so easy to customise! I have built my site and the only issue I have is the homepage slideshow. Works perfectly in Firefox on W2K and XP, but IE7 on XP and IE8 XP don’t have the fade in and out.

The site is at :

It is currently password protected just to stop SE’s (could’ve used robots.txt I know):

username: mark password: mark4

Any thoughts?

Thx Mark

I’m sorry Mark, but I’d have absolutely no idea what to do about that one. Fixing the fade transition for IE7 /8 on windows XP? Ha, I think you might have have to live with that one. ;-)

A stupid question, but where do I find the Alyeska documentation? I know I’ve seen it somewhere … need to get the code for the content slides mentioned in the video.


It’s in your download package from ThemeForest in the folder named documentation. Just go to your ThemeForest Downloads page and download the theme again.