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Hello, I have a problem

I’ve send a message from 11 days ago to “Code 125” ..

This template is settled locally on my computer (using wamp server)

I can’t do many of actions,

- I can’t drag and drop the widget from the widgets form

- I can’t click on “Start” button on Quick Start from the c5-quick-setup plage

- I can’t click on “Install Demo Content” in the top menu

- I can’t click any item from the “Video Tutorials” menu and i can’t click many links in control panel

Please help me

buzibuzi Purchased

Hi i sent a question to the author and he has not responded

im trying to install on local WAMP with WP 3.5.1 installed. when trying to install the theme i get this error: ” Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again. “

Cannot get past this point. Please help

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Hello, Does it support Arabic Language ? I mean can i post and write in Arabic ? Thank You


Yes it supports arabic

leug59 Purchased


My website is www.voyage-afriquedusud.fr and I am using a page as a home page. On this page I am using the page builder. My problem is that the “H1” tag does not appear on the home page. How can I set it as it is important for SEO? Thanks,




The H1 tag is reserved for page title and if you choose to hide the breadcrumb it will be hidden.

hello, i just installed the new version 5.0 on test site and i have a question:

where can i re-activate the advanced mode?, i´m using this mode with multiple skins, headers and footers and now, seems all of then has been lost


thanks a lot for you

i´m very happy customer of your theme and your job

anytime, any question about the theme, just ask,

best regards


You are welcome and we are so glad you liked the new update.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything.


hello, thanks for new vers. i donwloaded but not install yet on definitive site because i´m doing some tests

i could notice that the menu font changed, so, where can i restore the previous font, any configuration or by css?

any other dude, i notify you…

thanks a lot by update

best regards, you are the best

roncomdoo Purchased

Advanced Mode is really important for us. Fortunatly we didnt update at least. But please this is a total desaster for us. We need the flexibility for skins, sidebars and those things.

please help!!


We are bringing it back to the next update, releasing in few hours

roncomdoo Purchased

Hey Code125-Team thank you so much! It´s so important to us, we are running a local magazin and after 1 year now its running fine.


Thanks roncomdoo for your feedback :) please let us know if you need anything.

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please my frd the file http://files.code125.com/alyoum/main-ar.xml is not found

I install Wordpress on XAMPP my computer.

I click install complete demo do not work.


Hi Mustafa,

the social count widget for sidebars does not show the correct number for facebook likes. All other numbers (google+, twitter, youtube) work correctly.

Facebook is just showing 4 and it should be about 1.2k. What can I do to fix that?