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Hi, I just have a little issue, my responsive looks great on home page, but if you have a look at other pages, they become weird, please give me a hint where I might have gone wrong or how to fix this

thank you


Come on over and post in the support forums, and I’d be glad to help. :-)

Here’s more info on getting access:

javidj3 Purchased

My menu drop-downs are not working. Is there a way I can downgrade my current version of Theme Blvd


I would strongly suggest not rolling back to an older version. Instead, come on over to the support forum, start a topic, provide a link to your site, and let’s work out why your drop-downs aren’t working.

All support is handled at:

Here’s more info on getting access:

good afternoon. I would like to take a doubt. I am looking to buy the theme aleska.queria know if I can use in several different domains?

Thank you for the purchase! Please see here on more info for Envato licensing:

good night, how do I activate the license code on my site? Thank U

There is no license you need to activate on your site.

I’ve been using this theme for some time now and just wanted to say that this theme is really awesome. If you’re thinking of buying, I can tell you that it is well worth the money. The support is great and the theme is really easy to customize. Thanks ThemeBlvd

Thank you for that!

How do we get support from you guys? I have added my license to your support site but still says I need to activate a license.

I want to be able to change the menu colour to yellow. Can you please help with this?


Your Alyeska purchase code will only get you access to post in the corresponding forum. Are you sure you’re trying to post in the Alyeska forum? Here’s the direct link:

Please how can I make my tab height fixed using the tab shortcode


For custom support, please go to

Here’s more info on getting access:

Hello. Alyeska – the great theme. I planned to purchase this theme & use theme at blog mode. Only one question for you. W3Validator showed 1 error at blog mode: You can fix this?

At main page: 4 errors (


These are such minor issues that have no bearing on the functionality of the site or the design, that unfortunately I don’t believe they warrant theme updates. The w3c validator is simply a helpful tool; I don’t personally believe it needs to be taken down to the letter, simply for the sake of “passing” the validator. I really wouldn’t stress over it; it’ll drive you crazy.

Hello, I’d like to change the alt title logo image. I put it in the media the whole title but it doesn’t change it on the web. Where can I find the code for the logo? Best regards.


Come on over and post in the support forums, and I’d be glad to help. :-)

Here’s more info on getting access:

Thank you for keeping this theme updated. It is really a fabulous theme!!!

Hello, First of all I want to thanks for this beautiful theme. In your theme i think is useful if you add function / option to exclude previous posts in templates (“Post List” and “Post Grid”). For more flexibility and customization. Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for the feedback! But I’m honestly not sure exact what you mean by “exclude previous posts”—Come on over to and we can talk more about, if you like. And depending on exactly what you mean, I have a feeling there may actually already be a way to accomplish what you’re wanting.

karebou Purchased

Hi, a client of mine is interested in your theme and I have one question…can the background colour be customised beyond the 15 colour options available in the dropdown menu? Cheers


When you purchase the theme, 225 background images are includes in the theme package, which are just a combination of those colors and textures—15 colors x 15 textures = 225 images.

But these are just applied through the standard WordPress background option at Appearance > Background. So while, you can’t take the textures we show and apply any random color (this would take Photoshop editing), you can upload any image you wish as your site’s background.

Just updated a client site to new responsive version and it is horrible.

no color options like the old one etc. Crazy mess


Sorry to hear that. With the v2 release (way back in 2012), the theme was completely redone on a new framework, and requires a new setup moving past that. But if you give things a chance, I’m sure you’ll find, like most customers have, that this is a great theme and will allow you to do so much more than v1 ever did.

It may help to start by viewing the “Homepage Setup” section of the item details page. This will address the seemingly missing color options you’re referring to, as well as get you started with the new version and setting up your homepage.

If you’d like any help, I’d be happy to assist you. You’ll just need to get your client’s purchase code and you can post over in our support forums.

More info on getting support:

I haven’t talked to a v1 customer in a while! But this may also be helpful:

... This was the original post that answers a lot of questions when Alyeska v2 was released.


Ace47 Purchased

Even though this theme fell of the charts,.. it’s still a good theme. Thanks for keeping this theme alive with updates since 2011. I see you guys put in a lot of work into it.. Keep up the great work & support. :)

Hi there… I’m wondering about the update process, do I have the choice of manual updates (i.e. downloaded latest versions) or must I use this new method called in-dashboard?

I’m not totally sure how any theme could deny you the ability to update manually (but who knows, I guess if they’re telling you that—possibly you misunderstood exctly what they were explaining, or it’s some weird special scenario I’m not aware of).

Anyway, the files are present always by ThemeForest when you login and go to your Downloads page. This should be the case for any WordPress theme on ThemeForest. So yes, I know for sure that if you want to update this theme manually, you can.

However, I see a larger issue with what you’re asking, if I properly understand your concern. I understand by telling you this, it may risk making this sale, but in good faith, I cannot pretend to condone the practice you’re describing.

You should never edit the files of the theme directly. You should make all of your code customizations properly and responsibly from a child theme. So, in reality, the issue you’re describing with updating shouldn’t really be an issue.

Please watch our child theme intro:

We take pride on making an extremely extendable theme framework that are themes run on. You can edit literally almost anything from a child theme with proper PHP and CSS knowledge, along with WordPress development knowledge in how actions and filters work.

We even have an entire website dedicated to developers looking to make code customizations, with a growing library of tutorials.

Hopefully this information is useful. Feel free to ask any more questions.

Thanks so much for being open about this, and yes, the other party said updates “must” be done in WP admin which is why they were immediately dropped from the short list (does not make one bit sense to me)... even with a child theme in place, there are times when I wouldn’t want a client running a core update from admin blindly

Now that I would completely agree with. :-) ... The in-dashboard update system is completely optional and requires that you generate and save an Envato API key for it to run or do anything. You could even hide the options screen from a child theme if you wanted.

hey, How to translate ‘Search the site’ from Search box?


You can use this plugin:

If you need further support, please sign up and post in the support forum.

Wow, amazing plugin. Thanks


frtaz Purchased

How long does it take you to verify someone on the support forum ? I joined it almost a week ago and I am still not verified


If everything was done correctly, the process is instant. I just looked up your username over on our support site, and saw the purchase code you put in.

Apologies for the confusion. I recently switched the support site over to use Envato’s brand new API system. In investigating your issue, I found that our support site had an issue where it was allowing any purchase code inputted to show up as “registered”—where it should give you an error if it’s not a valid ThemeBlvd purchase.

With our API credentials, we’re only able to verify purchases of themes that were purchased from ThemeBlvd. When I try to verify the purchase code you originally put in, it returns back empty from Envato API.

So is it possible you submitted the incorrect purchase code originally? Maybe you got it mixed up with another product you purchased here on ThemeForest?

I’ve cleared the empty purchase data that was previously submitted to your account, so you can try again. Notice that now if you input a purchase code that is not valid, it will tell you.

I would like to purchase one of your themes. I’ve had a look at Swagger, Akita, Commodore and Alyeska as they all are the same price and have very good ratings.

Could you please advise me as too which one is the best for my needs:

I like to create a child theme and customise the theme through that.

I would like to change the header to have an image in between the logo and the phone number. I’m assuming with some CSS and possibly some code changes in the header.php in the child theme that would be possible?

I would like to show an image and extract of three pages in a row on the homepage.

I would like to put a map – Google maps plugin (?) in the footer.

I would like a Contact form in the right sidebar

I see it is Bootstrap 3 compatible. Does that mean it is developed in Bootstrap? So can I use a Bootstrap 3 accordion on one of the pages?

You say it is well documented. Is that in the form of help files that can be downloaded? I would not want to contact you for every small little hiccup so please tell me more about your help files / supporting documents.

Apologies for all the questions but I’ve just had to ask for a refund for another theme that was nothing as described and where after sales supports in non-existent so I really want to make sure I am buying the right theme this time.

Many Thanks Vernita

Conversation continued privately through email.

I love the Alyeska theme. Wondering if it would be possible to replace the image slider on the main page with Iframe code? I want to include my Twitch stream and chat in this section instead of a slider. Here would be the code I’d want in that section:

Is there a way to remove the slider in that section all together and just put the code in that part?

Yeah, definitely. The theme uses our Theme Blvd Layout Builder plugin. You can build the homepage however you want. Specifically, there is a “Content” element—This is where you’d input custom HTML like this. The content element, among other included elements, can be inserted and moved around anywhere in your layout.

The default homepage you see in the demo is just one example starting point for the layout builder.

Excellent. Thanks so much. I’ll be ordering. Loving the pre-sales support. Top notch!